15 Adorable Baby Hat Crochet Patterns

Keep Baby's Head Warm with a Cute Handmade Cap

Baby wearing crochet hat

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Crochet baby hats are truly perfect for any baby in your life. Make them for your own child, to gift at baby showers, or to give away to charity. Every baby needs their head kept warm, so a soft crochet hat is always useful. Plus, of course, crochet baby hats are very cute.

You can make them simple, using just basic stitches and classic beanie shaping. You can add a few details such as a flower applique or animal-inspired crochet ears, such as elephant ears. Or you can use detailed stitching and advanced crochet techniques to make decorative, eye-catching crochet baby hats​.​

The patterns here represent a mixture of all of those options. Make them for any season, any gender, any reason or no reason at all!

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    Knit-Like Crochet Baby Beanie Free Pattern

    Knit-Like Crochet Beanie with Hook
    Hook n Stein, Ravelry

    This is one of the most flexible crochet baby beanie patterns available. The pattern is written so that you can make it any size. You can easily adapt the instructions to suit any crochet hook size and yarn type. It's worked seamlessly from the bottom up, first creating a ridged brim that provides the perfect cozy fit. The stitches are knit-like, which provides the density necessary for a comfy, warm hat. If you're only going to use one crochet baby hat pattern in your life, make it this one.

    Pattern: The Hive Beanie by Hook n Stein, Ravelry

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    Basic Beanie Crochet Hat Free Pattern

    Crochet Beanies in All Sizes
    April's Archives

    Here is a really simple crochet baby hat pattern: the basic beanie. It is a double crochet beanie with a single crochet edging, perfect for the beginner crafter. This crochet hat pattern comes in all sizes so that you can make matching designs for everyone in the family or make new ones as baby grows up and outgrows the first one. 

    Pattern: Basic Beanie by April's Archives

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    Chevron Crochet Preemie / Baby Hat

    Chevron Crochet Hats
    Pins's Needles

    Make a simple crochet beanie hat a bit more special when you use different stitches. This one incorporates the chevron stitch, a bold graphic design that's easy to craft. This crochet hat is available in six sizes, three of which are for different sizes of preemie babies.

    Pattern: Quick and Simple Chevron Hats by Pins's Needles

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    Slouchy Crochet Hat for All Sizes

    Slouchy Crochet Hat
    Emi Harrington, Ravelry

    There are two basic types of simple crochet hat construction: the close-fitting beanie and the loose-fitting slouch hat. This free crochet pattern provides instructions for making the latter in any size. It closes with a drawstring, which means that even if you're guage is slightly off, the hat should fit. Adorn it with a button-centered flower or leave that part off if you want a simpler design.

    Pattern: YT-Slouchy Hat by Emi Harrington, Ravelry

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    Baby Bonnet and Booties Crochet Pattern

    Baby Bonnet and Booties Crochet Pattern
    Meadowvale Studio, Ravelry

    You can give a crochet baby hat as a gift to any child. However, it's a bit more special if you make a matching set. For example, you could make a hat and sweater. Or, as with this crochet pattern, you can make crochet booties that match the hat. This one is an adorable bonnet that will keep the sun off of baby's face.

    P​attern: Baby Bonnet and Booties by Meadowvale Studio

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    Crown Baby Hat Free Crochet Pattern

    Preemie Crochet Baby Hat
    Jessica Robbins, Ravelry

    This crochet baby hat is designed for little ones - very litte ones, in fact: preemies and newborns. Therefore, it is a terrific option for baby's first hat. It is also a good design for making items to donate to your local NICU. The brim can be rolled up, which provides a better fit and also makes the hat look like a cute little prince or princess crown.

    P​attern: Crown Baby Hat by Jessica Robbins

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    Crochet Pixie Bonnet Free Pattern

    Crochet Pixie Bonnet Free Pattern
    B.hooked Crochet

    This crochet pixie bonnet uses a thick-and-thin yarn that works up quickly and ends up super cozy. It is an easy crochet pattern crafted using half double crochet stitches. The tassels on the ends give it a fun shape and style. If you're looking for something easy but different then this crochet baby hat pattern is a great choice.

