13 Easy Levitation Magic Tricks for Beginners and Kids

To levitate something or somebody is to cause it to suddenly rise without physical means and seemingly break the laws of gravity. Levitations are visual effects that everyone can immediately understand and you don't have to say a word. Everyone recognizes that objects don't mysteriously float on their own in mid-air.

Magic Levitations

Magicians are known for levitating or floating small objects such as playing cards and finger rings in close-up magic, or can even levitate people, live...MORE animals, or even cars and more in big stage illusions.

Here are some simple magic tricks that will allow you to levitate objects, make them suspend or float in the air or seemingly move on their own. Just as if you are defying gravity.

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    floating card

    Make a card float from one hand to the other.

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    Here's a way to make a card rise above your hand - it's mysteriously levitating with no means of support - and slowly spinning at the same time.

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    spinning card

    Here's a magic trick that is sure to get the attention of spectators. You bring out a playing card and then cause it to spin in mid air and then rise up to your hand. You'll learn all this with our step-by-step instructions.

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    levitate dollar bill

    Here's how to levitate or float a dollar bill in mid-air. You'll need a few craft supplies but you can easily learn and perform this one.

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    The Floating Card magic trick.

    Learn how to make a playing card float above your hand in this easy magic card trick. You take a card from the deck and rest it in your hand, and it begins to float up.

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    levitating ring

    You hold a pencil and a finger ring that's resting on your hand mysteriously levitates on its own accord, up the length of the pencil and then comes back down to its original starting point. Beginners and kids will love this one.

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    ring rising on string

    Here's a trick that you can do almost anywhere. A finger ring that’s threaded onto a rubber band mysteriously rises. All you need are a finger ring and a rubber band and a secret.

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    levitating pencil

    Here you place a pencil into a bottle and it mysteriously levitates on its own. It rises up and then comes back down into the bottle. There's some preparation involved, but you should have fun with this one. 

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    Rising card

    After a card is chosen and returned to the deck, the spectator's selected card mysteriously rises out of the deck. This is not only a levitation effect, it's a great card trick.

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    rising card

    In this version of the easy magic trick, you have a spectator select a card and then lose it in the deck. You place the deck into its box and the spectator's card mysteriously rises out by itself.

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    floating match and bent card

    A match is laid onto a playing card and seemingly levitates on its own. This is probably the best example of a levitation among all of the tricks here.