Button and Carpet Thread: Is it Just for Buttons and Carpet Sewing?

Button and thread. LdF / Getty Images

What is Button and Carpet Thread?:

Button and carpet thread is an extremely strong thread much thicker than all-purpose. It can also be found as Button and Craft Thread. It can be purchased at almost any fabric store that carries a full inventory of different kinds of thread. It can be found on different size spools the same way other threads are purchased. There is a difference in the thickness of different brands of button and carpet threads.

When to Use Button and Carpet Thread:

Button and carpet thread is used to sew on buttons and when carpets are sewn but there are other occasions where it is advisable to sew with button and carpet thread. Soft sculpture sewing such as pillows is best sewn with button and carpet thread to avoid the frustration that comes with breaking thread. Many parts of outdoor equipment and durable goods are sewn with button and carpet thread when the stitching is highly depended on. The thick thread you see in high-quality backpacks is usually a button and carpet thread or a comparable thread.

More About Button and Carpet Thread or Button and Craft Thread:

Button and carpet thread is so strong that many people try to grab it to sew any and everything rather than deal with shredding, breaking thread. As much as the impulse may strike, button and carpet thread is not an all-purpose thread that should be used for all sewing. When you are sewing the goal is to have the thread blend into the fibers of what you are sewing. In many cases, button and carpet thread is much thicker than the fibers so this thread would end up being obstructive to the appearance of the finished items. Even though a hem in a pair of pants may get stuck on shoes and seem like you are constantly mending it, a hem sewn with button and carpet thread will be much more visible than you would want when it is finished.

Button and carpet thread is not available in all the color choices available for all-purpose thread and embroidery thread. If a color is needed to blend with buttons, consider permanent marker.

Some button and carpet thread can be used on your sewing machine if your sewing machine can handle it. You will also need a sewing machine needle that is larger and has a larger groove for the thread to ride in, such as a top-stitching needle. Since this thread is coated, be sure to clean your machine after using it in your sewing machine.

Lynn L. Browne, Director Consumer Services at Coats & Clark says, "Coats Dual Duty Plus Button & Craft thread is one of our strongest threads. One other unique characteristic is that it is for hand sewing only. It has the same Glace finish that our Dual Duty Plus Hand Quilting thread has and should not be used on the machine. The glace finish prevents it from tangling while sewing on a button for example and also protects it from abrasion and fraying when you are sewing though carpet or sculpting dolls."

Button and carpet thread is strong and durable but you still must back stitch, knot and secure the thread as you would with any sewing to prevent the sewing from coming undone.