Easy Beaded Bracelet Projects and Tutorials

Rosary Loop Bracelet

The Spruce / Lisa Yang

Sometimes, you want a jewelry project that can be done quickly. Whether you are working on holiday gifts or only have a few spare hours to spend beading. You are sure to find one or more bracelet projects to get started on in this list of favorite easy beaded bracelet projects and tutorials.

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    Coil End Leather Charm Bracelet

    A coil end leather charm bracelet
    Completed bracelet with coil end connectors and crimp covers to keep the charms corraled in place Lisa Yang

     Leather cord bracelets are always in style, and so are charm bracelets. This project combines both for a style that can't miss.

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    Single St. Petersburg Stitch Garland Bracelet

    A beaded garland bracelet
    Beaded garland bracelet festive in Christmas red, green and gold Lisa Yang

    I love St. Petersburg stitch! It's a little tricky at first, but the results are beautiful! Make a holiday garland for your wrist or change the colors and make it work for any season.

    St Petersburg stitch is an advanced beginner stitch and may require that you do a practice piece or two before you are ready to make a bracelet.

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    Brick Stitch Identity Style Bracelet

    A brick stitch identity style bracelet
    Lisa Yang

     This is such a great way to make a bracelet with a splash of color - and a great way to learn the basics of brick stitch. This design will work with a wide variety of beads and is easy to learn.  It is also super quick to make because you only need to make a small swatch of beadwork and then finish the bracelet with chain.

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    Beach Memories Braided Shell Bracelet

    A pair of braided shell bracelets
    Two braided shell bracelets Lisa Yang

     Strands of colorful cord braided together with a stunning shell centerpiece makes a great layering bracelet.  

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    Brick Stitch Bracelet with Wire Heart Clasp

    Brick stitch bracelet with handmade heart clasp
    Lisa Yang

     Another simple brick stitch design, for when you have a little more time on your hands. This simple bracelet design can look very different depending on the beads you choose.

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    Learn Brick Stitch with this Easy Bracelet Project

    A brick stitch bead bracelet
    Lisa Yang

     This is the bracelet that started my fascination with simple two column wide brick stitch. In two colors of size 8 beads, this bracelet is bold and beautiful. A perfect beginner brick stitch project!

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    Double Spiral Rope Bracelet

    Double spiral rope bracelet in two shades of blue
    Lisa Yang

     Spiral rope stitch is a great beadwork stitch for beginners.  This bracelet uses double spiral rope stitch which is only slightly more complicated, making it a perfect second stitch for beginners.  This chunky rope has two spirals of color and can incorporate multiple colors and types of beads.

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    Ladder Stitch Bracelet

    Ladder stitch bracelet with circular brick stitch charm
    Lisa Yang

     Ladder stitch is often overlooked as the main stitch for a project, usually relegated to a way to start other stitches. This bracelet shows why you should give it a second look.

    This is a beginner project and can be made with a variety of types of beads.

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    Ladder Stitch Bead Chain Bracelet

    Ladder stitch bracelet
    Lisa Yang

     Ladder stitch links are easy to make in your spare time with leftover beads from other projects.  Once you collect enough, connect them with jump rings for a great one of a kind link bracelet.

    This project is a great beginner level introduction to ladder stitch.

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    Charmed Bead Bracelet

    Rosary style bracelet with dangle
    Lisa Yang

     A great introduction to wire jewelry making is this easy rosary style bracelet that uses a simple wire loop

    This project requires basic wire wrap tools.  It can also be made using a one-step looper tool.

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    Hand Chain Bracelet and Ring

    Turquoise hand chain bracelet
    Lisa Yang

     Why wear a bracelet when you can have a bracelet and ring in one great piece of jewelry! This wirework project uses a simple wrapped loop technique that is so important for both wire work and jewelry making in general.

    This project requires basic wire wrap tools but is suitable for a beginner.

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    Macrame Pandora Bead Bracelet

    Pandora style macrame bracelet with 3 beads
    Lisa Yang

     Dress up a spiral (half square knot) macrame bracelet with large hole Pandora style beads. The spiral band holds the beads in place, and the unique clasp design on this bracelet allows you to swap out the large hole beads just like your regular Pandora style bracelet chain.

    Make one in every color! 

    This is the easiest macrame knot and great for beginners.

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    1-Step Looper Wire and Bead Bracelet

    Rosary loop bracelet
    Lisa Yang

     The 1-step looper is a great time-saving type of pliers that can make a simple loop and trim the wire end. It's not perfect, but it can make wire jewelry making a lot quicker. 

    Learn how to use this tool to make a rosary style bracelet.

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    15 Minute Donut Bead Bracelet

    Lark's head knot bracelet
    Simple bracelet combines hemp cord and a stone donut with lark's head knots Lisa Yang

    This bracelet is so quick and easy; you'll want to make an armful. All you will need to know is how to make a simple lark's head knot and how to use fold over cord connector findings.

    An added feature is that you can make extra bands and easily swap them out. 

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    Tubular Peyote Spiral Cuff Bracelet

    Spiral rope pattern tubular peyote bracelets
    Lisa Yang

     This bracelet uses odd count tubular peyote stitch to make a spiral pattern using size 11 beads.  However, you can use a wide variety of types of beads. 

    To make the bracelet into a cuff, the tubular beadwork is added to the wire and held in place with bead end caps.

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    Bead Woven Ball Chain Bracelet

    A ball chain bead weave bracelet
    Lisa Yang

    This easy bracelet is a great way to use up extra bits and baubles from your other projects. It uses small pieces of round ball chain, regular chain and a handful of size 8 beads.

    There are no special skills required for this bracelet - the beads are simply woven into the ball chain, and the bead component is attached to the chain with jump rings.

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    How to Make a Multi-Strand Bracelet

    A multi-strand moonstone bracelet
    Lisa Yang

    Why settle for one bracelet when you can have a bracelet with three strands. This moonstone bracelet project will help you understand how to lay out and attach multiple-bead strands.

    It is a beginner level project - but you should have some stringing and crimping knowledge.