The 6 Best Places to Buy Used Board and Card Games

Where you should look if you need an out-of-print board game or card game

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Thrift stores and yard sales are great places to look for used board games, but of course what you find there is almost completely unpredictable. When you're looking for a specific out-of-print board game or card game, these are the places I recommend you check first -- my picks for the best places to buy used games.

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    Bazaar. Photo © Erik Arneson is a large community of people from around the world who are interested in board games, and many of them have listed games of all types for sale. The BGG Marketplace is a great place to start your search for any used game. Highly recommended.

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    Sherlock Holmes - The Game of the Great Detective
    Sherlock Holmes - The Game of the Great Detective. Photo © Erik Arneson

    Since 1986, Gamers Alliance has maintained a master catalog of what they believe is the world's largest selection of out-of-print games (and I have found no evidence to contradict them). A small annual membership fee gets you access to the games in their catalog, along with a quarterly newsletter that's packed with game reviews and news. Also highly recommended.

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    Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Photo © Erik Arneson

    Darwin's Game Closet boasts a large catalog of used games, mostly (but far from entirely) classic American board games and card games.

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    Stay Alive
    Stay Alive. Photo © Erik Arneson
    D'Antiques is a general antiques store but maintains a good selection of used games, mostly classic American releases.
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    Escape from New York
    Escape from New York. Photo © Erik Arneson

    Located in the United Kingdom, Vintage Toy Box has a decent selection of used games, primarily mass-market games published by larger companies.

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    Oh Magoo
    Oh Magoo. Photo © Erik Arneson

    Although what's available at any given time is completely dependent on what sellers are offering, eBay can be a great source for used games. Searching completed auctions can give you a sense of what you might expect to pay.