The 7 Best Beading Looms

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Our Top Picks
"A durable and adjustable tool to help you make different creations."
"This simple loom is made up of a flexible piece of plastic."
"Comes with beads, needles, and thread in addition to the loom."
"Inexpensive, easy-to-use, and effective."
"Can be adjusted to be as short as 5 inches and as long as 23 inches."
"Has a spacious work area to accommodate your largest creations."
"The perfect size to stash in your bag."

Best Overall: CLOVER 9910 Beading Loom

Clover 9910 Beading Loom

One of the best beading looms you can buy today is the Clover 9910 Beading Loom, a durable and adjustable tool that will help you make all sorts of beaded creations. To use this model, you line up warp threads in the evenly spaced plastic grooves on either end, anchoring them with the included pegs and pulling them taut to make it easy to weave.

This loom is adjustable, meaning it can be lengthened to accommodate longer creations—its shortest setting is 2-¼ inches and the longest is 8-⅜ inches. It has two warp thread spacing options: one for cylinder beads and one for round beads. You can also work with other bead sizes by simply changing the intervals between the warp threads.

In addition to the loom, this product comes with two warp thread stoppers, a #10 beading needle, threader, four holders, 12 pegs, and instructions. Reviewers say this loom provides good tension and is easy to use once you read the directions.

Best Value: Beadalon Jewel Loom Kit: Beading Loom

Most beading looms are fairly inexpensive, but if you’re looking to try out the technology without spending unnecessary money, one good option is the Beadalon Jewel Loom Kit. This simple loom is made up of a flexible piece of plastic, and as you pull the wrap strings tight, it bends into a U-shape to give you easy access to the strings.

The Jewel Loom is a fixed size of 2.75 x 10.5 inches, and it can be used to create bracelets, earrings, hair accessories, and more. There are pegs on the back where you can anchor your string, and it has 45 small grooves for warp threads. The lightweight design fits in the palm of your hand, making it easier to control while beading. Reviewers like that this bead loom is portable and compact, but some say if you tighten the strings too much the plastic may begin to crack as it bends.

Best for Beginners: The Beadsmith Metal Bead Loom Kit

Bead Loom Kit Metal

If you’re just learning to use a bead loom, you can get everything you need to create a beautiful woven creation with the Beadsmith BLM5 Bead Loom Kit. This product is designed especially for beginners, and it comes with beads, needles, and thread in addition to the wire-frame loom.

To use this style of beading loom, you tie your threads to the wooden dowels (there are small screws you can attach the strings to), then thread them up over the metal bar, which has grooves to hold your string in place. You can then anchor them on the other side and pull them tight to begin weaving. If you want to make a longer creation, you might need to wind on your warp threads, as this is a fixed length loom.

This kit comes with all the supplies you need to create your first woven project, but reviewers say the included thread and beads are best for practice, as they’re not particularly high quality. Overall, this is an excellent purchase for beginners, as it’s a basic, entry-level loom that will help you learn the techniques before you upgrade to a more expensive model.

Best Wire Frame: Cousin Large Traditional Bead Loom Weaving kit

Traditional Bead Loom Weaving Kit

Wire frame bead looms, like the one included in the Cousin Large Traditional Bead Loom Kit, are popular for those just getting into beading, as they’re inexpensive, easy-to-use, and effective. This particular loom gets top marks from reviewers, who use it to make all sorts of jewelry, accessories, and more.

To use this beading loom, attach your strings to the wooden dowel, then thread them up and over the wire bar, placing each string into one of the warp separator grooves. You can then anchor your strings on the other side and turn the dowel to pull them tight. This loom has a large beading space of 8.5 x 5.6 inches, allowing you to make bigger creations, such as necklaces or purses. The kit also includes instructions for weaving various patterns, including popular chevron and wave styles. 

According to reviewers, the Cousin loom is easy to set up, and many find it to be easier to warp thanks to the larger size. However, many note the instructions are not the most helpful, and you may need to turn to YouTube for further guidance on warping threads or finishing your beadwork if you’re a beginner.

Best Adjustable Frame: Missouri River Deluxe Adjustable Bead Loom

To make long, thin woven beadwork, you may want an adjustable loom, such as the Missouri River Deluxe Adjustable Bead Loom. This wooden model can be adjusted to be as short as 5 inches and as long as 23 inches, allowing maximum versatility for all your projects.

To use this adjustable bead loom, you’ll want to set it to your desired length by loosening the wing bolt, then warp the threads as usual. Align the treads in the warp separators, then tighten up your strings and start weaving. Reviewers say this loom can be a little clunky at first, but you can’t beat the overall construction and versatility of this beading tool.

Best for Purses: Lacis Bead Loom Hardwood Purse Bead Loom

Long, skinny bead looms are ideal for small crafts, such as beading necklaces or bracelets, but if you’re planning to make larger items like a purse, you’ll need a larger loom! One of the best beading looms for making purses is the Lacis Bead Loom, which is made from wood and has a spacious work area to accommodate your largest creations.

This loom can be used to make items up to 11 x 36 inches. It has a raised frame that can be used either flat on a table or at an angle, depending on how you like to work. However, keep in mind that there are no warp separators or rollers on this loom, so it’s best for more experienced beaders.

Best for Traveling: Beadalon Baby Jewelry Loom

Beadalon Baby Jewel Loom

If you want a bead loom that you can easily take with you on vacation or to classes, the Beadalon Jewel Baby Loom is a great portable option. This little loom has a work surface of just 2.75 x 5 inches, making it the perfect size to stash in your bag.

This loom is a pre-curved piece of plastic, and it’s designed to fit perfectly in your hand for better control while weaving. All you have to do is attach the warp threads and get to work! You will have to manually advance your creations, as there are no rollers on this loom, and you’ll also need to purchase beading needles and other equipment separately.

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