Bamboo Crochet Hooks

Crochet hook and purple wool

Elizabeth Fernandez G. / Getty Images

Just as there are many different styles of wood, aluminum, and steel crochet hooks, there are also many different types of bamboo crochet hooks.

In recent years bamboo crochet hooks have become very popular. Many like using this type of hook because of their smooth feel and unlike steel or aluminum hooks, they are made from a sustainable resource, making them eco-friendly. Additionally, while they may appear to be delicate, they are actually very strong, so you should not worry about the hook breaking while working on a project. Many crocheters prefer using bamboo when working with slippery or eyelash-style yarns.

What Exactly Is Bamboo?

While many believe bamboo is wood, it is actually a grass primarily from the Far East region. Now, bamboo can be found in locations around the world and is used for a variety of different purposes, including cutting boards, chopsticks, flooring, and fishing rods, to name a few. You can even purchase yarn made from bamboo fibers. According to the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension, there are over 1,200 different species that can be found in locations across the globe.


Many like bamboo crochet hooks because they are so much lighter than crochet hooks made of other materials. Crocheters often refer to a kind of "warmth" when using a bamboo crochet hook. Many crochet instructors feel they are great for beginners because they do not feel as slick as plastic or aluminum hooks. Additionally, according to bamboo crochet hook manufacturer, Chiao Goo, bamboo crochet hooks are approximately 60 percent lighter than their aluminum counterpart. That lighter weight and feel in the hand will help extend crocheting time and help to avoid hand fatigue.


Bamboo crochet hooks are made by drying the bamboo in the sun after harvesting, then cut into appropriate hook lengths and split. The bamboo is then rounded on the corners from its initial sharp square cuts and dried again. Next, it is steamed to avoid warping later on, which is what helps keep the hooks both smooth and strong. The bamboo is then sanded and polished and the hook is cut to the appropriate size. Finally, they are polished again and inspected by hand to ensure their quality for years of enjoyable use.

Average Costs

On average, bamboo crochet hooks can range in price from $4 to $12, depending on the manufacturer. There are also handmade bamboo crochet hooks available from different artisans that can cost a bit more. Additionally, there are also crochet hooks that have bamboo handles and steel or aluminum hooks. Many consider this type of hook the best of both worlds.


There are several different manufacturers of bamboo crochet hooks. Some of the more well-known manufacturers include ChiaoGoo and U-Nitt.

Bamboo crochet hooks are a great way to add a unique hook to your collection and you will feel the difference when working up your projects. Consider trying a bamboo crochet hook.