The Best Websites to Download Free Sun Clip Art

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Free sun clip art will add a dash of brightness and sunshine to whatever online or printed project you're working on. They're easy to download and completely free for you to use.

You'll find lots of variations here including with and without rays. You'll even find the sun personified with many different expressions.

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    Free Sun Clip Art at Clker

    Screenshot of a smiling sun cartoon


    There are thousands of free sun clip art in many different designs at Clker.

    You can browse through all the sun clip art at the Clker website and then choose any of them that you want to download, without having to log in. Once you've found one, you can see others of a similar design and color.

    Downloads are available in small, medium, and large sizes in the PNG format. You can also download these images as SVG files.

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    Classroom Clipart's Free Sun Clip Art

    Screenshot of a cartoon sun wearing sunglasses

    A search for free sun clip art at Classroom Clipart will show many images associated with the word sun, including not only the sun but also sunflowers and possibly other things.

    You can find images of a real sun as well as many clip art versions.

    Some of the sun clip art at Classroom Clipart is in animated form and available as a GIF download.

    Note: Most of the sun images have a light watermark somewhere on the picture.

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    Free Sun Clip Art at Webweaver's Free Clipart

    Sun wearing sunglasses

    The free sun clip art catalog at Webweaver's Free Clipart includes both animated and still images. Be sure to check out both pages to see the pictures they have available for download.

    Some of the images are available in large sizes but most are medium or small.

    Just click an image once to load the full size and then right-click to save the clip art.

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    Openclipart's Free Sun Clip Art

    Traditional sun


    Openclipart has a huge list of free sun clip art, with options for downloading them as high-resolution images.

    Every image can be downloaded as small, medium, or big with the largest normally being of very high quality.

    You can also download the SVG version of the sun clip art, save it as a PDF file, or edit the image online before downloading.

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    Free Sun Clip Art at

    Screenshot of a happy smiling sun

    Dozens more free sun clip art can be had at, and they're all on a single page to make them super simple to look through.

    Clicking on these pictures will take you to a download page to show a larger preview, a view count, how many times that clip art has been downloaded, the file type of the image, and the dimensions of the full- sized picture.

    Right-click the pictures on the download page to get the ​full-sized version.​

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    ClipartPal's Free Sun Clip Art

    Decorative sun clip art


    ClipartPal has a nice selection of dozens of free sun clip art.

    Some of the sun clip art at ClipartPal have very simple designs while others are a little more complex and appealing.

    Images open in a new page where you download them to your computer as well as see the file size and dimensions.

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    Free Sun Clip Art at All-Free-Download


    heAll-Free-Download has a huge variety of over a thousand free sun clip art on over 40 pages.

    You can find sun backgrounds as well as individual images, some with quite unique designs. There are also entire nature scenes that contain the sun.

    The clip art is downloaded as a ZIP file with the image contained within. There's usually a JPG, EPS, and AI file in the download.

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    Free Sun Clip Art at WPClipart

    Picture of sun clip art with sharp edges


    WPClipart has free clip art available in many categories, one of which is sun clip art. There are over 100 free sun clip art images available for download on this website.

    Separated into groups, you'll find all sorts of designs, clouds, colors, and faces posted with sun clip art.

    Click any image once to be shown the download page. Then just select what file type you'd like and right-click on it to save it. Most of them can be downloaded in JPG, PNG, and WEBP.

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    MyCuteGraphics' Free Sun Clip Art

    Picture of a sun and flowers with a cloud and a butterfly

     Laura Strickland/

    Two additional pages of sun clip art can be downloaded for free at MyCuteGraphics. There are lots of cute and simple sun pictures here that I know you'll enjoy.

    When you've found an image you like, click on it to be taken to the download page where there's also download instructions.