The 10 Best Fabric Markers

Personalize everything from baby onesies to hats and scarves

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Our Top Picks
"Each pen has two tips—one fine tip for outlining and detail work and a broader tip for filling in larger areas."
"The first tip is extra-fine for details, while the brush tip makes filling in areas easy, with less fabric pulling as you work."
"Design on-of-a-kind shoes with colors that stay vibrant, even after they get wet and a bullet tip for detailed designs."
"These vibrant, opaque colors—including metallic gold and silver—will look beautiful on a silk scarf or ribbon."
"This set of 24 opaque pens will stay bright on dark fabrics and won't bleed, even after you've washed your project."
"These non-toxic pens are safe for children, so you can create as detailed a design as you want on baby's onesies."
"Unlike the other pens on this list, this ink is built to disappear, so you can make temporary marks on your sewing project."
"If you only need basic colors, these brush-tipped Sharpies are great for customizing clothing items like hats."
"These double-sided pens come in packs with complementary colors, so you can get the right pens for your quilt's color family."
"Don't need fancy colors? This marker keeps it simple—the ink dries quickly and won't fade in the washing machine, even with bleach"

Best Overall: Crafts 4 All Dual-Tip Fabric Markers Pens

For price and performance, it’s hard to beat this set of fabric markers from Crafts 4 ALL. This pack comes with 12, 20 or 36 pens in an array of vibrant colors. Each one has two tips—one fine tip for outlining and detail work and a broader tip for filling in areas—so they’re versatile enough to use for all sorts of projects from shoes to t-shirts and beyond.

While some reviewers report a small amount of bleeding, most say they work well, and the ink holds its color well even after washing.

Best for Shirts: TULIP Dual-Tip Fabric Markers

Tulip is a top name in fabric markers, and these dual-tipped markers get top marks from customers. They’re perfect for t-shirts as they have both an extra-fine tip for outlining and detailed designs as well as a brush tip for filling in larger areas. There are 14 colors in this pack that span the rainbow. They work best on white or light-colored fabrics.

Customers say the colors are vibrant, and while these markers can take a bit of getting used to, once you get the hang of them, they cover fabric well and garner impressive results.

Best for Shoes: Best Fabric Markers

To jazz up your kicks, this set of markers from Best is hard to beat. You can use them to decorate almost any fabric, and their bullet tips make them nimble enough to create intricate designs on all parts of your shoes.

Customers give them high marks, with the majority saying they don't bleed at all, and the colors stay vibrant even after washing. Some report that the pens are smaller than they expected, but most say the colors are gorgeous, they go on smoothly, and they work well on a variety of materials.

Best for Silk: TULIP Fabric Paint Markers

You can create gorgeous, one-of-a-kind silk scarves with these opaque markers from Tulip. This pack of 15 bullet-tip markers features an array of colors, including gold and silver. They work on both light and dark fabrics—many fabric markers only show up on white or light-colored surfaces—and allow you to freestyle fashionable scarves in all sorts of color schemes.

Like other Tulip products, crafters give these pens rave reviews. They say the colors are bright and show up well no matter the fabric, and the price is good for these quality pens. The biggest complaint seems to be that some feel the ink runs out sooner than they’d like, especially with the silver pens.

Best for Black Fabric: Mosaiz Fabric Markers Pen Set

It can be difficult to find fabric markers that will show up on darker fabrics. This pack from Mosaiz is full of vibrant colors and bright metallics that stand out on every color. There are 24 pens in all, which have pointed, bullet tips that allow you to draw thin lines as well as shade in bigger areas. The set also comes with 36 adhesive plastic stencils, which are great for those times you don’t want to freehand a design.

Customers say these pens are easy to use, and the colors are beautiful and stay bright after washing. While the stencils don’t last forever, customers like that they’re included and say the ink doesn’t bleed.

Best for Onesies: Crafts 4 All Fine Tip Fabric Markers

For gussying up onesies, you can’t go wrong with this pack from Crafts 4 ALL. There are 24 markers in the pack with a variety of colors, including neutrals like brown and black as well as bright shades of yellow, pink, and blue. The bullet-tips are fine, so you can make detailed designs, and they work on any material. The no-bleed ink is also non-toxic and safe for children—essential when you're making something for a baby.

Customers give these markers high marks all around, saying the colors are vibrant and long-lasting. They’re not the best if you want to color large areas, but the fine point is great for outlining and small, detailed designs on baby clothes and other items.

Best Sewing: Dritz Dual Purpose Marking Pen

For many craft projects you want ink that will stay put, but when it comes to sewing, sometimes you want it to disappear after a while. These marking pens from Dritz do just that. They allow you to make the marks you need for quilting, needlepoint, and other sewing projects, then they disappear with no telltale sign there were ever there—without needing to fully wash your project.

While you have to be willing to work pretty quickly, customers say these pens work well and are much easier to use than chalk or waxy pencils. They also love how thoroughly the marks vanish and say they’re a staple for sewing.

Best for Hats: Sharpie Stained by Sharpie Permanent Fabric Markers

You can transform a basic hat into a unique, bold creation with just a few swipes of these fabric markers from Sharpie. The package comes with eight markers in black, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, and purple, and while they look a lot like regular Sharpies, these are designed specifically for fabrics. They have brush tips, which make them great for outlining and filling in larger spaces.

Customers say they’re easy to use, and the colors are bright, beautiful, and don’t bleed. Some wish they came in more colors, but say that overall these are the best markers they’ve found for customizing hats and other items.

Best for Quilts: Tsukineko Dual-Tip Fabrico Markers

Creative quilts make for some of the coziest gifts and remembrances, and these pens from Tsukineko make it easy to create them. Each pen has two tips—a brush and a bullet tip—which let you get detailed and fill in larger portions as well. Six markers come in a package, and a variety of color collections are available.

Quilters give these pens rave reviews, saying they’re easy to work with, and the ink stays put well after washing. While they’re a bit pricier than some other fabric markers, customers say for lasting, quality results, these pens are worth it.

Best for Labeling: SHARPIE Rub-a Dub Laundry Markers

When you’re not trying to get creative and you just want to identify clothing so it doesn’t get lost at camp, school, or elsewhere, there are these straightforward Rub-a-Dub markers from Sharpie. They have a fine point, so you can write in small spaces, and the ink won’t come off in the washing machine, even if you use bleach. If you want clothing autographed, these markers are great for that too.

Customers say they work well on everything from clothing to sippy cups and snack containers. They like that the ink dries quickly without smudging and doesn’t fade from clothing even after months of washing. Some wish the tip was finer and some report bleeding, but most say they work great and are handy to have on hand for all sorts of labeling needs.

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