10 Adorable Baby Chick Crochet Patterns for Easter

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    Easter Chick Crochet Patterns

    Colorful Easter Chick Crochet Pattern
    The Green Dragonfly

    Baby chicks are among the cutest of all Easter symbols. Kids love baby chicks and adults do, too. These Easter chick crochet patterns include hats, toys, egg cozies and more. You can use them as gifts in Easter baskets as well as for Easter party decor. Have fun making these cuties!

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    Easter Chick Treat Bag Crochet Pattern

    Easter Chick Tote Bag with Eggs
    MojiMoji Design

    Give your little ones their own personalized Easter tote bags for collecting eggs and treats this season. This crochet pattern is designed with a 3d amigurumi crochet chick popping off of the tote bag. It also comes with Easter eggs. This super cute bag can also be a school bag or activities bag during the spring season. In addition to the chick, this pattern includes instructions for crocheting a bunny and a lamb.

    Easter Treat Bags crochet pattern by MojiMoji Design

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    Colorful Crochet Easter Chick Free Pattern

    Colorful Easter Chick Crochet Pattern
    The Green Dragonfly

    Most of the Easter chick crochet patterns that you will find show the chick in a classic yellow color. Get creative and make your chick in an array of colors instead! This amigurumi pattern is a simple design that begins with a colorful crochet circle. It is topped off with colorful yarn feathers. This is the perfect Easter decoration!

    Cheep Cheep The Crochet Chick by The Green Dragonfly

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    Family of Chicks - Easter Egg Cozies Free Patterns

    Chick Family of Easter Egg Cozies. Michele Wilcox/ Red Heart Yarn

    There are so many ways to decorate Easter eggs, including topping them off with precious crochet Easter egg cozies. This free crochet pattern instructs you in making the basic chick body and then shows different hats to create an entire family of chicks for your Easter table.

    Cozy Egg Family crochet patterns by Michele Wilcox

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    Easter Buddies Chick Crochet Pattern

    Easter Buddies Chick Crochet Pattern
    Meredith May

    This little creature will give your own little one lots of fun at playtime. The precious amigurumi chick with hair feathers has his own little egg that he can be tucked into and taken out of. This crochet pattern, which is sold on Ravelry, is part of the designer's Easter Buddies series, which includes ducks and bunnies that all have their own crochet egg cozies to rest in.

    Easter Buddies Chick by Meredith May

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    Easter Egg Flips Crochet Pattern

    Easter Egg Chick and Bunny
    Hooked on Patterns

    Love that previous pattern but worried that your little chick will lose its egg? This pattern solves that problem because the chick is sewn into the egg. Flip it inside out and you just see the egg. Flip it the other way and there is the chick. This is such a creative idea! This crochet pattern also includes instructions to crochet a bunny that flips similarly.

    Easter Egg Flips by Hooked on Patterns

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    Filet Crochet Easter Egg Decorations Free Charted Patterns

    Filet Crochet Easter Decorations

    If you know how to read filet crochet charts then you will be able to make these adorable Easter egg decorations. There are four different charts including one chick and two other Easter birds. These are cute as wall art, bunting or placemats.

    Filet Eggs Decorations free patterns by EmmHouse

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    Chick Peep Free Crochet Pattern

    Peeps Easter Chick free crochet pattern
    Amy Snow

    Peeps marshmallows are a favorite treat at Easter. They come in different colors and different animals but the yellow chick is the most recognizable. Crochet Peeps offer a great sugar-free way to bring these into your home this Easter! This crochet pattern is available as a free download through Ravelry.

    Chick Peep by Amy Snow

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    Super Quick Easter Chicks Free Crochet Pattern

    Easy Crochet Easter Chick Free Pattern
    Dedri Uys

    If you want to whip up some crochet Easter chicks in a jiffy then give this free pattern a go. It eliminates the more complex chick shape, using a basic triangle for the body instead. The details of the beak show you that the triangle is really a chick. These are cute and cozy. 

    Super Quick Easter Chicks free crochet pattern by Dedri Uys

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    Easter Chick Hat Free Crochet Pattern

    Use the crazy brick stitch for this crochet chick hat
    Ally's Knitting and Crochet Blog

    Get your little one all dolled up for Easter with this simple (and simply adorable) crochet chick hat. This one is great for taking Easter photos and attending baby's first Easter events! This free crochet pattern is designed for babies who are approximately 6-9 months old. Find more Easter chick hat crochet patterns in all sizes here.

    Easter Chick Hat free crochet pattern by Ally's Knitting and Crochet Blog

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    Classic Crochet Easter Chick Free Crochet Pattern

    Easter Chick Free Crochet Pattern
    Handmade by ANIA

    Are you looking for a classic crochet Easter chick pattern that you can use for doll-making or decor? This is a great option. It is an easy free pattern for a super simple chick that has basic wings, an embroidered nose, and button eyes.

    Crochet Easter Chick free crochet pattern by Handmade by ANIA