The 6 Best Stationery Subscription Boxes of 2023

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Best Stationery Subscription Boxes

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Best Overall: Nicely Noted

Nicely Noted

Nicely Noted

There’s no feeling quite like fetching the mail and receiving a letterpress-printed card on thick card stock from a friend. It’s that sensation of joy and intimacy Nicely Noted tries to share with the world.

The subscription service aims to honor the art of the epistolary by bringing artisan-designed cards that loosely revolve around a different color palette each month to subscribers’ doorstep. As one review that’s highlighted on the Nicely Noted website says, “Basically if you have the subscription for a while, then you get your own personal hipster card store right in your desk drawer.”

Each Nicely Noted delivery comes with three handmade cards, three specially-curated USPS stamps (for U.S.-based subscribers), and a profile of each card designer. The brand supports small artisan makers while also encouraging subscribers to put more love out there into the world in the form of snail mail. What could be better than that?

Subscriptions to Nicely Noted are about $20 per month, while an annual subscription runs about $220—which comes out to around $18 per month. Shipping is included.

Best International Box: Papergang by Ohh Deer

Papergang by Ohh Deer

Papergang by Ohh Deer

Quirky card brand Ohh Deer delivers items like its curated greeting cards along with notebooks, desk accessories, and art prints with their subscription service, The Papergang. Each month, Ohh Deer teams up with a different artist to collaborate on a theme for the month’s box, with past themes focusing on different flora and fauna motifs in each artists’ individual style.

A monthly rolling subscription to Papergang cost about $20, plus shipping for deliveries outside of the United Kingdom. That cost per box decreases depending on the subscription frequency, with a year’s worth of Papergang deliveries costing around $190 (or $16 per box).

Because Ohh Deer is located in England, all prices for deliveries in the United States are subject to the most up-to-the-minute conversion rates. All purchases from the brand are billed in GBP, with local currency prices showing as an approximation. Shipping to the United States costs approximately $9 per order.

Ohh Deer gives back the environment with Papergang through its partnership with Tree Aid, a group that works with communities in Africa to help protect the environment and aid local communities in growing food.

Best for Artisan-Made Cards: PostBox by Postmark’d Studio

PostBox by Postmark’d Studio

PostBox by Postmark’d Studio

Snail mail enthusiasts will love Postmark’d Studio’s curated stationery box. Each month, the brand delivers four cards, postage, and an "artsy doodad," such as a pen or pencil to subscribers based on a changing monthly theme.

The cards and matching postage often have a whimsical feel and are sourced by brand owner Anne Breck from artisans from around the globe. The central mantra of Postmark’d Studio is that a simple, handwritten note leaves a positive lasting impression.

Postmark’d Studio’s monthly stationery delivery box includes everything mentioned above, plus often an added bonus gift. A month of Postmark’d Studio’s PostBox is roughly $25 and decreases in price the longer the subscription.

A year’s worth of PostBox costs around $255, or approximately $21 a month. PostBoxes do not incur a tax—Postmark’d Studio is located in Oregon—but do have a shipping charge.

Best for Customized Cards: Pretty Paper Club

Pretty Paper Club

Pretty Paper Club

Want customized stationery delivered to your door each month? That’s the mission of Pretty Paper Club, which not only sends out themed stationery every month, but also customizes said stationery specifically for the recipient with a personal or business name.

The online brand offers two kinds of monthly subscription boxes, both of which come customized for the buyer. The custom stationery box (about $22 per month) has customized note cards, envelopes, labels, and an added gift every four weeks. The deluxe custom stationery box (roughly $44 per month) includes all of that plus an assortment of stationery accessories like clips, washi tape, confetti, and sticky notes that will parcel an added bit of pizzazz into the mail.

The box’s past themes have included beachy, merry and bright, and "I Heart You" (Valentine's Day). Themes usually correspond with the month after the boxes are mailed so that the subscriber can send the stationery during its corresponding month.

Pretty Paper Club does not offer lower prices for longer-term memberships, but it does offer gifting options. Subscribers can skip any month or cancel their subscription at any time.

Best for Customized Notepads: My Paper Box

My Paper Box

My Paper Box

From the moment it hits your doorstep, My Paper Box offers a customized experience.

Delivery boxes are artfully printed with the brand’s monthly theme as well as the subscriber’s name. The special curation doesn’t stop there. The box’s contents are done up in a monthly theme with the addition of the subscriber’s name, giving many of the pieces in the box that extra personal touch.

My Paper Box offers three subscription tiers: mini, grand, and greeting cards. The mini and grand subscriptions can be delivered monthly or bimonthly, while the greeting cards are delivered monthly. The mini box, which includes three notepads printed with the month’s theme and subscriber’s name, is $18 per month including shipping.

The grand subscription includes everything from customized stationery and notepads to writing utensils to stickers at roughly $32 per month. Past themes for the boxes have included the colorful Candyland, an 80's-themed Valentine's day set.

My Paper Box greeting card subscription includes four greeting cards with envelopes and four USPS Forever stamps at $20 per month. You'll get new designs and themes every month, and they're shipped out on the 4th of each month.

All plans from My Paper Box include shipping.

Best for Planner Enthusiasts: Cloth & Paper

Cloth & Paper

Cloth & Paper

Cloth & Paper focuses on simple, minimalistic designs for its paper goods delivery box, which consists of planner accessories and other stationery goods. Monthly deliveries typically come stocked with between six and eight goodies like planner inserts, planner dashboards, and accessories as well as stationery and organization items like sticky notes and stickers. Cloth & Paper does not send out actual planners, just inserts for those who like to stay highly organized. The brand will also swap out stationery items for those who don’t use planners.

A month-to-month subscription for Cloth & Paper runs $40 plus $5 shipping. The longer the subscription, the less each box costs. A prepaid six-month subscription costs $222 total, or $37 per box with shipping included.

The brand also offers a luxe pen delivery box or a joint stationery and pen delivery box for real paper goods enthusiasts. The joint stationery and pen subscription starts at $55 for a month-to-month plan plus $5 U.S. domestic shipping and drops to $50 per month with U.S. domestic shipping included for a six-month prepaid subscription.


What Are the Benefits of a Stationery Subscription Box?

Stationery subscription boxes will reignite your love of snail mail and artisan paper goods. There’s nothing like discovering a new beautiful printed item. And with a stationery subscription box you’ll be able to incorporate that simple pleasure into your day-to-day with all the convenience of having your desired box ship directly to you. 

What Is the Price Range of Stationery Subscription Boxes?

Stationery subscription boxes are definitely an indulgence but manageable on a budget. My Paper Box has tiers of subscriptions, with a mini subscription as low as $18 per month. Subscriptions to Nicely Noted are about $20 per month while an annual subscription runs about $220 (which comes out to around $18 per month). A monthly rolling subscription to Papergang costs about $20 plus shipping for deliveries outside of the United Kingdom. Depending on which box you choose, subscriptions to Pretty Paper Club and Cloth & Paper range from $30 up to roughly $54 per month. 

What Will I Receive With a Stationery Subscription Box?

The contents of a stationery subscription box vary depending on the subscription you sign up for. But you can expect to receive items including specialty paper, cardstock, envelopes, notebooks, planners, and writing utensils. 

Do Stationery Subscription Boxes Make Good Gifts?

Yes, stationery subscription boxes make for excellent gifts for a friend, family member, colleague, or child who will delight in an assortment of artisanal paper products. We’ve put together a selection of boxes that will give your recipient something new to use in their home office or to share with others, whether it’s on an artisan-made card (from Postmark’d Studio), a customized card (from Pretty Paper Club), or a beautiful new planner (from Cloth & Paper).