Boho Memory Wire Wrap Bracelet

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    How to Make a Boho Style Memory Wire Wrap Bracelet

    memory wire bracelette
    Rita Shehan

    Boho or bohemian style is inspired by the fashion trends of the 1960's and 1970's. This beautiful wrap bracelet is for those people that are artistic and creative in their fashion styles. Have some fun and channel your inner hippie when wearing this piece of jewelry.

    The paper beads take some time to make, but once they are finished you can string together the bracelet in under five minutes!

    Supplies Needed

    • Round nose plier for jewelry making
    • Cutting pliers for jewelry making
    • 28 purple pearl...MORE beads (Blue Moon Beads 14 in (35.56cm) Glass Pearl Strand)
    • 24 spiral shaped silver beads (Metal Beads Tranquil  Spiral 12 in 30.5 cm)
    • 12 silver pearl shaped beads (Metal Beads Tranquil  Spiral 12 in 30.5 cm)
    • Six silver 3mm bead tubes (Blue Moon Beads Bead Tubes Silver 3mm)
    • Four coil silver memory wire
    • 12 purple tubular paper beads
    • Pdf file for printing paper bead templates
    • Scissors, paper cutter, or ruler and Xacto knife
    • Round wooden toothpicks
    • PC-Petrifier Wood Hardener
    • Glue Stick
    • Floral Wire
    • Plastic bowl to hold liquid PC-Petrifier Wood Hardener



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    How to Make a Boho Style Memory Wire Wrap Bracelet: Steps 1-3

    1. Download the purple bead PDF paper bead printable.
    2. Print the paper bead template onto ordinary computer paper.
    3. Cut 12 purple paper bead squares using an Xacto knife and ruler, or scissors or a paper cutter. The choice is yours. Cut the template with whatever cutting tool you are most comfortable using.


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    How to Make a Boho Style Memory Wire Wrap Bracelet: Steps 4-7

    4. Apply a bit of glue to the open purple end of the printed purple paper bead template.

    5. Roll the paper bead template around a wooden toothpick.

    6. Apply some glue with a glue stick on the end of the bead roll to secure the paper bead.

    7. Remove the wooden toothpick after the glue has dried.

    8. Continue the process until you have made 12 purple tubular paper beads.

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    How to Make a Boho Style Memory Wire Wrap Bracelet: Step 9

    paper tube beads
    Rita Shehan

    9. After the glue on the paper beads has dried, it is time to dip the beads into the liquid PC-Petrifier Wood Hardener. This formula works exceptionally well with paper beads. Once the beads have been dipped and dried, they are rock solid and glossy.

    If you are the type of person that does better with visual instruction, make sure to check out this YouTube video.

    Always make sure to use common sense when working with PC-Petrifier Wood Hardener. Wash your hands thoroughly if the solution comes...MORE into contact with your hands, and never have the solution come into contact with your eyes. Severe damage can occur if the solution comes into contact with your eyes.

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    How to Make a Boho Style Memory Wire Wrap Bracelet: Step 10-15

    bracelet bead order
    Rita Shehan

    10. Using the round nose jewelry pliers form a loop at one end of the memory wire coil.

    11. Place the beads onto the memory wire in the following order:

    1. Four purple beads
    2. One spiral bead
    3. One silver bead
    4. One spiral bead
    5. One purple tubular shaped paper bead
    6. One silver bead tube
    7. One purple tubular shaped paper bead
    8. One spiral bead
    9. One silver bead
    10. One spiral bead

    12. Place six sets of the beads as in the photo above onto the memory wire and then end with four more purple beads.

    13. Pull the beads tightly onto...MORE the memory wire so that there are no spaces in between the beads.

    14. Using the Round Nose Plier for Jewelry Making form a wire loop on the other end of the memory wire bracelet.

    15. Trim any excess wire from the end metal loop with the cutting pliers for jewelry making.


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    The Finished Boho Style Memory Wire Wrap Bracelet

    boho style wrap bracelet
    Rita Shehan

    That is it! Your beautiful boho style memory wire wrap bracelet is now finished. It is such an easy craft project that you will want to make many more for your self and your friends as gifts. Gotta love it!