Bachelor's Chest

A Type of Chest of Drawers

Bachelor's Chest, Georgian Style, British, c. 1801-1900
Bachelor's Chest, Georgian Style, British, c. 1801-1900. - Photo courtesy of

Definition: a small, shallow and relatively low chest, English in origin, containing three to four drawers, usually graduated; in the first models, which date from the late 17th century, the top was hinged, and could fold out to become a writing surface, supported by runners or knobbed slides (lopers); later varieties, in the 18th century, had a brushing slide just underneath the top - a pull-out surface for writing or laying out of clothing; usually made of walnut, oak or elm; bun feet were most common on the early chests (see photo, More Images), but were replaced by the more fashionable bracket feet as the century progressed

Alternate Spelling: bachelors chest

Example: Although the term came to mean any small chest of drawers, originally the bachelor's chest was a multi-purpose piece of furniture, perfect for a single gentleman occupying a small bachelor's pad.