Bible Word Search Puzzles for Kids

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Word games are an excellent way for children to improve their vocabulary and spelling while having fun. From a word search to a crossword and trivia quizzes to jigsaw puzzles, there are some great activities for all ages.

We've scoured the web for some of the best puzzles that focus on various Biblical themes. Some can be played online and others printed out to make a great Sunday School activity.

Online Bible Word Search Games

  • Bible Word Search Puzzles: A comprehensive resource featuring dozens of free word search puzzles on topics mentioned in the Bible. The smaller puzzles use 10- to 12-themed entries in a small grid; the larger puzzles have about 40 in a larger grid. Once you've found all the words in the puzzle, the leftover letters will reveal the mystery word. Play the game online or print and solve. Solutions provided.
  • Bible Word Search Puzzle Game: Offers 10 themed word search puzzles of medium difficulty to solve online or on paper.
  • Resurrection Sunday Word Search: A more challenging Christian word search puzzle with 25 themed entries that need finding. Play online or print.

Printable Bible Word Search Puzzles

Print-friendly Bible word search games abound on the Internet. Here's a sampling of the many Bible word search puzzles available for printing. The puzzles are ranked in difficulty from the easiest to the most challenging.

  • Print and Play Bible Word Puzzles: Themes such as the Nativity, Noah's Ark, the Apostles, and more appear in this series of print-friendly word search games. The puzzles range in difficulty, from fairly easy to quite challenging. They also offer a variety of crossword puzzles.
  • Christian Family Bible Wordsearch Puzzles: Each month, you'll find a new free word search game to print and solve. The puzzles are of medium difficulty, with a fair number of entries to find in a medium-sized grid. Once all the entries have been found, use the remaining letters to spell out a verse from the Bible.
  • John's Word Search Puzzles: The Bible: Word search fans will find dozens of word search games covering the Old and New Testaments, several parables, and books from the Bible. These puzzles are of medium difficulty and best suited to older children and adults.

Printable Bible Crossword Puzzles

Crosswords are a great way to develop vocabulary skills and have fun, too! Here are some free Bible crossword games to keep the kids amused and occupied. Print out these free crossword puzzle worksheets for a bit of Sunday school fun.

Online Bible Crossword Puzzle Games

For those who prefer solving crossword puzzles online, there are a number of crossword games for intermediate to advanced solvers.

  • Bible Crossword Puzzles: Two types of interactive crossword games are found here. The small puzzles use the lattice-style grid appearing in most crossword puzzles meant for educational purposes and have about 15 entries. These are a good choice for children at the elementary school level. The full-size puzzles use the standard, 15-by-15, American-style grid used in most newspaper crosswords published in North America. Some, but not all, of the clues are related to the Bible. These crossword games are best suited to older children and adults.
  • Online Bible Crossword Puzzles: These crossword games feature people in the Bible, the story of creation, psalms, and many other biblical themes. The puzzles are of varying difficulty levels, some are very easy, but others are quite challenging.

Free Printable Bible Jigsaw Puzzles

Maybe you're thinking that a jigsaw puzzle is a fun idea for this week's Sunday school. If so, you'll find some great Bible-themed jigsaw puzzles to print and piece together on paper. These are easy jigsaw puzzles games for young puzzlers.

  • Love your Enemies Jigsaw Puzzle: This worksheet consists of several puzzle pieces to cut out and place on a heart-shaped "tray". Once complete, the puzzle spells out a verse from the Bible.
  • Solomon's Temple Jigsaw Puzzle: An 8-by-5, 40-piece jigsaw game to print, color, and cut out. Cutting apart the pieces requires a good amount of manual dexterity, though. Younger children might need some help.
  • Matthew 22:37 Great Commandment Heart Jigsaw Puzzle: Piece together the 14 puzzle pieces so they form a heart and it will spell out the Bible verse mentioned in the title.
  • The Lord's Prayer Jigsaw Puzzle: This 12-piece jigsaw game has a piece cut that's easy for youngsters to work with. The finished puzzle spells out The Lord's Prayer, making it an excellent game to help with memorization.

Free Online Bible Jigsaw Puzzles

Bible Connect-the-Dots and Mazes

Young children who haven't yet learned to read can still benefit from puzzle games and activities. Try these free printable mazes, connect-the-dot puzzles, and spot the difference games for a fun activity that doesn't require good spelling or the memorization of vocabulary words.

Bible-themed connect-the-dot puzzles are a fun way for kids to learn and practice their numbers. The Biblical themes will also help reinforce the learning of Scripture.

One of the best sources for connect-the-dot printables (and many other Sunday school activity pages) is Calvary Kids Pages. It requires a subscription that comes at a reasonable cost and many churches find it to be an excellent investment in their programs. Once you're signed up, you can find connect-the-dots, puzzles, mazes, and all sorts of activities for all age levels.

Solving maze puzzles provides a number of benefits for young children as well. It can help improve concentration as well as their strategic planning skills. Bible Story Mazes on DLTK's Growing Together offers a great selection of free maze puzzles for children at the primary school level. They cover an array of Biblical themes from Abraham and Sarah to the story of Zacchaeus that you can print out.

Bible Word Scrambles

  • Bible Word Jumbles: Unscramble the word or phrase related to the Bible. Hint: Many are names, places, or books of the Bible. Play online.
  • Word Scramble Worksheets: Featured here are dozens of anagram puzzles of varying difficulty levels to print and solve. Subjects include various stories from the Old and New Testament. Solutions are provided.

Bible Trivia Games

  • Bible Quizzes: For trivia fans of all ages, dozens of online trivia quizzes pertaining to the teachings of the Bible. These quiz games can also be printed and solved on paper.
  • Bible Quizzes: A large number of online quiz games are featured here, ranging in difficulty from easy to hard.

Bible Logic Puzzles, Memory Games, and More

  • Printable Bible Concentration Memory Game: To play the game, print out up to 12 puzzle cards with a Christian theme, then match the cards to score. It's a great game for younger children and you'll find a variety of themes beyond the Bible, including religious and secular Christmas cards.
  • Bible Hangman Word Game: A fun online hangman that is simple but challenging at the same time. Choose from a variety of themes, including the New and Old Testaments, Noah's Ark, and the Christmas story.
  • Bible Cryptograms: Discover dozens of cryptogram games which, when solved, spell out a verse in the Bible. Before printing, you can choose to include a few of the letters as clues and the answer key is available. These puzzles are best suited to older children and adults.