How to Make Cactus String Art

This Cute Cactus String Art Could be the Perfect DIY Edition to Your Home
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    Saguaro String Art

    The shape of a saguaro cactus is so simple, beautiful, and iconic. It's also the perfect subject for a string art creation! String art isn't a new craft form, but it has certainly become popular in recent years, thanks to its simple technique and visually interesting finished product. Combine the saguaro and string art, and you'll have a polished, pretty, bohemian piece to display in your home for years to come.

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    Gather Your Supplies

    Decide whether you'd like to have your string art hanging on display, or whether you'll lean it on a shelf somewhere. If you plan on hanging it, you'll need a piece of twine and a glue gun to attach a hanger to the back. You can also find a plaque that's already equipped with a hanger, like the one that we used here.

    What You'll Need

    • Wood plaque
    • 5/8" nails
    • Hammer
    • Pencil
    • Green embroidery thread
    • Pink yarn
    • Scissors
    • Twine and glue gun (optional)
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    Sketch Your Design

    Use the pencil to very lightly sketch the saguaro cactus on the face of the wood plaque. Be careful not to draw the outline too dark; you want a very faint line.

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    Outline the Cactus With Nails

    Hammer in nails along the outline of your cactus. Place the nails about 1/4" apart each. On the curved sections, you may need to place the nails closer together to achieve a curved line.

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    Follow the Outline With Your Thread

    Tie one end of the embroidery thread around one nail. Working your way around the cactus, wrap the same thread around each nail head. You want to be sure to wrap it around each nail to create the most secure base for the string art; if you don't wrap, the string may loosen and the art will lose its shape.

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    Complete the Outline of Your Cactus

    Once you work your way around the entire shape, wrap the string around the final nail a couple of times.

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    Criss-Cross Your Thread to Fill in the Cactus

    Using the same embroidery thread, now begin criss-crossing the inside of the shape. There's no need to follow a pattern; you can criss-cross at random. Go back and forth, and up and down, until you have the amount of color coverage that you like.

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    Secure the Thread

    Once you've covered the whole shape with criss-crossed thread, tie the end of the thread to a nail and trim the end of the thread. 

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    Make a Pom-Pom

    For an extra special touch, consider adding a flower to your cactus by making a pom-pom.

    Wrap the pink yarn around three fingers, wrapping until you have a nice thick bunch of loops.

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    Tie the Yarn

    Slip the yarn off of your fingers, and tie the loops together in the center using a piece of yarn about 12" long.

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    Cut the Yarn Loops

    Cut through the loops on either end of the pom-pom and trim away the excess until you have a nice round shape. Be sure that you leave the long ends of the 12" piece of yarn uncut so that you can use them to tie the pom-pom onto the cactus.

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    Attach Your Pom-Pom to the Cactus

    Use the long ends of yarn to tie the pom-pom onto the cactus. Thread the yarn through some of the embroidery thread and around a nail, then tie securely with a double knot.

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    Display Your Cactus String Art

    If you need to add a hanger to the back of your plaque, glue a small piece of twine to the back of the wood using the glue gun. Hang it up and enjoy!