10 Bee and Honeycomb Themed Embroidery Patterns

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    10 Bee and Honey Designs to Stitch by Hand

    Bee Floral Embroidery Pattern

    If you love honey, honeycombs and the bees that fill them, you'll enjoy this collection of embroidery patterns featuring these sweet motifs. Some are free and some are from Etsy shops, but all are sure to please those who love bees.

    The best part is, as long as you're careful with your needle, there's no fear of being stung while you're stitching!

    Look through the 10 bee-themed patterns gathered here, as well as a bonus free mini pattern of a buzzing bee from Bee's Knees...MORE Industries. Then grab your needle, fabric and floss, and you'll "bee" stitching in no time!

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    Free to Bee Multi-Use Embroidery Pattern

    Bee Embroidery Design

    This detailed bee embroidery design from Jenny Blair Artis not only beautiful, but also adjustable to suit your tastes or the project you want to make.

    Designed for those with a bit of stitching experience, the pattern includes several variations, as well as ideas for combining embroidery with applique and more. It's a great pattern to pair with English paper piecing or to work with crewel yarn for a fuzzy bee texture!

    Free to Bee Printable Embroidery Pattern, $5, Jenny Blair Art

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    Pleasant Words Beehive Embroidery Kit

    Pleasant Words Honeycomb Embroidery Kit

    "Pleasant words are as a honeycomb" and as satisfying as they are, this embroidery from Clementine Patterns is nearly as sweet. If you've ever wanted to create a large embroidery pattern but were intimidated by the idea of transferring the pattern perfectly, a pre-printed panel in a kit solves that issue.

    Featuring a honeycomb background, a precious proverb and a beehive with bees buzzing around as a bear cub comes near, you'll love stitching this pattern and displaying it in your...MORE home. Of course, embroidery this beautiful also makes an excellent gift.

    Pleasant Words Embroidery Kit, $24, Clementine Patterns

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    Always Bee Mine Free Pattern

    Always Bee Mine Hand Embroidery Pattern
    Always Bee Mine Hand Embroidery Pattern. Mollie Johanson

    When you want to stitch something for your honey, grab this free Always Bee Mine pattern. It doesn't require too many stitches and won't take very long to work, but it carries a sweet message. The super cute style is also perfect for kids!

    And while the hearts and wording have a Valentine's Day feeling to them, you can easily remove those or change them for a non-romantic embroidery.

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    Whitework Crewel Embroidery Bumblebee

    Crewel Embroidery Bumblebee Pattern

    Want to try your hand at crewel embroidery? This gorgeous pattern from Prairie Garden has all the texture of crewel, but is worked entirely in white thread. Just look at those fantastic stitches! As with any pattern, you can make your own changes, so feel free to fill this design with color if you'd rather. 

    Crewel Embroidery Bumblebee PDF, $6, Prairie Garden

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    Always Beekeeping it Real Free Pattern

    Always Beekeeping It Real Embroidery Pattern

    Bethany from Whistle & Ivy shares an adorable free pattern with a great reminder. This easy pattern only uses 2 embroidery stitches!

    After you embroider these hexagons and the cutest little bees, hang the finished embroidery in your home so that you remember to "always beekeeping it real."

    Always Beekeeping it Real Embroidery Pattern via Whistle & Ivy

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    Bee Floral Framed Embroidery Pattern

    Bee Floral Embroidery Pattern

    This delicate bee and floral frame pattern from The Floss Box is a design that is both modern and classic. The border of flowers is a great place to show off the stitches you've learned, and even if you still haven't mastered them yet, the PDF includes a stitch guide.  

    "Bee" sure to look around this shop for other bee and floral design that you're sure to love!

    Bee Floral Embroidery Pattern, $5, The Floss Box

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    Bee-utiful Free Embroidery Pattern Collection

    A sweet little honey jar is just one of the free patterns that is part of the Bee-utiful Quilt Along collection. Although not every pattern features bees or honey in a big way, every one of the 20 free designs has at least one little bee buzzing around. Designed by Pamela Morgan for the Moda Bake Shop, these embroideries can all come together to make a truly "bee-utiful" quilt.

    Bee-utiful Quilt Along Patterns via Moda Bake Shop

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    Geometric Honeycomb Bee Embroidery Design

    Honeycomb Geometric Embroidery Design

    Practice your satin stitching with this geometric honeycomb 8-page digital pattern from Three Silver Trees. Both the hexagons and the bees have great dimension to them, and the tiny wings and flight paths are such nice details. 

    Honeycomb Bee Geometric Embroidery Design, $5, Three Silver Trees

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    Hipster Honeybees Free Embroidery Pattern

    Sometimes sweet and simple is what you need and this free pattern from Mollie Johanson is just that. Add the logo-like design to a totebag or embroidered patch and you have the perfect gift for your beekeeping friend! 

    Hipster Honeybees Embroidery Pattern via Wild Olive

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    Bee Kind Embroidery and Pillow Pattern

    Bee Kind, Bee Wise, Bee True Embroidered Pillow Pattern

    With a rustic, primitive style, this embroidered pillow pattern is both cute and charming. The rosy-cheeked bee wants to remind you to "bee kind, bee wise, and bee true!" You wouldn't want to let her down, would you?

    Along with the embroidery pattern, this instant download from Hudson's Holidays includes instructions for making the mini pillow that you see. 

    Bee Kind Embroidery Pattern, $8, Hudson's Holidays