Before You Start Sewing Your Own Curtains

Sewing a curtain
Sewing a curtain.

Kim Love/Flickr

Curtains are almost all straight sewing, making them an easy project for beginners IF you know the basics. This page will take you to all the information you need to successfully start sewing your own curtains and window treatments.

Fabric Choices

Choosing your fabric is one of the first steps to sewing your own curtains. There are other things to look for aside from the color you want? Terms like "on grain" don't have to scare you off if you know what it means. Learn about sewing fabric before you go shopping so you know what to look for besides a pretty color or print.

Cutting and Measuring

If you cut and measure keeping things square as you work, you'll have straight, even curtains when you are done sewing. Some tools and how you use them are very helpful so that your end results are straight and even. Although most people think of rotary cutting tools as a quilter's tool, they are perfect for keeping things square when you are sewing your own curtains.

How Much Fabric to Buy

Unfortunately, the price of the fabric is not what dictates how much fabric you need. The size of the window along with hems and headers decide how much fabric you will need. Learn everything you need to take into consideration before you make your fabric purchase.

Your Sewing Machine

Understand your sewing machine and how to sew a basic seam before you start sewing your own curtains. Learn about sewing machine guides so you can sew a straight line. Don't let a sewing machine win a frustration battle. Know how to troubleshoot when the machine seems like it has a mind of its own.

Sewing Terms

A free pattern is great IF you understand the terms used in the pattern directions. Sewing might seem like it has a different language until you understand sewing terms and the equipment that's referred to in directions.

Choosing the Kind of Curtain

If this is the first time you are sewing with a sewing machine, start simple. A basic straight curtain panel or valance is the simplest curtains to make.

Lined Drapes

You wouldn't buy ready-made black curtains for the sunniest room in your house so you wouldn't buy solid black fabric either. But you might be able to get the black curtains you want IF you line them.