Best DIY Apps for Every Creative

Hands holding a white smartphone in living room with the Home Depot app pulled up.

The Home Depot

Smartphones are everywhere, and for good reason. The handy devices allow you to be connected to the internet wherever you go, allowing you to easily chat with friends or look up answers to any questions you have while on the go. Now, there’s an app for seemingly everything. Photo editing? Check. Money management? Check! DIY? You got it.

That’s right, there are plenty of apps on the market to help DIYers get the job done with ease. We’ve rounded up the ones you need to download ASAP.

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    Woman's hands holding smartphone with camera aimed at living room couch.


    With Houzz, redesigning your space is easier than ever. You can easily find the perfect decor piece to suit your needs. Not only that, you can also use their resources to design your dream home (and brainstorm DIY ideas). They have plenty of inspirational photos to get ideas flowing. And at the touch of a button, you can connect with a pro to give you advice.

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    Cricut Design Space

    A view of the Cricut Design Space app on a black smartphone.


    Paper-cutting tools definitely kick crafts up a notch. The Cricut is one example of a tool that will elevate your DIY game. Once you have your own, download the Cricut Design Space app to get started on your designs. The app allows you to browse thousands of already-designed projects and images to give you inspiration. Or you can start your very own project from scratch and use your phone camera to visualize it in real life. You can then connect the app to your Cricut machine and get to work. How handy!

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    Three views of Pinterest app on black smartphones.


    If you don’t have the Pinterest app on your smartphone yet, head to the App Store ASAP. This app is a DIY-lover’s dream. It’s chock-full of inspirational photos with links to informational blog posts. Many of the items you find on Pinterest are DIYs and a quick click will bring you to an informational tutorial to guide you through the process of making your very own piece. Projects can range from home decor to dinner recipes to wellness. The sky’s the limit!

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    Michaels Stores

    The Michaels app on a white smartphone with a black background.


    Michaels is one of our go-to retailers for finding DIY project supplies. They have everything from yarn to photo frames. Having the Michaels app on your phone makes finding the supplies you need for your next project easy. You can even get coupons and make purchases there, too.

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    The Home Depot

    A hand holding a phone in a living room with the Home Depot app pulled up.

     The Home Depot

    If your DIY project is a big one, like refurbishing a dresser or building a piece of furniture, you’ll have an easier time finding what you need at a home improvement store. The Home Depot has you covered. You can shop for what you need with the app or use it in store to make your shopping experience that much easier. If there’s one reason to get this app, it’s the detailed store layout maps that will make your DIY supply shopping so much more efficient.

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    Two screens of the app Snapguide.


    This app is a no-brainer for DIY enthusiasts. Its specialty is user-generated step-by-step tutorials, giving users exactly what they need for a successful DIY project. Users can even comment on tutorials and give them a rating, so you can be sure you’re getting a top-notch tutorial that won’t waste your time and money. And, if you complete a DIY project yourself and don’t see it on Snapguide yet, you can create your own tutorial to help other crafters find their way. The best part is that there are so many categories of tutorials. Whether your next project involves food, tech, or beauty, you’re bound to find something to get you off on the right foot with Snapguide.

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    Person holding a white smartphone with Skillshare pulled up.


    So you have your mind set on a DIY, but perhaps it’s a little bit outside of your comfort zone or you’d like to brush up on those crafting or woodworking skills. That’s where Skillshare comes in. Once you’re a member, you can search through thousands of classes covering various topics. There’s courses to help you learn calligraphy, graphic design, and even music mixing. It’s a great resource to explore before you dive into a project.

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    My Measures

    The screen to take measurements in the My Measures app.

     App Saga

    When your project involves bulky items—think furniture builds and interior design—you absolutely, positively need accurate measurements. It’s also helpful if you sketch out your project before you get to work, so you can refer back to your drawing to stay on track. My Measures is a handy app that allows you to add measurements to photos with added text. You can send those photos to anyone you need, including contractors or hardware store employees who can help you create your vision.