What is a "Book Test" in Magic?

Magic book
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Definition: In classic book tests, a spectator turns to any page in a book and selects a word or sentence, and the magician can name the word or offer an impression of what's in the sentence. It's a traditional and powerful mentalism effect that mimics mind reading.

In some routines, the magician knows the page number of the book and in others, does not. With some variations, the magician goes further to describe other words or sentences on the page, or even images.

A book test is a simulation of mind reading. The premise is that there may be thousands of words in a book and a spectator randomly selects one, yet the magician is able to somehow identify the word.

Book tests come in different forms. Some are based on real, ungimmicked books, and others are based on gaffed ones.

Some book tests reviewed here include:

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Examples: The magician performed a book test effect and appeared to read the spectator's mind.