16 Free Hat Knitting Patterns

Corrugated Hat and Cowl Knitting Pattern
Purl Soho

Beanies and stocking caps are always a favorite knitting project and these free hat knitting patterns are sure to delight the knitter and the wearer! From bitty baby hats to bulky teen favorites and detailed women's hats to understated choices for men, we've rounded up some of the best free patterns available.

If you're a beginner, knitting a hat is a good way to learn a few new skills in a manageable way. Hats are generally small projects, and when you combine that with bulky yarn, you have something you can knit in a few evenings...or less!

For more experienced knitters, you'll also find designs and techniques that will grow and expand your knowledge. That makes these hat patterns a good way to practice those skills before using them in larger projects.

When you're looking to make a knitted gift, craft for charity, or add some warmth to your winter wardrobe, you'll love knitting from the free designs in this list. And as a bonus, some are so easy that once you learn them, you'll be able to knit them right off the top of your head!

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    Knit a Classic Hat With Bulky Yarn

    The Everyone Hat Knitting Pattern
    Brooklyn Craft Company

    Hats are perfect for when you want to knit something in a short amount of time, and the Everyone Hat is especially good for this. Working with bulky yarn and large needles, this will be a quick and easy project. Like the name says, it's also the kind of hat that everyone loves to wear in the winter. Who doesn't love a giant bobbly pompom?

    The Everyone Hat Pattern from Brooklyn Craft Company

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    Chat as You Knit a Hat

    Conversationalist Hat Knitting Pattern
    The Plucky Knitter

    Knitting can be a great activity to work on while you're talking with friends or watching a favorite show. But have you ever gotten so engrossed in the conversation that you lost your spot in the pattern? The Conversationalist hat was designed to be simple so you can knit while you chat or watch! It's basic stockinette knit in the round, but the color blocking and pompom give it some fun flair!

    Conversationalist Hat Pattern from The Plucky Knitter

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    Make a Simple Knit Beanie

    Marley Beanie Knitting Pattern
    The Blue Elephants

    Have an hour? You can knit this simple beanie! Shehla from The Blue Elephants shares this easy ribbed hat that you can make with or without a faux-fur pompom. If you want to spend a little more time and knit something more complex, be sure to check out her Saleha Slouchy Beanie with loads of lovely seed stitch!

    Marley Beanie Pattern from The Blue Elephants

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    Knit a Baby Hat for Charity

    Triangle Rib Baby Hat Knitting Pattern
    Hands Occupied

    Baby hats are always in need through various charities, and Heidi from Hands Occupied has designed several patterns to help get you knitting for those in need. Her most recent free hat pattern has a grid texture of triangles made with knits and purls. Knit a few to donate and a few to give as gifts!

    Triangle Rib Baby Hat Pattern from Hands Occupied

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    Take a Stand With a Hat, Not Hate

    Ramsey Hat Knitting Pattern
    Lion Brand

    Hat Not Hate is an anti-bullying campaign calling on crafters to make and donate blue hats. The Ramsey Hat from Lion Brand is an easy pattern for knitting a bunch of hats for the cause. It would even be a good option for kids or teens who are learning to knit. Of course, you can also knit this in any color and wear and share them for gifts!

    Ramsey Hat Pattern from Lion Brand

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    Make a Knit Hat for the Guy in Your LIfe

    Rafa's Hat Knitting Pattern
    Joji Locatelli

    Want to knit a men's hat that's sure to be a hit? Joji Locatelli designed this free pattern to be understated, but there are still a few special details worked in. Whether you make this for yourself or as a gift, this is one knit hat that will be worn again and again.

    Rafa's Hat Pattern from Joji Locatelli on Ravelry

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    Cute Kitty Hat

    Cute Kitty Hat Pattern
    Leah Jubara

    Kids' Kitty Hat Pattern from The Spruce Crafts

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    Knit a Hat With Mixed Textures

    Barley Light Hat Knitting Pattern
    Tin Can Knits

    Combining garter stitch and stockinette, the Barley Light hat is designed as a beginner-friendly pattern. It's also part of a whole series of free patterns with new knitters in mind, and they all work well together. This version of the Barley hat uses 4-ply or sock yarn to make a lightweight hat, but they also have a pattern for using worsted weight yarn so you can knit a heavier hat in less time.

