Baby Blanket Crochet Edgings

Crochet Borders and Edgings

Michael and Amy Solovay

When you crochet a baby blanket, you have ​the decision to make about how to finish it with edging. You can make it simple or you can make it frilly and complex. You can even finish it off further with ribbons and other decorations. These free patterns for baby blanket edgings will come in handy.​

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    Crochet V-Stitch and Picot Baby Blanket Edging

    Lacy Vs and Picots Crocheted Baby Blanket Edging

    Amy Solovay

    This frilly edging was designed to finish off the lacy v-stitch baby blanket. You could use it on any baby blanket that needs a pretty lace edging. You can finish a striped blanket as in the original project with a coordinating lacy edge.

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    Easy Baby Blanket Edging

    Easy Baby Blanket Edging

    The Spruce / Amy Solovay

    For "busy," colorful baby blankets, use a simple edging that won't be overwhelming. This particular edging is worked in single crochet and slip stitches. If a lacy edge isn't appropriate for your design, it's a lovely simple edge to go with designs for boys or girls.

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    Easy Single Crochet Afghan Edging

    How to Crochet a Granny Square: Round Four
    Kathryn Vercillo

    This edging is just about the easiest one ever. It's useful for finishing baby blankets or afghans for anyone in the family. Here you can see it used on the gingham check baby blanket, which can be a boy-friendly design.

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    Puff Lace Edging

    Scalloped Puff Stitch Edging -- Free Crochet Pattern

    Amy Solovay

    There are bunches of different ways you could style this pretty edging. It looks nice by itself, and it also looks beautiful if you add ribbons or other trims to it. This is such a pretty idea for finishing baby blankets or other types of projects. You could use it for crocheted placemats or just about any type of flat project that has four corners. See examples of adding ribbons or other trim to the puff lace edgings.

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    Simple Shell Stitch Blanket Edging

    Holiday Crochet Scarf Designs

    Amy Solovay

    This no muss, no fuss afghan edging is appropriate for baby boys or girls, although some color changes might be in order. The edging is made up of shell stitches that are built using half double crochet. The shell shape lends itself well to many projects.

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    Two-Color Treble Crochet Shell Stitch Edging

    Two-Color Treble Crochet Shell Stitch Edging

    Amy Solovay

    This edging is eye-catching but not too fancy. It features tall shell stitches built up with treble crochets in a two-color repeat. You can envision it in colors for baby boys or baby girls.

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    Checkered Afghan Edging

    Checkered Crochet Afghan Edging

    Amy Solovay

    This edging is one possible way to finish off a baby blanket you can make using the customizable blanket pattern. The pattern includes instructions for many different sizes including a baby's receiving blanket size and slightly larger crib size. You can also customize blankets for other family members, too.

    This edging would also work well for finishing off some other types of baby blankets. Although this is a particularly boy-friendly design, it could also be used for a girl's baby blanket.