The 10 Must-Have Accessories for Your Cricut

Power your creativity with these Cricut add-ons

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It's true that the Cricut machine is a top-tier crafter's unit that can pretty much do it all, including creating DIY jewelry, 3D art, and more. Incorporate a few Cricut accessories, and you'll take your crafting experience to a whole new level and save valuable time.

First and foremost, take note that while not all Cricut models are compatible with the available accessories, so keep this in mind as you shop. Also, consider the type of projects you use your Cricut for when choosing the best accessory for you. Some are better suited for vinyl while others help with paper projects. Here, the best accessories for your Cricut.

Our Top Picks

Cricut Weeding Tool

Cricut Weeding Tool

Courtesy of Target

What We Like
  • Comfortable to hold

  • Multiple uses

  • Useful angled tip

What We Don't Like
  • Some reported the tool was too dull for their projects

This Cricut Weeding Tool—which looks a bit like something you’d find in the dentist’s office—is ideal for poking out tiny pieces of cut-out paper or other materials. It’s also helpful for picking up items with adhesive on it (so they don’t stick to your fingers). Also, take advantage of the curved section of the hook to hold down pieces when you're making complicated projects. You’ll appreciate this tool when your nail or the pointy end of a scissor is too big for the task. 

Users note that this tool is simple, yet extremely effective. Many also note that it’s comfortable to hold, too. This tool can be used with any Cricut-related project.

Cricut Infusible Ink Pens

Cricut Infusible Ink Pens

 Courtesy of Joann Fabrics

What We Like
  • Vibrant colors

  • Affordable

  • Easy-to-use

What We Don't Like
  • Some users reported certain colors working better than others

Use these markers to create transfers that can then be used on Cricut blank products—such as T-shirts, tote bags, coasters, and more. These heat-transfer inks adhere to the end product completely—that means you’ll never have a stiff line or fraying edge around a transfer, as you would with an iron-on transfer. The colors are rich and vibrant. 

Users appreciate the colors and the ease of use with these pens, which can be used with the Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore. However, some do note that it’s frustrating these pens work exclusively with Cricut blanks (that is, you can’t use them with any old white T-shirt you have hanging around).

Cricut Brayer

Cricut Brayer

 Courtesy of Cricut

What We Like
  • Removes air bubbles

  • Simple to use

  • Thick sturdy material

What We Don't Like
  • Some users found it to squeak and make noise

Before you get started on a project with a soft material, like vinyl or fabric, you want to make sure it is laying completely flat on the mat to avoid puckers and bubbles from ruining your designs. Press the Cricut Brayer along on top of the materials on your cutting mat to smooth lines and move air bubbles after you lay your material down. Users note that it has a nice weight in the hand and is super simple to use.

Cricut Scoring Stylus

Cricut Tools Scoring Stylus

Courtesy of Micheal's 

What We Like
  • Makes folding easier

  • Saves time

What We Don't Like
  • Some users found that it did not score deeply enough

Use this stylus in your Cricut Explore machine to score lines—it’s perfect if you’re making things that you want to fold up, like a greeting card or anything three-dimensional. If you’re making many cards (hello, winter holidays or wedding invites!) you’ll appreciate this time-saving device, and that it will prevent you from frustratingly uneven folds. Just note that some reviewers felt that the stylus did not score deeply enough.

Armour Etch 68500 Glass Etching Cream, 22 Oz

Armour Etch Cream

Courtesy of Staples 

What We Like
  • Perfect for glass projects

  • Requires minimal experience

What We Don't Like
  • May need to leave cream on for longer than recommended

Are you interested in seeing your designs appear on glass? Bring on the windows and pint glasses! With the help of Armour Etch Cream, you can apply designs on glass surfaces. The first step is to create a stencil using your Cricut machine. Then, transfer the design onto glass, and place a layer of Armour Etch Cream on top. You’ll remove the cream after letting it sit for a while—users note that the etchings work best if you leave the cream on for a bit longer than the instructions recommend.

Cricut Standard Grip Adhesive Cutting Mats

Cricut StandardGrip Cutting 12x12 3-Pack

Courtesy of Micheals 

What We Like
  • Easy to clean

  • Quickens projects

  • Different mats are suitable for different materials

What We Don't Like
  • Some projects may require multiple mats

Hear us out: Yes, your Cricut comes with a mat. But once you’re really cranking on a project, you’ll appreciate the convenience of having several available. As one reviewer notes, it’s not uncommon for projects to call for upwards of 15 mats. And while you can pull paper off after it runs through the Cricut machine, then reuse the mat, that’s a slow process—having more mats available is a huge time-saver. 

