The 8 Best Craft Kits to Buy for Teens in 2018

Help them explore their creative side

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Finding activities to occupy teens that aren’t electronic can be challenging at best, but craft kits offer a fun way to engage and entertain them while tapping into their inner creativity (instead of having them tapping away on their screens). They don’t have to have any serious artistic aspirations either. These kits make it easy to explore their artistic side and make some pretty cool stuff while they do so.

Whether for gifts to give to their friends and relatives or to keep for themselves,...MORE there are crafts to make everything from bracelets to bowls and lots of fun stuff in between. Here, the best craft kits for teens that adults will enjoy just as much! 


  • Best String Art: Craft-tastic String Art Kit

    String art is one of those simple, satisfying activities that are fun for girls and boys no matter how old they get. This kit makes it easy and simple to create cool designs to display in rooms or lockers or give as gifts.

    It comes with everything you need, including brightly colored string and pretty pushpins. No hammer or nails are necessary, you simply push the pins into the foam canvases (three 8.5-inch square canvases are included) to create cool designs. There are patterns included to make...MORE a heart, peace sign or “hi” message, but you can also let your creativity loose and create anything you can dream up. It’s recommended for ages 10 and up.

  • Best Sewing: Sew Mini Treats: More Than 18 Food Plushies to Stitch & Stuff

    For those who like to sew or are interested in learning — this kit comes with all you need to make adorable little food plushies. With the kit you'll get instructions on how to make 18 different plushies as well as felt, needles, eye adornments and everything else you need to make the final product. Teens or adult can make everything from a cheeky piece of bacon to pinkalicious toaster pastry. What's more is after they are done sewing these creations up, they'll have a blast...MORE photographing them in funny situations for their social media feeds. 

    Reviewers comment that this kit can also work for those as young as 7 years old with parental supervision. One customer thought the amount of filling looked small but notes there is a lot, it is just dense. 

  • STMT DIY Bath Bombs

    Best Beauty: STMT DIY Bath Bombs

    This craft kit is the bomb… bath bombs that is. It comes with everything you need to make your own pretty, yummy smelling bath bombs for the most luxurious soaking. The kit includes all the ingredients, instructions and molds to create custom scents and designs. There’s even glitter and dried flowers to make them extra special.

    Enough ingredients are included to make five bath bombs in all —enough to keep some for yourself and share with others too. Bombs away!

  • Best Home Decor: Craft Crush Thread Bowl Kit

    You’ll be bowled over by this unique craft kit. Using the enclosed molds and brightly colored thread, you can create three tiny bowls. The kit includes three plastic molds, adhesive sheets, glue and 34.5 yards of cotton thread. After applying the adhesive, you simply wrap the bowl with the threads to create unique patterns and designs.

    When finished, the bowls are perfect for holding change, jewelry or other small items that you want to keep organized or just to display anywhere you want a pretty...MORE pop of color. They also make a great handmade gift to give. This kit is designed for kids 13 and up, and adults will love it too.

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  • Best Science: Creativity for Kids Grow 'n Glow Terrarium

    This terrarium kit combines crafting and learning into one fun activity. It lets you grow your own tabletop garden and decorate it with flair. It comes with a plastic jar and lid, as well as potting mix and organic chia and wheat grass seeds. Also included are figurines, colorful sands, stones and even glow-in-the-dark stickers to create the garden of your dreams. A plant mister is included as well to keep everything hydrated and growing.

    Once it’s finished, signs of growth should start popping...MORE up in three or four days, and there are enough materials to do the whole thing twice. It's recommended for ages 6 and up, so it’s fun for everyone.

  • Best for Boys: Creativity for Kids Make Your Own Paracord Wristbands

    Finding a craft kit for teenage boys can be quite challenging since they might not be interested in the more girly and beauty oriented sets out there. This Paracord kit works for outdoorsy girls and boys who can make the ever popular bracelets. Paracord bracelets get their name from the suspension lines in parachutes, the cords were then turned into survival bracelets where the cord can be unraveled and used with life-saving tactics. With the kit, they'll have enough nylon to make up to...MORE eight bracelets so they can make them for their friends. They'll learn the unique weaving technique and add a clasp to their own personalized bracelet. 

  • Craft Crush Stencil Scarf Kit

    Best Fashion: Craft Crush Stencil Scarf

    Budding fashionistas will love this craft kit that allows you to make your own stylish creation. The kit, which is designed for ages 13 and up, comes with a gauze scarf, two fabric markers, stencils and 58 yards of embroidery thread — everything you need to design your own, one-of-a-kind accessory.

    The possibilities are endless as to what you can create. The best part will be when someone asks where you got your awesome scarf!

  • Best Collage: CRAFTIVITY Dare to Dream Board Craft Kit

    This craft is as inspirational as it is fun. It lets you assemble a dream board to display all the things that are special to you in one cool piece of art. It comes with everything you need except the pictures and other personal touches you want to add. The kit includes wooden planks, support boards and nuts and bolts to assemble it. To make it your own, there are wooden embellishments, clothespins, paint, paint brushes, paper flowers, decoupage art and glue. How you put it all together is up to...MORE you.

    When finished, the board measures 11 ¾ inches. A hanging cord is included, so you can display it right away and proudly show off what inspires you.

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