The 7 Best Hot Glue Guns to Buy in 2018

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Whether you are a crafting machine, a DIY-enthusiast, or a home improvement professional, you have no doubt seen the value of a good hot glue gun.

Glue guns deliver the adhesion power of liquid glue from a small nozzle to almost any type of surface, making them a popular tool for home or work. There are full-size glue guns that generally have higher-power heaters or mini glue guns with smaller heaters that are perfect for more detail-oriented projects or infrequent use. You can also find hot glue guns that are cordless, feature adjustable temperature settings, or have interchangeable tips.

It’s important to choose the best glue gun for your project or crafting needs to avoid hassle, waste, and frustration. Use this list of the top hot glue guns to find the model that is right for you. 


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    Best Overall: Cobiz Dual Power Glue Gun

    The Cobiz Dual Power Hot Glue Gun is our choice for the best overall glue gun, thanks to its variable temperature settings and consistent performance.

    This full-size glue gun is versatile enough to handle tough jobs requiring high heat and more delicate applications where low heat is desired. The glue gun gives you the option to choose between 60W and 100W settings. It also has an LED light to let you know when the glue gun is on, minimizing the risk of burns.

    Users love the balanced feel of this glue gun in the hand — a major benefit when using it complete projects with precision. It also receives consistent praise for its fast heating time of 1-3 minutes. This is great if you are in the middle of a project and need the hold that hot glue provides but don’t want to wait or lose your place in the project due to a long warm-up time.

    Glue stick size: 7/16”

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    Best Mini: CC Better Mini Glue Gun

    For small projects or small hands, a mini glue gun may be the best choice. The top pick in this category is the CC Better Mini Glue Gun.

    This compact glue gun isn’t short on features. One of the biggest advantages of this mini-version is the on/off button. If you’re in the middle of a project and only need to use the glue gun intermittently, just flip the switch to off while leaving the unit plugged in. When you need the glue gun again, turn it back to on for fast access to hot glue. Not very many mini glue guns provide this functionality.

    The CC Better Mini also has an LED light to let you know when the glue gun is on, as well as a built-in stand that users report being fairly stable. While 20W is not the highest power glue gun available on the market, it is on par with the heating capabilities of most mini glue guns.

    Glue stick size: 5/16”

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    Best Budget, Mini: Attican Black Iron Glue Gun

    For a no-frills mini glue gun, choose the Attican Black Iron Glue Gun. This budget model delivers a consistent stream of hot glue and is a great choice if you hate drips.

    The Attican is a 20W mini glue gun, so it isn’t especially high-powered, but users report that it heats up quickly and has a steady flow and easy-to-use trigger.

    There is no on/off switch on this mini glue gun, but most models don’t have this feature — especially at a budget price point. There is some debate as to how sturdy the stand is for this gun, but most users find it to be adequately stable. If you want a compact glue gun that will give you quality, drip-free performance, choose the Attican Black Iron Glue Gun.

    Glue stick size: 5/16”

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    Best Budget, Full-Size: Surebonder Dual Temperature Glue Gun

    If you are looking for the higher heating power and capabilities of a full-size glue gun but want a budget price tag, pick the Surebonder Dual Temperature Glue Gun.

    As its name suggests, this affordably-priced glue gun still delivers two different temperature settings. Choose from a low power 250 degrees Fahrenheit setting or a high power 380 degree Fahrenheit setting. Being a budget glue gun, there is no on/off button — so you’ll have to unplug the unit to stop the flow of glue.

    Overall, users are satisfied with the abilities of this glue gun for basic projects and crafts. The larger size and additional heating capability (this model has a 40W heater) are compelling reasons to buy this budget full-size glue gun.

    Glue stick size: 7/16”

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    Best Cordless: Black+Decker Cordless Glue Gun System

    You may need the freedom and flexibility that a cordless glue gun provides. If that’s true for you, then the Black and Decker Cordless Glue Gun System is our top pick.

    This is a pricier model on our list of top glue guns to buy, but you’ll get a glue gun with a 125W heater, a lithium-ion battery with up to two hours of run time and a charger. One of the biggest selling points of this glue gun is the extremely fast heating time. Users report it is ready to go within the 90 seconds claimed by the manufacturer and many people say it’s the fastest heating glue gun they’ve ever used.

    The lithium ion battery is also interchangeable with other Black and Decker tools that are part of the 20V Max System. This cordless glue gun is ideal for any application where a cord would get in the way or be a hassle. Large-scale art projects or home improvement projects are two popular applications for a cordless glue gun with this type of heating power.

    Glue stick size: 7/16”

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    Best High-End: Surebonder Pro2 Industrial Glue Gun

    For a hot glue gun that will scorch the competition, the Surebonder Pro2 Industrial Glue Gun is a clear winner.

    This full-size glue gun with a 220W heater will reach temperatures hot enough for any craft project, and perfect for any industrial application. The adjustable temperature dial allows you to select temperatures between 220-400 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has an on/off switch to allow you to pause during projects while leaving the glue gun plugged in. This is one of the hottest glue guns on the market, and the ultra-powered heater can melt up to five pounds of glue per hour.

    If you need a glue gun that can stand up to flooring, woodworking, or electrical projects, the Surebonder Pro2 is a great choice. But even crafters love the solid feeling and high-quality components that this glue gun provides. Just about everyone agrees that this high-end glue gun is a major but worthwhile investment over the entry-level models on the market if you plan to do a lot of work with a glue gun.

    Glue stick size: 7/16”

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    Best for Versatility: BSTPOWER Adjustable Temperature Glue Gun

    If you want a glue gun that can be used on a variety of projects and with different temperature settings, pick the BSTPOWER Adjustable Temperature Glue Gun. This full-size glue gun has a dial that allows you to choose a temperature between 100 and 220 degrees Fahrenheit, in 15-degree increments.

    The lower heat settings are better for more delicate materials, whereas the high heat setting is perfect for tougher materials like wood or metal. This is one of the most specific temperature adjustments available in a glue gun, and the dial is easy to change using a flat-head screwdriver (or some users report just using a fingernail). Don’t forget to use low-heat glue sticks when operating the gun at low temperatures to avoid melting problems.

    Adding to the versatility of this model are the three included copper nozzle tips in 40mm, 50mm, and 70mm sizes. If your projects vary in materials and heat settings, then an adjustable temperature glue gun like this BSTPOWER model is a great choice.

    Glue stick size: 5/16”