15 Beach Crafts to Make This Summer

A selection of beach accessories

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When you hit the beach this summer to splash in the waves and build sand castles, consider bringing home a little craft inspiration (and a few materials) as well. Whether you’re decorating a guest room, lake house, or just adding a touch of sunshine to your everyday home, a beach-themed project might be the perfect addition to your space. Or, craft something helpful and necessary for your next tropical trip. So, collect a bucket of shells and gather an armful of driftwood the next time you’re at the shore, and use the ideas below to inspire your ocean-inspired art.

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    Gold Scalloped Floppy Hat

    Gold Scallop Hat

    Sarah Hearts 

    While a bit of sunshine on your skin can feel absolutely invigorating, you’ll need to stay protected for any sort of real exposure. Rejuvenate a plain straw hat using Sarah Heart’s clever decorating method (she uses a clean wine cork to stamp a design), then relax on the beach in peace knowing you’re thoroughly shaded from the sun's intense rays.

    Gold Scalloped Floppy Hat from Sarah Hearts

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    Driftwood and Starfish Art

    Driftwood and Starfish Art

     Crafts by Amanda

    Transform your tropical vacation treasures into a pretty piece of artwork a la Crafts by Amanda and her stylish framed project. Hot glue keeps everything in place, and an old paintbrush helps apply paint in a rustic fashion. This piece looks especially lovely placed on a mantle styled with a framed photograph from your trip as well.

    Driftwood and Starfish Art from Crafts by Amanda

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    Floral Painted Sunglasses

    Hand Painted Sunglasses

    Lovely Indeed

    A chic pair of sunglasses can tie any look together, and are absolutely essential when protecting your eyes for a day at the beach. Skip the designer frames and opt instead for a cheery do-it-yourself pair using a skinny paintbrush and some acrylic paint. Buy sunglasses in bulk online and paint a few different patterns, think: florals, geometrics, and polka dots. 

    Floral Painted Sunglasses from Lovely Indeed

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    Fringed Tie Dye Blanket

    Tie-Dye Fringe Blanket

     Orange Bettie

    A trip to the beach can be uncomfortable if you’re not prepared for sand (and lots of it). Craft a large, sturdy, eye-catching blanket to plop down before enjoying the shore, and to protect towels, snacks, and toys. Bonus: this pretty DIYed blanket works great on a picnic and at outdoor concerts too. 

    Fringed Tie Dye Blanket from Orange Bettie

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    Craft a Beach-in-a-Ball

    beach in a ball craft

    Damask Love

    A perfect welcome gift for summer house guests, or newlyweds planning a tropical honeymoon, this do-it-yourself beach-in-a-ball is clever and cute. Fill the styrofoam ball with beach necessities like flip flops, sunglasses, and a thermos, or up the ante and add a plane ticket or hotel voucher. 

    Beach-in-a-Ball from Damask Love

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    Shark Fin Bookmark

    Shark Fin Bookmark

     Simplistically Living

    A day at the shore isn’t complete without the perfect beach read, so grab a novel and whip up a few on-theme shark fin bookmarks. Encourage little ones to take some quiet time this summer too with this quick afternoon project and a reading session. These shark fins are a great accompaniment to a first chapter book. 

    Shark Fin Bookmark from Simplistically Living

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    Sea Glass Planter

    Sea Glass Planter

     Crafts by Amanda

    Mimic the style of a classic mosaic with an old terracotta pot, colored glass, and white clay. Source your stones from your local beach (or your local craft store), and assemble using a strong adhesive. These finished, attention-grabbing pots are perfect for your indoor house plants, but don’t place them outside without weatherproofing first.

    Sea Glass Planter from Crafts by Amanda

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    Coastal Wreath

    Coastal beach-themed wreath

    Crafts by Courtney

    Assemble a marine-inspired wreath with craft supplies and sand artifacts to create a warm welcome to your beach house, cabin, lake house, or everyday home. Add your own unique flare using a hot glue gun and found souvenirs from your last tropical vacation, and don’t hesitate to add a personalized surname placard as a final touch. 

    Coastal Wreath from Crafts by Courtney

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    Beach Ball Garland

    Beach Ball Garland

    Make Life Lovely

    Create some easy decor for a beach (or beach-themed) party this summer. A beach ball garland will not only provide a festive pop of color, but will also guide your guests to your festivities amid a shore-full of bathers.

    Pro tip: Add other fun inflatables to your garland as well, just be sure to use similar sizes across the strand. 

    Beach Ball Garland from Make Life Lovely

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    Seashell Mobile

    Seashell Mobile

    Make It & Love It

    Go shelling at the coast to scavenge the supplies necessary for this oceanic mobile. Thin lengths of wire (or twine) connect the shells, and a rustic piece of driftwood is the perfect base for this eclectic artwork. Try varying the color and shape of your shells for an unexpected vibe, or select all one species for a more cohesive look.

    Seashell Mobile from Make It & Love It

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    Rope-Wrapped Candle Holders

    Rope-Wrapped Candle Holders

    Stone Gable

    This quick craft couldn’t be simpler: adhere a length of organic rope to matching glass cylinders. Add beach-inspired flair (think: starfish, seashells, or coral), and fill your glasses with candles, flowers, or glass beads. These look best in clusters of two or three, so create a couple for a striking effect. See Stone Gable for the detailed tutorial.

    Rope-Wrapped Candle Holders from Stone Gable

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    Sea Glass Window Art

    Seaglass Window Art

     The House House

    Upcycle an old window of yours—or one from an estate sale or thrift shop—into an oceanic piece of art. Piece together a classic mosaic that resembles a wave splashing onto the shore. Seal things with a clear coat to keep everything in their places. 

    Sea Glass Window Art from The House House

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    Paper Boat Craft

    Paper Boat Craft

     I Heart Crafty Things

    A great option for the kids, this easy paper craft is perfect for a rainy afternoon stuck indoors. Challenge kids to recreate a favorite beach memory using construction paper, or work from a treasured family photo.

    Paper Boat Craft from I Heart Crafty Things

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    Beach-Themed Greeting Cards

    Beach Greeting Card

    Maggie Holmes Design

    Invite guests to your beach party with a summery, homemade card. Add your own flair (think: stickers, cut-outs, and stamps) to personalize each invite, or shift these DIYs into clever thank-you notes instead. Add a photograph from your time at the shore to really savor your memories. 

    Beach-themed Greeting Cards from Maggie Holmes Design

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    Round Beach Towel

    Round Beach Towel

     A Beautiful Mess

    Combine three coordinating beach towels to create one, kitschy, fringed, huge round towel. This project is great if you have a few towels that have torn or frayed edges. You can easily cut those edges out and give your beach towels a new life. 

    Round Beach Towel from A Beautiful Mess