The Bird's the Word: Bird Inspired Cross Stitch Patterns

Fly away with bird inspired cross stitch patterns

 Have you heard? The bird is the word. Bird themed cross stitch that is! Birds can be sweet; singing a song outside your window, or scary; plucking out body parts. Some people absolutely adore them, while others are frightened by just one feather. No matter where you stand, the bird patterns below show off the sweetness and not so niceness of our feathered friends.  Enjoy these patterns from the best designers around the internet. 

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    The Fisher King

     There are so many types of birds out there. Different sizes, personalities and body types are just a few ways they vary. HappinessT celebrates those feathery friends with their geometric cross stitch patterns. You can stitch a single bird, like the Kingfisher featured here or a sampler of several different types. If geometric shapes aren't your thing and you are looking for something more on the cute side, they have you covered there too. All of the patterns are available for instant download. You can check out all of their patterns in their Etsy store. HERE. 

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    Birds of a Feather

     Birds of a feather flock together. At least that's the way the old saying goes. You will see a murder of crows together, a bunch of robins or even house sparrows hanging out in a huddle. Satsuma Street has their own version of birds flocking together with this Scandinavian inspired whimsical and bright pattern. The pattern comes in a PDF so you can start stitching at any time. You can find the pattern HERE.  

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    The Birds!

     Remember those people who are terrified of birds? Well, there might be a reason for that. A little movie made by Alfred Hitchcock struck fear in all of us. The film shared a story about how birds decided to take feathery revenge on a small coastal town. They killed people, destroyed houses and the mess they produced had to be cleaned up for weeks. 8bitnorthxstitch created one of the scenes from the movie. It is definitely, by far, one of the most eeriest parts of the movie. "Mitch, this isn't usual, is it?" No, it's not and neither is this awesome pattern. Make sure you grab it on Etsy HERE.  This is a great gift for any film buff, especially those into horror movies. 

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    Dare to Fly

     Don't be afraid to try new adventures, to spread your wings and fly. Birds represent freedom, trying new things and being adventurous. This sampler is a small reminder of facing your fears. The sampler states: Life is quickly racing by, Adventures fill the open sky, don't wait to take a try, just be the bird and dare to fly. What a wonderful inspiring reminder! This pattern would be a great gift for someone who is starting on a new life. This pattern is for purchase on 123 Cross Stitch and is made by Silver Creek Samplers. You can also get all the supplies at the same time you order the pattern. Check out the pattern HERE.  

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    Family of Birds

    Stitching Studio creates amazing cross stitch imagery. The pattern mentioned here, Family of Birds, is a beautiful play on the eyes. If you quickly look at it, you will see a woman, maybe mother nature? The closer you get, the pattern reveals a family of birds and a tree. This is just one of the Woman/nature patterns they have. You can see this pattern, and others like it, Stitch the entire series.  HERE. 

Fly Away

It is time to fly away and start stitching bird themed cross stitch patterns. From contemporary to something more whimsical, there is a bird pattern out there for everyone. You can stitch many styles and designs, depending on your decor. Add a quote for extra sentimental value. Maybe if you have some animal magnetism, you can train the birds to help you stitch. If it worked for Snow White, it may work for you. Dare to spread your cross stitch wings and try a new challenge! You won't know until you try!