Best Coin Collecting Software

PCGS is the best overall for coin collecting software

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Best Coin Collecting Software

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Whether you’re a casual collector or have amassed a treasure trove of rare and valuable coins, finding the best way to value and organize your coins can feel overwhelming. Coin collecting software can help you digitize your collection, connect to online price guides and auction sites, and even create and maintain a database of photos to help you identify each of your coins.

We researched the best coin collecting software available, evaluating a variety of factors to help you find the best option for your needs.

Best Coin Collecting Software of 2022

Best Overall: PCGS Set Registry



Why We Chose It: Professional Coin Grading Services (PCGS) is the industry leader in third-party grading of rare and valuable coins. Its Set Registry software is available on the web and its mobile apps, allowing you to track and value your coin collection for free.

Pros & Cons

  • Free software with access to a worldwide coin database

  • Awards incentives for completing coin collection sets

  • Earn PCGS free grading vouchers

  • Compare collection sets from other registered users

  • iOS and Android mobile apps available

  • PCGS grading services advertised throughout

  • PCGS coin shop advertised for completing sets

Professional Coin Grading Services (PCGS) is owned by Collectors Universe, Inc., the leading company in collectible grading services. Its PCGS coin grading is used by industry professionals, insurance companies, and even the government for valuing rare coins.

PCGS has a huge database of rare coins, having graded some of the world’s most valuable ones over the years. The Set Registry software allows you to see rare collections and even start your own to track and complete.

With the Set Registry mobile app (available on iOS and Android phones), you can snap photos of your coins and upload them to your registry, creating a digital archive of your collection. You can also earn rewards by completing sets within the app and ranking yourself compared with other Set Registry users.

As you complete sets, PCGS will also award free vouchers for its professional grading service, depending on the size of the set you complete. There's also a database of U.S. and world coin sets for you to collect. Setting up an account is free.

Best for U.S. Coins: US Coin

US Coin

US Coin

Why We Chose It: US Coin is an app for Mac OS and iOS that helps coin collectors manage their coins all in one place. With access to historical Heritage Auctions and eBay sales prices, a full U.S. coin dictionary, and financial reports, US Coin is the top all-in-one platform for collecting American coins.

Pros & Cons

  • Built-in U.S. Coin dictionary to look up any U.S. minted coin

  • Historical auction prices for current coin valuations

  • Sync account across desktop and mobile apps

  • Advanced financial reporting, including profit and loss and insurance details

  • Excel integration for more control of your inventory tracking

  • Only available on Apple products

  • More expensive than other options

US Coin is a Mac OS and iOS app specifically designed for collectors of U.S. coins. Developed by Saintsoft, the app features an extensive coin dictionary to research and identify your coins, including:

  • Half-cents and cents
  • Two and three cents
  • Nickels
  • Half-dimes and dimes
  • Quarters
  • Half dollars
  • Dollars
  • Proof and mint sets
  • Gold coins
  • Bullion coins
  • Early American colonials

In addition to the coin dictionary, the US Coin app allows users to create their own personal coin inventory, including attaching pictures. There's also the ability to open and edit your inventory in Microsoft Excel, giving users complete customization over their collection.

US Coin is only available via Mac OS and iOS. Both options sync your account, and are shared across mobile and desktop platforms at a cost of $49.99.

Best for World Coins: Exact Change

Exact Change

Exact Change

Why We Chose It: Exact Change is a desktop software program for Windows and Mac OS that includes a database of over 70,000 types of coins from more than 240 countries.

Pros & Cons

  • Coins database from over 240 countries with high-resolution images of each

  • Includes Krause-Mishler (KM) catalog numbers for reference

  • Automatically downloads precious coinage metal prices

  • Includes coin size and shape details for comparison

  • Easy entry of personal coin information

  • No mobile app

Exact Change was developed by Wild Man Software and is available for both Mac OS and Windows operating systems. It includes a worldwide database of minted coins from over 240 countries that totals more than 70,000 types of coins.

Exact Change also serves as inventory software for organizing and digitizing your coin collection, allowing users to input their coin details and images. For world coins, it even includes 10 date converters for coins with non-western date types.

It is currently the only software licensed to include the KM numbers from the Standard Catalog of World Coins, helping you catalog each coin. KM numbers are a standardized way to assign a number to coins from around the world.

