15 Simple Butterfly Crafts for Kids

butterfly ring kids craft

Fantastic Fun and Learning

Your kids will be thrilled when they see these butterfly crafts just for them! Butterfly wings are especially great for art projects because they let kids flex their creative muscles; there are so many beautiful ways that you can design and color them. These butterfly crafts for kids are especially perfect for a sunny spring day or an indoor rainy day project.

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    Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly

    toilet paper roll butterfly craft
    Where Imagination Grows

    Save those toilet paper rolls you usually throw away to make these cute little butterflies! They are super easy, and it only takes a few steps and a creative kid to turn old cardboard paper rolls into colorful butterflies.

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    Sponge Painted Butterfly

    sponge painted butterfly craft
    The Resourceful Mama

    Sponge painting is easy enough for the preschool set, but fun enough to keep older kids entertained too. The finished product for this butterfly craft is too cute. 

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    Marble Paper Plate Butterfly

    marbled paper plate butterfly craft
    The Artful Parent

    Marble painting makes such a beautiful design on these paper plate butterflies. Your kids will love this one.

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    Paper Bag Butterfly

    paper bag butterfly
    I Heart Crafty Things

    This paper bag butterfly is perfect for afternoon playtime with your kids. It is great as a puppet for make-believe play. Plus, it's super cute.

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    Coffee Filter Butterfly

    coffee filter butterfly craft
    Honey and Lime

    Do you have extra coffee filters lying around? Use them for this butterfly kids craft. Add a couple of pipe cleaners for antennae and you're almost finished!

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    Colorful Egg Carton Butterfly

    egg carton butterfly craft
    Crafty Morning

    Transform an old egg carton into a colorful butterfly. Kids of all ages will enjoy making this craft. 

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    Stained Glass Butterfly

    stained glass butterfly craft
    Typically Simple

    Cut up squares of tissue paper leftover from holidays and birthdays to start making this pretty stained glass butterfly craft. It's simple and looks so pretty displayed on a window. 

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    Foam Cup Butterfly

    foam cup butterfly craft
    I Heart Crafty Things

    This foam cup butterfly is bright, colorful, and would make a great decoration in your home for springtime. If you don't have foam cups on hand, paper cups work too.

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    Watercolor Butterfly

    watercolor butterfly craft
    About A Mom

    Copy the intricate patterns from actual butterfly wings for these watercolor paper butterflies––or let your kids get creative by using any colors they want. 

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    Butterfly Washi Tape Craft

    butterfly washi tape craft
    Artsy Mama

    Washi tape is a great crafting supply to keep on hand for a variety of projects. This butterfly washi tape craft is no exception. Use any kind of washi tape that you have to make these. 

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    Monarch Butterfly Craft

    monarch butterfly craft
    No Time For Flashcards

    Learn about monarch butterflies with this cool kids craft. Use leftover streamers to make the butterfly wings. This is an easy craft that your kids will really enjoy doing. 

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    Bow Tie Pasta Butterfly

    bow tie pasta butterfly craft
    Where Imagination Grows

    Paint bow tie pasta pieces to turn them into cute little butterflies. End the craft here or glue them to a sheet of paper to make a butterfly scene. 

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    Easy Butterfly Craft for Toddlers

    butterfly craft
    Toddler Approved

    Your toddlers will definitely approve of this simple and fun butterfly craft. Gather some paper, markers, pipe cleaners, and glue to get started!

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    Butterfly Ring

    butterfly ring kids craft
    Fantastic Fun and Learning

    Make these colorful butterflies fly through the air on your hands. You can craft one for every finger! 

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    Tie Dye Baby Wipe Butterflies

    tie dye baby wipes butterfly craft
    I Can Teach My Child

    Have your kids ever tie-dyed something? Teach them how with this awesome butterfly craft