Back-to-School Notebook Needlepoint Charts

Get Ready for the Classroom With These 3 Needlepoint Patterns

You'll want to stitch all three of these needlepoint patterns to get your student ready for homework assignments, exams and course work. Make them as small or large as you prefer by adjusting needlepoint canvas size and type.

All three projects begin with an easy-to-work needlepoint design. The colors can be changed to match school colors or favorites. Special initials and monograms can also be worked into the design as desired using a classic alphabet.

If you can make the basic tent stitches, you can easily complete these uncomplicated needlepoint projects. Follow the recommended suggestions for each design and you'll be pleased with the results.

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    Composition School Notebook Needlepoint Pattern

    Althea DeBrule

    This free needlepoint pattern brings back memories of mid-term and final exams written in black and white composition notebooks—only this design has been modernized a bit, but still will let you indulge in some nostalgia as you work the easy needlepoint project.

    Its 3.57-inch by 4.36-inch design area simply cries out for decorative stitch techniques. A few Encroaching Gobelin or Bargello flame stitches would be perfect for most of the pattern with a few basketweave or continental stitches worked in small areas.

    Although charted for beginners, intermediate or advanced needlepointers are welcome to use a variety of stitch techniques to make the completed needlework a one-of-a-kind project.

    Since there is no background fill area, you can experiment with backstitches or needlepoint couching techniques to give the edges a neat finish.

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    Homework Assignments Journal Needlepoint Chart

    Althea DeBrule

    In modern times, homework assignments are either accessed online or entered into a computer or electronic tablet device. Back in the day, homework was written in small notebooks like the one featured in this free needlepoint chart.

    The delightful needlepoint project is quick and easy to make and uses several shades of dark gray to black colors. It has 37 stitches wide and 44 stitches high for a finished design area that’s 2.64 inches by 3.14 inches.

    With hardly any effort, it could be worked in a few hours or at most an evening. Stitched as charted, the needlepoint project could be finished into an ornament or beverage coaster; but the design could also be extended by adding a background area to make it large enough to sew into a needlepoint pillow.

    Embellish the finished needlepoint with a few seed beads in either a diamond grid pattern or placed randomly across the completed needlework. This decorative accent will add lots of interest to an otherwise simple needlepoint design.

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    School Notebook Paper Needlepoint Design

    Notebook Paper Needlepoint Chart
    Althea DeBrule

    If you're looking for a small useful project that can easily be finished over a weekend, this is the one! When stitched on 13-mesh mono needlepoint canvas, the 3.57-inch by 4.93-inch completed design features a sheet of school notebook paper that is worked over 50 stitches at its widest and 69 stitches at its longest points.

    The chart colors have been rendered in soft yellow tones to illustrate the pattern’s small design areas; but they can easily be changed to white with soft or pale blue lines as desired.

    Consider using stitch techniques that are worked over more than one canvas thread to make the needlepoint project quickly take shape.Since it is quick and easy to make, it is well suited for a beginner.

    Frame the completed main design with a decorative straight stitch needlepoint border or school-themed fabric cut into strips and attached to all four sides. Miter the corners for a “handmade” rather than “homemade” look.

    The completed needlework can be made into a variety of school-related items such as a center insert for a fabric 3-ring notebook cover.

Final Finishing Ideas

Although the patterns can be stitched as single projects; they can also be incorporated into a needlepoint collage for a much larger school-themed design. All three needlepoint projects can be finished into a variety of back-to-school items, from actual notebook covers to appliques for clothing to needlepoint pillows and more. Embellish with beads or found objects to add an interesting finish to each design.