Exact Change does not have a web version or mobile app, so your collection information is only available locally on the computer where the software is installed. To get started with Exact Change, order it for Mac OS or Windows for $79.95.

Best for Valuing a Coin Collection: EzCoin



Why We Chose It: EzCoin has a full database of U.S. and Canadian minted coins, along with PCGS grading and current market valuations for all coins.

Pros & Cons

  • Searchable database of U.S. and Canadian coins

  • User-friendly interface

  • Built-in valuation of individual coins

  • Organize your collection with a digital inventory

  • No support for world coins

  • Cloud backup sold separately

  • No web or mobile apps

  • Only available on Windows

EzCoin is a desktop software developed by SoftPro and focuses on U.S. and Canadian minted coins. The software has built-in valuations for each coin based on professional graded and recent market prices, which helps users organize and value every coin in their collection.

EzCoin also allows users to add their own coins to the software, with multi-entry and attached images available as well. With over 11,000 coins listed, it is a comprehensive database of coins to help North American-focused collectors stay up to date with their collection.

EzCoin is only a desktop program and is available for Windows operating systems. The only option for backing up the software is with its EzCloud add-on option. You can order each country's package individually for $54.99 or both for a bundled price of $89.99. EzCloud costs an additional $30.

Best Coin Collection Inventory Tracker: Coin Manage

Coin Manage

Coin Manage

Why We Chose It: Coin Manage is a coin inventory and tracking software for coins from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. With direct import of graded coins and a free cloud backup, Coin Manage makes creating a full collection inventory easy.

Pros & Cons

  • Auto import of PCGS-certified coins

  • Free cloud backups for connecting multiple computers

  • Pre-loaded reports

  • Over 4,000 numismatic links to coin collecting websites

  • No web or mobile app

  • Coins outside of the U.S., Canada, and UK require manual entry

Coin Mange was developed by Liberty Street Software. With a multitude of features such as eBay spot prices, custom coin sorting, automatic uploads, and pre-loaded reports, Coin Manage is a great option for those who want to quickly inventory their coin collection.

Coin Manage has several fields to complete the details for each of your coins and allows you to sort them by any of these fields later. In addition, the app allows users to scan the barcode on the PCGS-certified coins and will automatically import the details of the coin, including the grade and current valuation. The platform lets users export customer reports into PDF or Excel formats, affording the ability to see total valuations, sorted collection details, and more.

If you want to get started with Coin Manage, there's a 30-day free trial period. After that, the software costs $39.95 for each country (U.S., Canada, and the UK) and $59.95 for the Deluxe version, which includes all three countries.

Final Verdict

Organizing your coin collection doesn’t have to be an arduous task. With the advent of coin collecting software, users can quickly inventory and digitally capture their entire collection, as well as attach current valuations for their coins.

Whether you prefer a standard desktop app with all the bells and whistles or mobile-friendly apps that allow you to manage your collection from your preferred device, there are options for everyone. Many of these applications offer free trials, which allow you to find the one that best fits your coin collecting goals before you buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Organize My Coin Collection?

The best method to organize your coin collection depends on what type of collection you are building and what your goals are for the collection. Do you want to complete and sell your collection? Do you want to track it simply for personal use? Do you need to provide a valuation to an insurance company for coverage?

You can also organize coins by many different criteria, including:

  • Mintmark
  • Denomination
  • Grade
  • Country
  • Year
  • Quantity
  • Variety
  • Purchase price
  • Current value

The best way to start organizing your collection is to verify your coins against a coin database to identify and value them properly. Many coin collection software options will help you do this automatically, especially if you always own PCGS-graded coins.

How Much Does Coin Collection Software Cost?

Coin collection software ranges from free to over $70, depending on the options and software package. Options vary widely by company, so make sure to understand what features you need for your collection. Some software simply provides a database and pricing chart for coins, while others allow you to upload your own collection of coins and attach images to accurately track what you own. Many also offer built-in valuation tools and current spot pricing based on auction sites like eBay and Heritage Auctions.


We compared the top coin collecting software companies by looking at customer reviews, offerings, cost, and included features. We’ve included both free and paid options covering a variety of needs to help you choose software that will fit your specific coin collection goals.