    Barley Light Hat Pattern from Tin Can Knits

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    Enjoy Serendipity in a Knit Hat

    Serendipitous Hat Knitting Pattern
    Dawn Henderson

    When it comes to knitting texture, there's nothing quite like cables, and the twists on this hat from Dawn Henderson are truly serendipitous. This pattern includes three sizes that would work well for kids and teens, even stretching to adults. You can also choose to knit a longer brim that folds as you see here or a shorter brim so it fits close to the head and without extra bulk.

    Serendipitous Hat Pattern from Dawn Henderson on Ravelry

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    Fade Colors With Fairisle Knitting

    Fairisle Gradient Hat Knitting Pattern
    Love Crafts

    Blending two or more colors in a gradient is so beautiful and this free pattern from Love Craft's Paintbox Yarns uses a Fairisle technique to achieve that blend. The colors in the sample show a strong contrast of colors, but it would also be gorgeous in a smaller palette such as yellows, greens, and blues.

    Fairisle Gradient Hat Pattern from Paintbox Yarns

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    Slip an Extra Color into Your Knitting

    Corrugated Hat and Cowl Knitting Pattern
    Purl Soho

    Would you believe this delightfully striped hat uses a simple technique that only requires holding one color of yarn at a time? It's true. Slipped stitches create the "corrugated" effect for this hat and matching cowl. Purl Soho shows you how to knit it up in five sizes, from baby to adult large.

    Corrugated Hat and Cowl from Purl Soho

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    Learn to Knit a Slouchy Hat

    Slouchy Hat Knitting Pattern
    Sheep and Stitch

    This soft and slouchy beanie-style hat from Sheep & Stitch has a waffle-knit texture you'll love. Worked on circular and double-pointed needles, it uses all knits and purls, so even beginners can feel comfortable making it. To start, you should learn the German twisted cast-on, then be prepared to knit through the back of the stitches to make the textured rib that gives this hat its waffle appearance.

    Slouchy Waffle Knit Hat Pattern from Sheep & Stitch

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    Knit a Lacy Cabled Beanie

    Freshwater Hat Knitting Pattern

    Keep your knitting interesting with this light and lacy cabled hat from Berroco Yarn. It's designed to fit snug and close to the head and comes in one size. If this isn't your style, take a look through the dozens of free hat patterns Berroco offers!

    Freshwater Beanie Pattern from Berroco

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    Bring on the Brioche Knitting

    Brioche Cables Hat Knitting Pattern
    Mary Maxim

    Have you tried knitting brioche? It's a more advanced technique, but worth learning so you can knit this gorgeous cabled hat. When you wear it, the brioche really shines and you see the background of the double knitting. And because it has two layers of stitches, it's going to keep your head cozy and warm!

    Brioche Cables Hat Pattern from Mary Maxim

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    Make a Striped Hat the Easy Way

    Rainbow Ridges Slouchy Hat Knitting Pattern
    Lion Brand

    It's amazing what you can do with the basic knit stitch and self-striping yarn! This rainbow hat is made with two balls of yarn that take care of all the color changes for you. All you need to do is knit. It's also worked flat instead of on DPNs or circular needles. To form the shaping at the top (which is actually the side as you work), you knit short rows, leaving some stitches on the needle when you begin the next row.

    Rainbow Ridges Hat Pattern from Lion Brand

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    Craft a Bitty Hat for Baby

    Strawberry Seeds Baby Hat Knitting Pattern
    Knitting With Chopsticks

    If you aren't quite ready to knit on double-pointed needles, this sweet baby and toddler-sized hat is for you! The Strawberry Seed Baby Hat uses straight needles and garter stitch to create a two-color beanie for baby. There's even a matching sweater, blanket, and booties so you can knit a complete set for your little one or as a gift.

    Strawberry Seeds Baby Hat Pattern from Knitting With Chopsticks

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