These mats can be used with the Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore machines. Make sure to pick the mat that’s right for your needs—each three-pack is intended for a different usage, such as with fabric or cardstock.

Cricut XL Scraper

Cricut Tools, XL Scraper

 Courtesy of Joann Fabrics

What We Like
  • Great for large projects

  • Larger than other options

  • Ideal for vinyl work

What We Don't Like
  • Some users reported their scraper became ragged over time

Make clean-up a breeze with help from this scraper, which scoops up tiny scraps of paper with ease. Plus, you can also use it to smooth out vinyl (bubble-free!). It’s significantly larger than the scraper that comes in starter packs or that may have accompanied your machine. It especially comes in handy when it’s time for bigger projects with lots of little pieces floating around.

Cricut BrightPad Mint

Cricut Brightpad


What We Like
  • Adjustable LED light

  • Easier to see materials

  • Plugs into USB port

What We Don't Like
  • Some found it more helpful for tracing than weeding

If your eyes ache while weeding as you struggle to figure out what to remove, the Cricut Bright Pad might make the job a little easier. This illuminated pad has an adjustable LED light so that you can weed and trace with ease—the backlight makes it easier to spot the scores in the paper, so you can easily take your weeding tool and get to work.

Cricut Explore Deep Cut Housing & Blade

What We Like
  • Accurate blade

  • Great for thick materials

  • Cuts deeper than other tools

What We Don't Like
  • May take some time to get used to with your machine

If you want to cut through balsa wood or thicker materials, you’ll need one of these blades. Opt for the Cricut Explore DeepCut Blade if you have a Cricut Explore. Per Cricut, it can cut more than 50 materials, including most materials that are 1.5 mm thickness. Users are full of praise for the blade (but note that you may want to do some test cuts, to get a sense of the appropriate settings on your machine). 

If you have the Cricut Maker, go with the Cricut Knife Blade + Drive Housing which, like the DeepCut Blade, will cut through thicker substances, such as balsa wood and leather. Reviewers appreciate the blade’s sharpness but note it’s not suitable for intricate, small designs.

Cricut Ultimate Fine Point Pen Set

Cricut Pen Set
What We Like
  • Vibrant and even color application

  • Permanent ink

  • Nontoxic markers

  • Great color selection

What We Don't Like
  • Some found the colors to bleed

This set of 30 pens works in all Cricut Explore machines, including the Cricut Joy. (Note: With the Cricut Explore One machine, an adapter is required, per the manufacturer). Use these pens to transfer drawn designs onto paper via your Cricut's design software or just use them to freestyle draw without the machine. Reviewers appreciate the pens’ vibrant colors—other packs are available with different color palettes and finished. According to Cricut, these pens are nontoxic, and after drying, the ink will stay in place permanently.

What to Look for in a Cricut Accessory

Intended Use

Research which accessories will be useful for the projects that you create the most. This will ensure that you are getting use out of the tool and the projects you complete will be simplified by using the accessories. Some are perfect for folding paper, while others affect weeding and scoring. Look into the intended uses for your tool before purchasing to ensure you don't waste time or money on something not useful to you specifically.


Perhaps the most important factor to keep in mind when buying a Cricut accessory is ensuring that it is compatible with your Cricut maker. Some accessories only work for certain makes and models of the Cricut, which could make your tool unusable if you purchased the wrong one. All accessories will list which makers they are compatible with so be sure to confirm this before buying.


While most accessories are small tools that will fit easily in a drawer or carrying case, others are larger and require more space. Larger items like mats take up more space in your working area. Thus, it is important to consider whether the tool you are buying is functional for your space. Will you be able to use the tool to its full advantage with the space and the abilities you have? This ensures you get the most use possible out of your accessory and don't waste any time or money.

Also regarding functionality is what materials that specific accessory functions well with. If you work primarily with paper, opt for a tool that makes cutting or scoring paper easier. Other tools are better suits for vinyl or glass. Consider what materials you use most often and choose a tool that works well with that material.

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