How to Make a Boo Boo Bunny

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    Boo Boo Bunny

    When a child falls down, hearing the sobs can be the most heart-wrenching sound to a parent or caregiver. If you are a parent or have spent any amount of time with a child, then you know how crucial band-aids are for bumps, bruises, and pacifying cries. Sometimes a band-aid isn't needed but you put one on anyways to provide an emotional fix. But what can you do when a quick band-aid isn't enough?

    These Boo Boo Bunnies are here to provide first aid support, as well as emotional support. Not only do they look cute, but they have a practical purpose. Fill their tummies with ice to make an ice-pack that is sure to bring on the smiles in no time. This craft is basic enough that an older sibling could easily make it for a younger sibling. If you choose not to use them for first-aid, these bunnies also look great around your home during Spring. They could make great Easter decorations, baby shower gifts, or become a new stuffed animal friend.

    No matter how you make use of your Boo Boo Bunny, let it provide comfort to your kids, and turn their frowns upside down.

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    Gather Your Supplies

    For this craft you will need:

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    Fold Cloth Into a Triangle

    Begin by laying out your square washcloth or dishcloth on a flat surface. Have it in front of you so that it's in the shape of a diamond.

    Fold the bottom corner point to the top corner to create a triangle.

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    Roll Cloth From Bottom

    With the top of the triangle away from you, roll the folded cloth from the bottom. Make sure you are rolling the cloth as tight as possible.

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    Fold Roll in Half

    Fold the roll in half. The two loose ends, facing away from you, will become the bunny ears.

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    Fold to Form Bunny Body and Head

    To form the bunny body and head, fold the roll in half again. The loose ends (bunny ears) should be by the first fold you made in the last step.

    Fold the loose ends back towards the middle and hold them together with your hand while you get your rubber band ready.

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    Secure With Rubber Band

    Use one hand to hold the folds together and use your other hand to secure the folds with a rubber band. You want your rubber band to be placed about 2 inches in from the fold.

    To cover the rubber band: cut a length of ribbon and tie it on over the band. You can secure the ribbon with hot glue or leave it unsecured so that you can change it.

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    Glue on Eyes and Tail

    Use a hot-glue got to attach two googly eyes and a cotton ball tail. You can also draw on a mouth with a permanent marker if you want.

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    How to Use Your Boo Boo Bunny

    To get the most out of your boo boo bunny, add an ice cube to the middle section of your bunny. We suggest using plastic reusable ice cubes to prevent drips.