Quick Crochet Baby Gifts

Handmade Projects for Baby Showers and Birthdays

Quick crochet baby gift ideas

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Quick crochet baby gifts are some of the best projects out there. They are affordable, and they are so cute to make. New parents are usually happy to receive handmade items. After all, they're a bit more special than the usual storebought gift. If you need to make a last-minute baby present for a baby shower, birthday, or other special occasion, then you have a lot of great options to choose from.

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    Quick Crochet Baby Gifts: Booties

    Quick crochet baby gifts

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    Crochet baby booties are among the most popular items to gift to babies. In fact, they are one of the most popular crochet baby accessories made. There is just something about those tiny little shoes that makes everyone's heart melt as soon as they see them.

    One thing that makes this a great baby shower gift is that the baby will need them soon, but not right away. That means that you don't have to worry too much about gauge. Any size that you make the booties in is a size that baby can grow into.

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    Quick Crochet Baby Gifts: Hats

    Quick Crochet Baby Hats

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    New babies need to be kept warm from head to toe. Therefore, crochet baby hats are also high on the list of gifts to make. As long as you can crochet in the round, you can make a simple hat. For example, try this free v-stitch crochet baby hat pattern.

    If you have more advanced crochet skills, you can create colorful designs with unique shapes. Animal crochet hats are popular for babies; they make a terrific first costume or photo prop.

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    Quick Crochet Baby Gifts: Mittens

    Baby Crochet

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    Make sure not to forget baby's little fingers when considering quick crochet baby gifts. Baby mittens aren't just to keep the baby warm, although they do serve that purpose well. They also help keep their fragile skin safe from their own exploring fingernails. Therefore, crochet mittens are appreciated as a baby gift, and it's something fewer people are likely to make a give so your gift will be unique.

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    Quick Crochet Baby Gifts: Bibs

    Baby Bibs

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    New parents can't get enough of baby bibs and burp cloths. They use them all day long every single day. Make a new parents day by gifting them a whole set of handmade crochet baby bibs. Make sure to use washable cotton yarn so that they can easily use the bibs again and again.

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    Quick Crochet Baby Gifts: Pacifier Clips

    Pacifier Clip

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    If you want to make really quick crochet baby gifts that barely use any yarn at all then learn how to make pacifier clips. Also called binky clips, these baby accessories keep pacifiers securely attached to a baby's outfit or blanket. It helps new parents stop losing them or having to constantly pick them up off the floor and wash them before handing them back to baby. The pacifier is attached to the clip by a chain, which can be crocheted as a basic chain or in simple stitches such as single crochet.

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    Crochet Baby Blankets

    Quick Crochet Baby Blankets

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    Baby blankets are one of the less quick crochet gifts on this list. After all, it takes a little bit of time to crochet a blanket, even if it is small enough for a newborn baby. However, it is such a special gift. Many people will keep their baby's blankets as heirlooms long after they've outgrown their use.

    If you want to make a baby blanket quickly, look for crochet patterns with the following features:

    • Designed with bulky or super bulky yarn
    • Made using a large crochet hook such as a size M or bigger
    • Crocheted with simple stitches but ones taller than single crochet
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    Crochet Baby Sweaters

    Crochet Baby Cocoon

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    You might not think that baby sweaters are easy enough to qualify as quick baby gifts. However, you might be surprised. If you find a design with super simple construction crafted in worsted weight or bulky weight yarn then you can actually make one pretty fast. It's a special item so it's worth the little bit of extra time and effort.

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    Crochet Teddy Bears

    Quick Crochet Baby Toys

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    Many people forget that babies also need toys. Crochet teddy bears are terrific. Of course, a stuffed animal doesn't have to be a bear. Any amigurumi or stuffed animal will work as a cute gift for baby to hang on to and chew on. Make sure that you are careful with the materials; don't make stuffed animals with googly eyes that will fall off for example. Made correctly, this can be a perfect gift.

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    Crochet Baby Gift Sets

    baby crochet gifts

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    Take any two (or more) crochet baby patterns and make them in matching yarn to create a cute baby gift set. For example, make matching crochet baby booties and mittens. Or make a hat that matches a blanket. Or make a teddy bear that matches a hat and a blanket!