How to Decorate Candles With Wrapping Paper

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    The Secret to Beautiful Glitter Candles

    diy glitter candles
    Rita Shehan

    Rooms have a special holiday glow and always look beautiful when filled with lit candles. Since Christmas is just around the corner, I thought I'd show you how to make glitter candles, an easy, fun, and thrifty holiday craft that makes a great gift. These candles take around ten minutes to craft, and always looks fabulous!  

    In the article below, I'll first tell you a bit about my discovery of a secret to great glitter crafts, and then show you how to use this secret to make a beautiful glitter candle for the holidays. With a beautiful, elegant, simple design, these candles look much more expensive than they are. They make great gifts for teachers or Christmas grab bag events, and can be kept on hand as gifts for unexpected guests over the holiday season. 

    The Secret to Great Glitter Candles

    The secret to quick (and less messy!) results with glitter candles is to use glitter wrapping paper instead of messy glitter from a container or expensive card stock glitter paper. I discovered glitter wrapping paper last year around the holidays. I live in the Chicago area and had been regularly paying $1.99 for a twelve inch by twelve inch sheet of card stock glitter paper. When I saw glitter wrapping paper in the store, I wondered if I could use it for crafting instead of the high priced stuff. At $4.95 a roll, it seemed like a bargain compared to the price of glitter card stock! 

    Before I committed to using glitter wrapping paper for a project, however, I did some testing to see if it would hold up to the job. 

    First I sprayed a twelve inch by twelve inch sheet of card stock with adhesive spray. Then I placed wrapping paper on top of the sheet, and let it dry. Voila! It worked as well as the expensive paper I was regularly buying at the craft store, but it cost less. A lot less. 

    The next test was to see how the glitter wrapping paper behaved on an electronic craft die cut machine. I used the pressure and speed setting for textured paper. To my surprise, I got clean cuts. Not spectacular, but high enough quality to cut out large simple elements. What I took away from this test was that glitter wrapping paper might not be the best choice for complicated and intricate elements, but for the simple stuff, it does the trick at a fraction of the cost.

    I like to stock up on glitter wrapping paper in November, and use it for projects throughout the year. It comes in many colors and lasts forever, so don't be shy about picking up a little extra. While it doesn’t replace regular glitter,  it does have many uses, such as  card making, scrapbooking, and of course...wrapping a present!
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    Supplies Needed for Glitter Candles Paper Craft

    Supplies needed to make glitter candles. Photo: Rita Shehan

    Supplies Needed to Make the Glitter Candles

    • Pillar Candles
    • Glitter Wrapping Paper
    • Glue Stick
    • Hair dryer or embossing gun (optional)
    • Scissors
    • Ruler
    • Paper Trimmer (optional)
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    Glitter Christmas Candles Step 1

    Pillar candle and five strips of paper. Photo: Rita Shehan


    1. Decide what type of design you want your candle to have. Stripes work well with glitter wrapping paper, as you can see in the photo.
    2. Cut the stripes one quarter inch longer than the circumference of the candle and as tall or short in height as you want them to be. Use a ruler to get straight even edges.
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    Glitter Christmas Candles Step 2

    glitter candle and glue stick
    Rita shehan
    1. Spread glue on the back of the paper stripe liberally. It is better to apply a thick heavy coat of glue rather than a thin coat.
    2. Place the stripe on the candle and press firmly in place.
    3. Let the wrapping paper stripe dry.
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    How to Make Glitter Christmas Candles Step 3

    Three glitter Christmas candles. Photo: Rita Shehan

    I've found that most of the time, using the glue is enough to hold the paper strips in place. But if you have a problem with getting the paper to stick, you can apply heat to the paper with a hair dryer or embossing heat gun. This will embed the paper onto the surface of the candle. Don’t spend more than a second or two over a spot, or else the wax on the candle will start dripping.