ABC: Free Cross Stitch and Back Stitch Alphabet Patterns

ABC: Free Alphabet cross stitch patterns from around the internet

Create one of a kind samplers, quotes and monograms with these free Cross Stitch and Back Stitch Alphabet patterns from around the internet. From traditional to whimsical, there are patterns for every type of person and decor. As always, when you use patterns that are for free, please be respectful of the original creators copyright rules. Let's check out the awesome ABC selection below. 

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    Alphabet Block Sampler

    Design © Connie G. Barwick
    Design © Connie G. Barwick

    Stitch the Alphabet Block Sampler as designed or use the letters to chart a saying. The letters are back stitch. This is perfect for a monogram or for a sampler by linking all the letters together. You can use whatever color you like depending on the decor of your house or style. 

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    Alphabet Mini Samplers

    Design © Connie G. Barwick
    Design © Connie G. Barwick

    The letters in these sampler could be used for other projects.You do not need to use the border but an use the mini letters for a sampler or saying, 

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    Astrological Alphabet Chart

    The Astrological Alphabet was designed to coordinate with the free Astrological Sign Patterns. This would be a great pattern for monograms. The pattern would make a wonderful ornament for a gift, 

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    Baby Bottle Alphabet Pattern

    Use the free Baby Bottle Alphabet pattern to personalize a baby bib, diaper bag, or burp cloth. Create a birth sampler using this pattern for a beautiful heirloom. 

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    Baker's Dozen Alphabet

    Design © Connie G. Barwick 

    This alphabet is thirteen stitches tall and can be stitched as a sampler as charted, or in a different configuration if you like. This alphabet is very simple. It is perfect for teaching beginners how to cross stitch. 

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    Birth Announcement Alphabet

    This alphabet pattern was designed for personalizing the free Stork Birth Announcement pattern but the letters and numbers could be used for other projects too.This pattern is great for creating a sampler for grandparents, be sure to include a baby picture, 

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    Do Not Weep Back Stitch Alphabet

    This alphabet is used for personalizing the free Do Not Weep Collection. It would also work as a alphabet sampler or for charting other sayings.

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    Eight Stitch Tall Alphabet Pattern

    Large Cross Stitch letters for stitching as a sampler or using to chart a saying.

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    Four Stitch High Alphabet Upper and Lower Case and Numerals

    Upper and lowercase letters for charting sayings or creating samplers. Includes numerals.

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    Heart Border Sampler Cross Stitch Alphabet

    The alphabet from the Heart Border Sampler could be used for other projects and sayings.

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    Itty Bitty Alphabet Back Stitch Pattern

    A tiny alphabet to use with small projects. Add a saying or a signature using it.

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    Leaning Alphabet Sampler

    The letters are part of a sampler, but could easily be used as part of another project.

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    Lowercase Back Stitch Alphabet

    Use this alphabet to create your signature for your project or for stitching a saying.

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    Monogram Alphabet Pattern

    Diamond-shaped Alphabet patterns to use for monogramming linens or other items.

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    Ornament Cross Stitch Alphabet Pattern

    This pattern was designed for adding personalization to the 2008 ornament Collection, but it could be used for other projects as well.

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    Six Stitch Tall Cross Stitch Alphabet Pattern

    Cross Stitch alphabet for using in samplers or sayings. Only the letter Q uses any back stitch.

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    Six Stitch Tall Uppercase Alphabet

    This alphabet coordinates with this lowercase alphabet pattern.

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    Street Sign Alphabet

    Use this alphabet to personalize the free Traffic Sign pattern or use it for other projects or sayings.

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    Thankful Alphabet

    This alphabet pattern coordinates with the Thanksgiving Pumpkin Motifs and Saying Collection. Use it to stitch a Thankful saying or for other projects.

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    Tiny Alphabet (Upper and Lowercase)

    This alphabet was designed to use with the free Tiny Angel pattern but you could use it for other projects if you like.

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    Two Stitch High Back Stitch Alphabet Pattern

    A small alphabet to use for sayings or signatures.

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