10 Adorable Bunny Hat Crochet Patterns for Easter

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    Bunny Hat Crochet Patterns

    Baby in crochet hat
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    Crochet hats with ears are one of the cutest trends to come out of the craft world in recent years. There may be none cuter than the Easter Bunny crochet hat; those long floppy ears look adorable on everyone! Whether you're crafting for baby's first Easter or making hats for the whole family, this collection of patterns has just what you need. You will find both free crochet patterns and ones to pay for in a mixture of styles and sizes.

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    Floppy Ears Easter Bunny Hat

    This adorable Easter bunny crochet hat is made using a super bulky novelty yarn that creates the fuzzy coziness of faux rabbit fur. The pattern is available for five sizes, ranging from newborn to teen—perfect for family Easter photos! It is for sale through Ravelry. This is perhaps the cuddliest hat you'll find.

    Easter Bunny Floppy Ears Hat from Karapooz Crochet via Ravelry

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    Easter Bunny Chemo Cap

    This free crochet pattern for a bunny hat was designed to inspire people to donate cute chemo caps to kids at all times of the year. We often remember to donate right around the Christmas holidays but kids need help cheering up at every holiday. Of course, you can use the pattern to make your own hats as well but consider donating one or more as well.

    Bunny Rabbit Costume Hat from Darleen Hopkins

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    Lop Eared Easter Bunny Hat

    This crochet hat pattern has cute ears and a colorful body. Plus buying the pattern helps another good cause; it is for sale through Ravelry at a very low price with all proceeds going to support an animal shelter.

    Lop Eared Easter Bunny Hat by ​Paula Gaumer Tooke​ via Ravelry

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    Some Bunny Hat

    This cute crochet hat has the signature floppy ears of the bunny and also has a precious pom tail on the back. The design also comes with ideas for adding a flower or hat to the pattern. The pattern, for sale through Etsy, is in five sizes from newborn through adult.

    Some Bunny Hat Crochet Pattern, $5.50, The Hat and I

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    Floppy Ears Bunny Beanie

    Crochet a bunny beanie with long ears then add a super cute face using additional materials. This is one pattern where you can get creative and really make it unique based on your choices for the design of the rabbit's face. This pattern is available as a free download on Ravelry.

    Floppy Ears Bunny Beanie from Stephenie Hickok via Ravelry

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    Darla's Bunny Hat

    Use your crochet skills to create the face of this big Easter Bunny hat. This one has a lot of great detail, including multi-colored ears and embroidered whiskers. The unique coloring also makes it stand out. The free pattern is available in one size, intended for use by toddlers.

    Darla's Bunny Hat from Oombawka Design

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    Bunny Hat

    Bunny Hat
    Repeat Crafter Me

    Every bunny hat is cuter than the last! This one uses buttons for the eyes and crochet/embroidery for the other details of the face. The free pattern is available for seven sizes, from newborn through adult.

    Bunny Hat from Repeat Crafter Me

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    Premie Bunny Bonnet and Booties

    Preemie Bunny Bonnet and Booties
    Connie Tipsword/Ravelry

    Everything about this crochet hat is cute: the unique coloring, the drawstring ties and the fact that it's made for preemies (in two sizes). The pattern, available as a free download through Ravelry, was designed by a volunteer for The Preemie Project and they ask you to consider donating a set.

    Bunny Bonnet and Booties from Connie Tipsword

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    Buckteeth Bunny Baby Beanie

    Maybe you want to make a bunny hat that isn't quite so reminiscent of Easter? This alternative bunny is a blue hat with buckteeth. The pattern comes in four sizes from 14" to 20", suiting a range of children who will find it fun to wear.

    Buckteeth Bunny Baby Beanie by Designs by Mamta