19 Cactus Embroidery Patterns

Rainbow Cactus Duo Embroidery Pattern
Thread Meadows

What do embroidery and cacti have in common? Needles—but that's not all. These cactus embroidery patterns are an even stronger connection between the two. One of the great things about growing a cactus is that it's easy to take care of, but you'll find that caring for embroidered succulents of all kinds is easier still.

In this curated list, you'll find patterns for simple saguaro cacti, potted prickly pears, and more than one blooming barrel cactus. Just as important as the patterns themselves are the many ways you'll be inspired to stitch these desert-loving plants.

So choose a cactus pattern or two to start with, grab your embroidery needles, and get started stitching and growing your own little family of cacti.