The 7 Best Friends Scrapbooks

A way to fit in all your photos and memories

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Our Top Picks
Hold all your favorite best friend mementos, from polaroids to movie ticket stubs to fun cutouts and stickers.
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The sheets are simple to work with—they lay completely flat while in use.
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Comes with colorful pens, stickers, and decorative flowers.
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Perfect for anyone who has a lot to document.
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Reviewers love this album's 'vintage' feel.
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Pump up the color with vibrant, geometric shapes and fun phrases.
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Perfect for first-time scrapbookers who may not have other materials on hand.
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Best Overall: MCS Embossed Scrapbook Album

MCS MBI 13.5x12.5 Inch Embossed Gloss Expressions Scrapbook Album

If you want a little bit of everything in one, this MCS Embossed Scrapbook Album is your best bet—and that’s why it’s our pick for best overall. It can be used either as a photo album or traditional scrapbook, so you can use it to hold all your favorite best friend mementos, from polaroids to movie ticket stubs to fun cutouts and stickers.

This 12 x 12-inch scrapbook includes ten heavy, white paper inserts, each with a vinyl page protector. This will ensure your pages protected from wear and tear, as well as hold photographs inside if you choose to go album-style. The paper is archival quality, so your pages will be durable and hold up over the years. The book comes in eight different colors, including teal, purple, and pink, and the cover is embossed with words like "friends," "memories," and "laughter," echoing the memories within.

Best Budget: GOTIDEAL 80-Page Scrapbook

Balancing budget with quality is important, and this Gotideal scrapbook does exactly that. It's a great budget pick, but you’re also getting 40 sheets (80 pages) to fill. That's so many great photos! The cover, pages, and ribbon are all black, and the paper is non-fading and thick stock.

The sheets are also simple to work with—they lay completely flat while in use, so you can get the best angle as you're pulling together your scrapbook. Thanks to a bind with double row metal coils, this scrapbook is extremely durable and will hold up over time. A black ribbon secures the album when you’re finished. 

Best Album: Halema Scrapbook Photo Album

Halema Scrapbook Photo Album

When photos are all you care about, go for the Halema scrapbook album. The 8.5 x 11-inch album can hold more than 100 small photographs and has a refillable design, so it's easy to add more photos. The hard cardboard cover makes this album durable, while the 30 interior pages are non-fading, so this one will last through the years. It even has corner protectors, so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear on the edges of your pages.

This book also gives you a little extra—the album comes with a metallic marker pen, a roll of tape, stickers, and vintage stamps. You also have your choice of five colors and patterns, like a cloud print or a heart on a blue background.

Best Jumbo: Pioneer Jumbo Scrapbook

When you and your friends have a lot of memories to catalog, you need a jumbo-sized scrapbook—this choice from Pioneer has all the room you’ll need and then some. The book itself is a sizable 14.5 x 12.24 inches, and the sleek design makes it feel timeless. The album comes in both navy blue and white, both with classic gold trim. Don’t worry about running out of room for photographs or mementos—this scrapbook comes with 50 sheets (100 pages) of beige scrapbook paper.

The oversized album is perfect for anyone who has a lot to document or for those who want a scrapbook they can continue to add to over the years. It’s also extremely durable, thanks to a washable, leather-like cover. Because the materials are acid-free and PVC-free, it’s photo and archival safe, so your memories will remain intact. 

Best Paper Sheets: BBwill Travel Scrapbook

If your vision for your scrapbook includes a lot of drawing, stickers, or custom cut-outs, you’ll need a scrapbook with paper sheets. This large album from BBwill is a great option. It has 40 pages of non-fading, thick craft paper, so it’s perfect for drawing on and personalizing. It's also roomy enough to display plenty of pictures—this blank scrapbook can hold over 100 photographs.

You can choose between six different cardboard covers, including an Up!-inspired design with “Our Adventure Book” on the cover and another option with cute travel illustrations. Online reviewers love this album's "vintage" feel from the brown paper pages and the pre-weathered cover design.

Best Stickers: Me & My Big Ideas Chipboard Value Pack-Good Friends

Me & My Big Ideas Chipboard Value Pack-Good Friends

Stickers take a scrapbook to the next level. They’re a fun (and easy) way to add some personality and character to your pages, and you can’t go wrong with these Me & My Big Ideas stickers. You’ll get a pack containing four sheets with 54 stickers, all around the theme of friendship. The stickers come in a variety of different colors, including blue, pink, and yellow, with words, shapes, and symbols in the mix.

Pump up the color with vibrant, geometric shapes, or highlight key moments/photographs with polka dot arrows. A variety of different phrases include things such as “true friends," “you+me,” and “this was way fun.” If you want to add emphasis to a particular page or moment in time, these stickers offer a fun and affordable design option.

Best for Kids: ALEX Toys Alex DIY Friends 4 Ever Scrapbook

Having everything in one package when you’re crafting offers serious convenience, and that’s why we love this ALEX Toys Friends 4 Ever scrapbooking kit. This kit is perfect for first-time scrapbookers who may not have other materials on hand (and won’t need them again in the future) or as a gift.

The affordable kit includes 453 scrapbooking essential supplies, including a 48-page scrapbook. It’s got the basics, like a glue stick, scissors, stencils, tape, and markers, and when you’re ready to pretty up your scrapbook, it’s got that covered, too. You’ll have your choice of stickers, precut shapes, sticky gems, ribbons, and buttons to help add personality and whimsy.

Whether you want to add in photographs or just draw and decorate the pages, this scrapbook is perfect. Keep in mind, if you’re buying this as a gift for kids, it’s recommended for ages 6 and up.

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