Black History Word Search Puzzles for Kids

Play Online or Print and Solve

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These free word search games are a fun way to introduce students to vocabulary related to Black History and the African-American civil rights movement. These puzzles vary in difficulty from fairly easy to challenging. Some of these games can be played online, others are printable worksheets that are geared towards classroom use.

Black History Month Word Search Printables

For classroom solving, there are a variety of print-friendly word search games listed by difficulty level from very easy to challenging.

  • Black History Word Search: This easily hidden word game features 12 words or phrases in a small grid of letters. Solution provided.
  • Fight to End Slavery Word Search: This puzzle features a word list of 15 terms related to the slave trade.
  • Black History Word Search Challenge: Sixteen words related to African-American history as well as major contributors to the same are featured in this word game of medium difficulty.
  • Harriet Tubman Word Search: Eighteen words related to the African-American abolitionist are hidden in this word search game of medium difficulty.
  • Black History Month Word Search: In this puzzle, 20 words relating to slavery, segregation and other aspects of Black history are hidden in a large jumble of letters. Due to the size of the grid, the puzzle is better suited to older children and adults.
  • Slavery Word Search: 21 words related to the institution of slavery in the United States are hidden in this word search puzzle of medium difficulty.
  • Black History Word Search: 36 words associated with Black History in the USA need to be found in this word game for elementary level students and adults.

    Free Crossword Printables for Black History Month

    Looking for a fun educational activity to help reinforce students' knowledge of African-American history? These easy to challenging crossword puzzles are a fun way to learn new words, practice their spelling as well as brush up on important historical facts.

    For an enjoyable learning activity, parents and educators can print out these puzzles for solving off-line. The puzzles are listed in order of difficulty, from the easiest to the most challenging.

    • African-Americans Who Changed Our Nation - Fifteen entries related to famous African-Americans are clued in this printable crossword game.
    • Slavery Crossword - 17 entries dealing with the institution of slavery are featured in this challenging crossword game for secondary level students. Solution provided.
    • Notable African-Americans Crossword - Test your knowledge of notable African-Americans with this crossword puzzle featuring the full names of 19 prominent contributors to American culture and progress. The solution to the puzzle appears on the bottom of the worksheet.

    Black History Month Crossword Puzzles to Play Online

    Below, you'll find several crossword games to play on your computer. These puzzles use standard, American-style grids instead of the lattice format featured above and require a much broader knowledge of the subject, making them a better choice for secondary level students and adults.

    Black History Word and Letter Games

    For those who enjoy jumbled letter games, take a look at this Black History Month Word Scramble. In the printable word game, the aim is to unscramble the letters to form words related to African-American history. Should you get stumped, the list of words used in the puzzle appears at the bottom of the page.

    This word puzzle is similar to a crossword puzzle in that you need to work out the clues to solve the puzzle, but the words in the Black History Month Word Spiral form a spiral from the outside towards the center.

    Black History Quiz Games

    Test your knowledge of Black History in the United States with these online quiz games. These games are best suited to older children and adults.

    • The Internet African American History Challenge: This online quiz features questions about notable African-Americans and their role in the history of the U.S. It has three difficulty levels with seven to ten questions each.
    • African American History Month Quiz: This interactive quiz poses seven questions pertaining to Black History. You can play more than once because the questions are different every time you play.

    More African-American Quizzes

    From the folks at Infoplease, here are several interactive quizzes with themes related to famous African-Americans in sports, entertainment and history, civil rights issues, and historical and cultural events important to African-Americans.

    These selections are easy quiz games for children:

    The quizzes featured below are more challenging and better suited to adult solvers:

    Enjoy learning more about African-American History by trying any or all of the puzzles on this page.