The 7 Best Online Quilting Classes of 2020

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Creativebug



Creativebug is an online learning platform that focuses on arts and crafts education. This platform enlists renowned artists who have created thousands of online classes in subjects like painting and sewing.

The quilting section on Creativebug contains around 100 courses with varying degrees of difficulty and time requirements. The most popular lessons will teach you some sewing machine basics that are integral to master quilting. For starters, check out one of the most reviewed courses on quilting with fabric precuts. Each class includes a star rating, instructor bio, and related courses.

Creativebug works on a subscription basis, which means you’ll pay a monthly price for access to all the courses in its library. The unlimited membership costs about $8 per month, and there is also an unlimited plus option that costs roughly $10 per month.

There's also a free trial option, so you can see if you enjoy the process before investing any money. This platform is ideal for beginners and more advanced quilters looking to enhance their skill sets with particular quilting classes.

Best for Beginners: Skillshare



Skillshare is another online learning platform that offers classes across dozens of domains. There are currently about 32 quilting class options on Skillshare, including several highly rated options that are ideal for beginners.

The courses on Skillshare tend to focus on specific projects instead of providing lessons that will touch on a wide range of quilting techniques. For example, a popular course option will teach you how to sew a Hexi quilt top by hand. This project-specific format will work well if Skillshare happens to have a quilt type you want to make.

Skillshare has some user-friendly features that make the platform ideal for online learning. Each course includes a video preview, detailed user reviews, and a discussion forum. You can also see how many people have completed the course, author bios, and related classes.

A Skillshare membership is more expensive than Creativebug because this platform offers more courses overall. However, Creativebug has more quilting courses in its library. For Skillshare, you’ll pay either about $15 a month or roughly $99 annually. If you aren’t sure which of the two options to pick, consider enrolling in a free trial.

Best Variety: iQuilt



IQuilt’s specialty is quilting, and this company has spared no expense making sure its website is filled with quality online quilting classes. At present, more than 50 expert-lead courses provide exceptional detail.

For instance, one of the best selling courses is on creating vibrant acrylic quilts. The class is broken down into seven lessons, and you can watch a video preview and read user reviews before you purchase.

One unique feature on iQuilt is the gallery section of each course, where you can see an instructor and student gallery. It can be helpful to see how other students interpreted the course and translated that to a unique quilt design.

Quilting courses on iQuilt are sold on an a la carte basis. Prices range from about $20 to roughly $40, but American Quilter’s Society members can get a discount. Memberships start at approximately $25 per year.

Since you have to pay for each course individually, there is slightly more pressure to pick the right one. Remember to take your time and look through the course library and read the user reviews.

Best for YouTube: Missouri Star Quilt Company

Missouri Star Quilt Company

Missouri Star Quilt Company

There are several quality quilting instructors on YouTube, but some are more consistent than others. When picking the best YouTube quilting instructor, we considered factors like uploading consistency, view count, likes, and comments.

The Missouri Star Quilt Company on YouTube, run by Jenny, was a standout and currently has more than 675,000 subscribers. There are hundreds of quilting tutorials, and her most viewed videos are one on quilt binding and one on making pinwheels. You can search her video library for what you want to learn, or you can check out her playlists, which act like categories.

There are pros and cons to learning on YouTube. One drawback is that the material isn’t broken into separate video lessons. Also, there is no additional course material in print. And, you have to stop and start the video several times to follow a tutorial.

In a more traditional course, instructors will break down the steps and adjust based on student feedback. The biggest pro to YouTube is that this resource is free, and videos can be easier to follow than blogs with just photos and text.

Best Community: National Quilters Circle

National Quilters Circle

National Quilters Circle

National Quilters Circle is an ideal place if you want to learn about quilting and connect with other quilters. The platform has a combination of features like free and premium videos, workshops, mini-classes, patterns, and more.

If you’re just starting to quilt, check out some of the free video content for helpful how-tos and tutorials. More advanced quilters might be interested in a membership to get access to more features. A premium membership is roughly $69, while a gold membership is about $129. The latter includes mini-classes, quilting guides, and direct support.

Gold members have the advantage of being able to troubleshoot quilting issues with experts in the field. Members are also able to connect with and inspire each other with quilting projects. If you do better learning in a group setting, this online community will be the next best thing to in-person classes.

If you want to look into this community further before becoming a member, you’re encouraged to follow their social media channels and try out one of their free project videos. Each video includes a brief description and can be streamed to other devices like your TV.

Best for Experts: Sew on the Go

Sew on the Go

Sew on the Go

Sew on the Go has several online quilting classes that are ideal for more advanced quilters. The classes are broken down into three categories: technique building, lifetime access, and mini-courses.

Technique building classes can be joined at any time, but lessons are staggered on a month-to-month basis. When you start a course, you’ll receive one lesson, and then the next lesson will come a month later. This delay is meant to mimic an in-person workshop where you have time between sessions to practice the skills learned. Lifetime access classes are similar to other courses that focus on one quilt design from start to finish. Finally, mini-classes are broken down into smaller lessons that can be seen for a limited time or on a lifetime basis.

If you want to get into the nitty-gritty of more advanced techniques, a technique-building class might be ideal. For example, the Timeless with a Twist series is a 13-part course that will teach you the techniques to master three quilt designs that you choose. The work will be completed over a year. The cost for this masterclass is about $250, or you can pay in 13 payments of roughly $25 a month.

Best for Businesses: Udemy



There are several courses on how to make a quilt, but what do you do when you’ve mastered most quilting techniques? You can become an instructor, or you can turn your quilting into a business. Udemy is an online learning platform that offers a variety of quilting courses on an a la carte basis. There are nine course options currently that range in price from about $10 to $200.

One of the most popular course options is 6 Steps to Grow Your Machine Quilting Service Business. Two hundred students have taken the course, and it currently has a rating of 4.1 out of 5. The course includes several classes that each have several lectures. The course helps aspiring quilt business owners keep a schedule, market their business, and interact with customers.

The class costs about $200 and includes all the perks of the Udemy platform, such as a 30-day money-back guarantee. It is the most thorough course on creating a quilting business that we could find, and this information could be invaluable to someone looking to make the leap from hobby to career.

How We Chose the Best Online Quilting Classes

We scanned hundreds of websites and came up with a list of 21 companies that offered legitimate online quilting classes. Next, we recorded site statistics like domain authority, social media following, and estimate monthly traffic. Based on these figures, we took a more in-depth look at the top 15 sites.

The top sites were evaluated based on the number of classes offered, cost, special features like user reviews, and course quality. Different categories were weighted on various criteria. For example, iQuilt won the best course options because it has the most diverse selection of class offerings. Creative Bug won our best overall title because it provides a lot of thorough coursework for the best price and also has perks like star ratings and course previews.

Each option has a variety of pros and cons that are further discussed in the category summaries. Depending on your quilting needs, one option might stand out more than our overall winner. We’re confident that the choices listed here are among the best on the internet and that there will be an online quilting class here that is ideal for you.

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