Best Hat Knitting Patterns

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Hats are a popular knitting project and you can never have too many patterns to choose from! Whether it's for a gift or to keep your own family warm on cold days, knit hats are relatively easy projects that work up quickly and teach you new skills.

Many knitters use hats as a way to learn circular knitting, though they can be knit flat as well. There's also some give in knit hats, so you don't have to worry about sizing it perfectly for someone's head.

Among these free knit hat patterns, you'll find all the basics, including introductory hats for adults, cute baby hats, and a few that are just too much fun to pass up. They're perfect for knitters of all skill levels and each can be customized with your favorite yarns to match anyone's personal style!

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    Basic Stockinette Hat

    If you want to start off right, learn how to knit a basic stockinette hat. The only stitch you need to know is the knit stitch and it's an ideal introduction to working with double pointed needles (DPNs in knitter speak).

    This pattern uses bulky yarn and begins from the bottom, so you'll get a good feel for the needles before you have to shape the crown. It's simple, it's sized to fit the average adult, and it's warm!

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    Basic Ribbed Hat

    A ribbed hat is a classic look for a man or a woman. This ribbed hat pattern is an easy way to get a reluctant guy (or teenager) to wear a knit hat because it has that trendy beanie look.

    Knit in a bulky wool yarn, the hat uses a simple knit 2, purl 2 rib, which gives it a nice stretch that will fit any head. It looks just as great in solid neutral colors as it does with variegated yarn, too. Once you get the hang of it, the pattern knits up so quickly that you'll be making one for the entire family.

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    Ribbed Flat Hat

    When it comes to knitting hats, there's nothing easier than a flat hat. If you're not ready to tackle knitting in the round, give this flat hat pattern a try.

    The pattern simply creates a rectangle of knitting; there's no shaping at all. When the knitting is done, you fold it in half, sew up the side and close up the top to make a hat that's warm and incredibly easy.

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    Bulky Striped Rib Hat

    For knitters who are drawn to super bulky yarns, hats are a great project because the yarn makes some of the warmest hats possible. To get started, try this bulky ribbed hat pattern.

    Worked on large DPNs, you might find this one an easier introduction to knitting in the round. It's also good practice for incorporating stripes into a hat and the larger stitches may help you visualize how to work the decreases at the top.

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    Scarf Hat

    Take your hat making skills to the next level with the scarf hat pattern! It's a hat and scarf in one piece, which is perfect for anyone who tends to misplace one or the other.

    This project is another good test of your skills. You'll begin by knitting the hat portion, then you'll "pick up stitches" to create the two scarf pieces. Finding the right place to pick up a stitch can be tricky, but you only have to find 20 per side, so it's great practice for future projects.

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    Striped Stocking Hat

    For a whole lot of fun, knit up a striped stocking hat with a super long crown that drapes over your shoulder. When knit in red and white, it's a classic Santa hat look, but it's a fun one to work in two other colors as well. It could even be a funky hat for game day using your favorite team's colors!

    Making the hat is actually quite simple. The majority of it is a basic stockinette stitch, then you'll just keep going round and round, alternating colored stripes for about 24 inches. Finish it off with a pom-pom for that perfectly quirky touch!

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    Seed Stitch Baby Hat

    Babies grow fast and their heads need to stay warm, so this simple baby hat pattern is a perfect choice. Knit in the seed stitch, it's bumpy and stretchy, ensuring that it will fit the baby for quite a while. Since it's such a small project, you won't have any problem knitting a new one as the little one gets bigger, either.

    Be sure to choose a soft baby yarn for this project. There are many adorable yarns available and cotton is best because it's easy to care for.

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    Cute Kitty Hat

    Get ready for an overload of cuteness with this kitty hat! Perfect for any child who's infatuated with cats, the pattern adds a feline touch to the basic stockinette stitch hat. You'll have as much fun creating the attached ears and working the kitty face—complete with whiskers—as they will have wearing it!

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    Baby Santa Hat

    Baby's first Christmas is a special time and you can add to the memories by knitting up an adorable Santa hat. It's the classic jolly hat design, complete with a big white band, red cap, and fluffy pom-pom. Once you get it done, be sure to keep your camera handy because cuteness will ensue!

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    Flapper Girl Hat

    A fun and comfy accessory, the flapper girl hat will take your look back to the roaring 20's. A knit version of the classic cloche hat, this one comes with ruffled edging that frames the head and a delightful rose off to one side. It's the girliest of girly hats and that's why it's fabulous!