The 8 Best Sewing Kits of 2021

For all of your crafting needs

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Buttons fall offs. Pants, skirts, and dresses occasionally require hemming. Jeans need patching. There are all sorts of tasks that can be accomplished with a needle and thread—but only if you have them on hand. And it’s best, really, to have them both available in the same spot, along with everything else you need to complete the sewing task.

That’s where sewing kits come in handy: In them, you’ll find all the necessities for basic sewing projects like scissors, buttons, needles, and thread. Of course, the perfect sewing kit for you largely depends on where you intend to use or store the kit (at home versus on the road), and how much you're willing to spend.

Here, the best sewing kits for every budget and need.

Our Top Picks
An affordable, well-stocked sewing kit full of essential tools that is lightweight enough to bring on trips far and wide.
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This kit includes neatly organized high quality sewing supplies along with room to store additional items.
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Keep everything you need for emergency fixes on hand with this kit that includes basic supplies at a budget friendly price.
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Best for Beginners:
Singer Sewing Basket Kit at JOANN
This kit contains everything a beginner would need to get started and stay organized and makes a great gift.
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Have all of the supplies you need in this compact zippered carrying case while you are on the road.
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If you want to start working with leather repairs and crafting, this 50-piece set contains the essential tools that you’ll need.
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Kids can learn how to sew and create several stitches while working on fun craft projects like making a phone case or bracelet.
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This kit weighs just over an ounce, but has everything you need to fix a missing button on snagged hem.
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Best Overall: ARTIKA Simply Sewing Kit

ARTIKA Simply Sewing Kit

Packed with all the essentials you need to complete your next big (or small) sewing project, the ARTIKA Sewing KIT is a great option. The 130-piece ARTIKA kit comes with 38 XL spools of thread in different colors, in addition to a pair of large scissors, measuring tape, 30 golden-eye needles, wonder clips, threader, safety pins, and several other must-have items. This makes for the ideal beginner’s kit or lightweight travel kit for more experienced sewers on-the-go.

Runner-Up, Best Overall: Summer_chuxia Wooden Sewing Basket with Sewing Kit Accessories

Wooden Sewing Basket with Accessories

Looking for another high-quality option? We love this wooden sewing basket that contains all of the essentials—an elegant pair of scissors, 24 spools of thread, needles, buttons, a seam ripper, thimble, and more—within a sturdy wooden box. Dividers within the box, along with a strap for storing the scissors, mean that it’s easy to get your hands on any item you need, without rooting around or emptying out the entire kit.

This sewing kit is perfect for anyone to have on hand and has enough extra storage space for additional supplies that you might want to add down the road. Because it’s so thoughtfully designed, this sewing kit also makes for an ideal present.

Best Budget: Singer Deluxe Sewing Kit in Storage Box

 Singer Deluxe Sewing Kit in Storage Box

Basic sewing supplies—needle, thread, buttons, and so on—aren’t typically expensive. If you just need something practical, this budget-friendly sewing kit from Singer is a great option, from a well-regarded sewing brand. 

Weighing about 3 ounces, so you can easily add it to your purse or keep it in a desk drawer at work, this Singer sewing kit includes thread, scissors, a thimble, needles and a needle threader, buttons, a foldable tape measure, snaps, and more. These items are all housed in a small plastic box that's easy to stash away.

Best for Beginners: Singer Sewing Basket Kit

Singer Sewing Basket Kit

Just starting out with sewing—or looking for a present for a beginning sewer? This beautifully made Singer basket, with its charming button closure, will help keep new sewers organized. 

It comes with all sorts of handy notions, including scissors, thread, pin cushion, needles, measuring tape, and other essentials. And the basket also includes a plastic tray to help keep items organized, with space below it where other supplies or patterns can be stored away. 

The basket is small, making it easy to store away. But since the design on the outside is attractive, you may find yourself wanting to keep it on the countertop.

Best for RVs: VelloStar Store SEWING KIT Premium Repair Set - Complete Needle and Thread Kit for Sewing

SEWING KIT Premium Repair Set

If you’re traveling in an RV, you may need more than a needle and thread since you won’t have easy access to a whole cabinet full of tools and notions. Still, you won’t want a sewing kit that takes up too much space. This VelloStar sewing kit balances these two needs, full of tons of notions—including beading needles, a seam ripper, and more—all packed away in a compact 8.25 x 6 x 1.25 inches zippered carrying case. 

And because it’s a bit bigger than an emergency or travel kit, you’ll be able to take advantage of additional thread colors, which means you’ll be able to match the color of your shirt as you sew on a button or make subtle repairs to stuffed animals in need of surgery. 

Best for Leather: BAGERLA Store 50 Pieces Leather Working Tools and Supplies with Leather Tool Box

Leather Working Tools

A simple needle and thread won’t do the trick if you’re looking to sew leather. Working with leather requires a different set of tools, and the price can really add up. This affordable 50-piece set includes the essentials tools you’ll want on hand for working with leather: a prong punch set, sturdy waxed thread, a sewing awl, craft stamping tools, and much more. 

Plus, all these supplies can be stored in the carrying case. (Note: Getting everything to fit back inside once you’ve used the tools can be a bit tricky.) 

If you’re looking for a good quality starter kit, with nearly all the necessities you’ll need to do leather repairs and crafting, this kit fits the mark.

Best for Kids: Craft Tastic Learn to Sew Kit

Learn to sew kit

If you’re interested in encouraging children to sew, projects can be a helpful way to introduce the essential tasks (like threading a needle, making a knot, sewing a stitch, and so on). 

This Craft-tastic kit comes with an instruction kit for seven craft projects and the supplies required. With the kit, kids can make a case for a phone, a bracelet, a pouch, a pincushion, and more. The instructions are clearly written so that kids can follow along on their own (or with a little help from an adult, depending on their age). 

Through the projects in the kit, your child can master several stitches, how to sew on buttons, decorative embroidery styles, and more. Once kids have completed the projects, the kit will still come in handy—the instruction manual doubles as an evergreen reference book and the kit comes with items that can be used again in sewing projects.

Best Mini: Singer Sewing Kit

Singer Mini Kit

If you want to always have a sewing kit on hand, so that you’re prepared for any missing button or snagged hem, you’ll need to have something small—really small. 

This Singer sewing kit weighs in at just over an ounce and is around 6-inches in height and width. Despite this small size, it contains the essentials: thread, a measuring tape, several needles, scissors, safety pins, buttons, and a needle threader, all stored away in a brightly colored plastic case. This kit is ideal for big trips, as well as your everyday travel to-and-from the office.

Final Verdict

The best overall sewing kit is the ARTIKA Simply Sewing Kit (view at Amazon), which is a lightweight kit that's packed with all the essentials you'll need to complete your next sewing project. It boasts 130 pieces, including a metal thimble and golden eye needles. If you’re looking for something that’s a little bit smaller, the Crafter's Friend Mini Sewing Kit (view at Amazon) weighs less than 4 ounces but still contains the essentials.