Beautiful Black Paper and Silver Bead Necklace

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    Paper Bead Necklace Supplies

    black paper and silver bead necklace
    Rita Shehan

    Almost everyone can always use some extra jewelry to go with their outfits. If you are the type of person who likes to switch up your fashion look but doesn't have a big budget, you will love this craft. Who would have thought that a beautiful black and silver bead necklace could have been made from copy paper and a few extra supplies?
    Since these accessories cost almost nothing, you will want to make more in different colors and designs. Just substitute the craft paper of your choice for the PDF digital download.

    Supplies Needed:


    •  8.5-inch x 11-inch sheets of plain white copy paper
    • Ruler
    • Xacto Knife
    • Glue stick
    • PC-Petrifier Wood Hardener
    • Water Based Glossy Polyurethane (*Optional)
    • Black Permanent Ink Marker
    • Toothpicks
    • Floral Wire
    • Leftover Newspapers, cardboard or plastic to use as a drop cloth
    • 24 silver 6mm beads
    • 30 inches of 1mm imitation leather black cording
    • Crimp bead
    • 3mm silver crimp cover
    • Silver magnetic clasp
    • Silver 3mm bead tube
    • Round needle nose pliers
    • Wire Cutters



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    Download and Print the Black Paper Bead Template

    black bead paper template
    Rita Shehan
    1. Download the PDF template file here.The PDF file can be used with most graphics software, or in Adobe Acrobat.
    2. Print the template on three sheets of ordinary copy paper with a laser printer. Do not use an inkjet printer because the print will smear. Each page allows you to make six paper beads



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    Cut Out Paper Bead Template Rectangles

    ruler, xacto knife and paper bead template
    Rita Shehan
    1. Cut eighteen paper necklace bead rectangles with a ruler and Xacto knife, from the printed template.
    2. If you are using colored paper, cut out eighteen rectangles 1.5-inches by 10-inches with scissors or a Xacto knife.


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    Roll the Rectangles Around a Toothpick and Glue

    rolled paper bead
    Rita Shehan


    1. Roll the paper bead rectangle around a toothpick to form a paper bead tube.
    2. Use a glue stick to secure the end of the paper rectangle to the end of the paper bead tube.
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    Color the Ends of the Paper Bead Tube

    paper beads and marker
    Rita Shehan
    1. Paint one end of each bead with a black sharpie marker.
    2. Paint the other end of each bead with a black sharpie marker
    3. If you are using colored paper you can omit this step.


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    Special Paper Hardener Tips and Tricks

    wood hardener and drying paper beads
    Rita Shehan
    1. Dip the beads in wood hardener. This step is crucial.PC-Petrifier wood hardener is the best product for paper beadwork. It hardens the paper bead plus adds a glossy shine.
    2.  If you want to learn how to use the hardener properly, watch this YouTube video tutorial.  The most important step is dipping the beads in the hardener and drying them.

    3. String the beads with fishing line, before dipping them in the product. You can, however, also use floral wire to hang the beads with good results. It is up to you to decide which method works best for you.
    4. After dipping the beads in the wood hardener five times hang the beads and let them dry. It doesn't take long. They should be dry to the touch after about an hour. The beads need about 24 hours to cure.
    5. The beads are glossy just from the PC-Petrifier.If you want to add extra protection, dip the beads in waterproof polyurethane and let dry.
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    Slip the Silver Beads and Black Paper Beads Onto Necklace String

    paper bead necklace
    Rita Shehan



    1. Assemble the necklace using the above photo as a guide.
    2. Pull the string through silver bead tube, and position bead tube onto the middle of the line.
    3. Pull two silver beads onto the string, and place onto each side of the tube.
    4. Continue to add one black bead and one silver bead as in the photo above.
    5. End with three silver beads on each end.
    6. Attach magnetic clasp to each end of the necklace.
    7. Fasten the clasp with a crimp cover on each side. If you do not know how to attach a crimp cap, take a look at this informative YouTube video for help.
    8. Your necklace is now complete.


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    The Black Bead Necklace Pairs Well with These Paper Bead Earrings

    Paper Bead Tube Earring Craft
    Rita Shehan

    The black necklace would look stunning when paired with any of the above earrings. You can access the papercraft tutorial and free jewelry template download here.


    The earrings are so easy to make. Get ready for compliments when wearing your new "designer" earrings and necklace!