    P​attern: Crochet Pixie Bonnet by B.hooked Crochet

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    Cushion Cluster Beanie Crochet Pattern

    Cushion Cluster Beanie Crochet Pattern
    Stephanie Maher1, Ravelry

    This crochet hat pattern uses an ombre yarn in combination with cluster stitches to create a design that looks more intricate than it really is. It's a great choice for impressing people with your crochet skills. That makes it a good item for gifting or for baby to wear to special events.

    P​attern: Cushion Cluster Beanie by Stephanie Maher1, Ravelry

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    Earth-Space Crochet Baby Hat Free Pattern

    Earth-Space Crochet Hat Baby Pattern

    You really get two crochet baby hat patterns in one. The more complex, and therefore more interesting, is the intended "Earth in Space" design. You add a tiny bit of surface embroidery to the body of the hat to create the illusion of stars. Then you learn how to make an Earth-inspired pom to go atop the hat. However, if you leave off those two details, you're left with the simpler version - a continuous spiral crochet hat pattern that you can work in any color to suit any baby.

    Pattern: Earth in Space Crochet Hat by Neschof

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    Crochet Football Earflap Hat

    Crochet Football Baby Hat
    Repeat Crafter Me

    Get baby ready for sports at an early age with this cute crochet football hat! Earflap hats keep baby's ears warm in the wind. They are also often designed, like this one, so that they can be tied underneath baby's chin for a better fit. 

    P​attern: Crochet Football Earflap Hat by Repeat Crafter Me

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    Seamless Earflap Hat Free Crochet Pattern

    Earflap Crochet Hat Pattern
    Lindsey Carr, Ravelry

    This version of an earflap crochet hat uses a terrific yarn selection for colors that pack a punch. This free pattern, available as a download on Ravelry, comes in six sizes from newborn through adult. Therefore, you could make a whole bunch of these for everyone in the family, then wear them together for baby's first family portrait.

    P​attern: Seamless Earflap Hat by Lindsey Carr

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    Vintage-Inspired Crochet Beanie/Earflap Hat Free Pattern

    Crochet Baby Hats With and Without Earflaps
    The Crochet Fix

    This is a versatile crochet baby hat pattern. You can make it as a simple beanie hat or you can add earflaps. You'll also find a matching crochet hat pattern for adults. This has a feminine flair to it so it would make a good mommy-and-me matching set.

    Pattern: Vintage Vibes Baby Beanie by The Crochet Fix, Ravelry

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    Glover Stitch Crochet Hat Pattern

    Matching Crochet Hats

    Here's another great mommy-and-me crochet hat pattern. This one is written for six sizes age three months through adult. The hats use the beautiful crochet glover stitch which has rich texture. It's enjoyable to work and it's cozy to wear.

    Pattern: Wild Strawberries Hat by Wildblomman

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    Baby Crochet Animal Hat Patterns

    One-Year-Old's Crochet Turkey Hat FREE Pattern
    The Birds and the B's

    Animal hats are always a popular choice for babies because they just look so cute! They are also perfect for dressing baby up for different seasons and holidays. Some examples include crochet turkey hats, crochet baby chick hats, and crochet bunny hats. This is one example of a cute crochet turkey hat pattern, perfect for baby's first Thanksgiving.

    P​attern: Little Turkey Hat by The Birds and The B's

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    Textured Crochet Snowman Hat Free Pattern

    Snowman Crochet Hat
    Pins's Needles

    Here's a completely different way to crochet a seasonal hat. Use the textured popcorn stitch to make a very detail, intriguing, warm crochet hat. Change colors strategically to create the snowman design. This crochet baby hat pattern comes in six sizes from the tiniest preemie to toddler size.

    Pattern: Puff Stitch Snowman Hat by Pins's Needles