Beginner Quilt Patterns

Try One of My Easy Beginner Quilt Patterns

Cat and Dog Rag Quilt
Cat and Dog Rag Quilt. Rag Quilt by Log Cabin Lady

Beginner Friendly Quilt Patterns

Try one of these easy quilt patterns the next time you're looking for a new project. All of the quilt patterns in this list are suitable for beginners and are quilts you can complete without feeling overwhelmed by lots of intricate steps.

If you prefer a visual guide to patterns be sure to browse the quilt patterns gallery and quilt block patterns gallery, where you'll find hundreds of patterns, including additional easy quilting projects.

All of the quilt patterns and tutorials on this page include detailed instructions and illustrations to show you how to make a quilt. And even though these are labeled 'easy' don't hesitate to try any quilt patterns

Beginners will find helpful quilting advice in the article, 10 Things Every Quilter Should Know. And the tips in Some Rules Are Meant to Be Broken may help you, too.

Easy Star Quilt Patterns

Star quilt patterns are always popular. Stars are perfect for holiday and patriotic quilts, or any other theme you choose. They all have some sort of triangular shape, but nearly all can be quick pieced to help you avoid working with stretchy bias edges.

Easy Quilt Patterns

Easy Quilt Block Patterns

Make multiples of these quilt blocks for yourself, or use them for your guild and online block swaps.

Sew and Slice Quilt Patterns

Make large 'parent' quilt blocks and then slice them into quarters to create four 'daughter' quilt blocks. This simple technique can be used for many designs.

Easy Miniature Quilt Patterns

The patterns aren't for tiny miniature quilts, so they're easy to assemble.

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Anniversary Sampler Quilt

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