Baby Bib Patterns for All Kinds of Bibs

Free baby bib patterns are a great way to make an assortment of different style baby bibs without investing in purchased patterns. Using towels or fabric scraps make baby bibs an economical choice to make as a baby gift or shower gift. Embellishments make any and everything special so explore possibilities and gather your scraps... fun and smiles are ahead with fantastic baby bibs!

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    Baby Bib From a Finger or Hand Towel With an Opening So Hair Stays Clean

    Free Baby Bib Sewing Pattern - Change a towel to a perfect baby bib
    Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    A towel is absorbent, which is a great head start for a baby bib, but this one goes a step further. The directions include a simple to sew opening which eliminates having to take this bib off by taking it over the head getting the food in the baby's hair.

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    Child's Bib with Sleeves from Elna USA page

    A simple three pattern pieces to preserve their clothing. A great shower or baby gift!

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    Slobber Monkey Baby Bib

    slobber monkey baby bib

    A great pattern for a good coverage bib with excellent directions and a printable pattern. This pattern was featured on Sew It All TV.

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    Easy Reversible Bib Pattern and Tutorial

    craftaholics anonymous website

    This free pattern offers a baby and a toddler size of a basic bib with endless possibilities. Use fabric embellishments and vary your fabrics for unique bibs.

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    Terry Cloth Bib with Sleeves

    Terry cloth bib

    Once a child starts feeding him or herself, a bib isn't enough! A bib with sleeves may be the perfect solution to preserve the clothes they are wearing since everything isn't "just" finger food.

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    Pattern for Over the Head Towel Baby Bibs

    sew forth and sew on website

    This is a simple to sew version of a towel bib that slips over the head. A towel and ribbing are all you need to finish this bib but ideas for dressing the bib up are in the directions.​

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    Free Pattern for Towel Bib with a Cap Sleeve - How to Make the Best Bibs

    making bibs and towels website

    This tutorial offers the pattern and step by step directions to convert a regular towel into a bib that does the job. There is also a bonus; a tip on sewing on your own bias binding. One specialty foot makes the job easier!

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    Five Easy Steps to Create Bibs from Towels- An Over the Head Towel Bib

    Nancy Zieman offers a very professional step by step tutorial to convert a towel to a bib by using ribbing on the neckline. Use embroidery or other fabric embellishments to "dress up" the bib.

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    Towel Bib Tutorial

    This tutorial guides you through making a basic towel bib that goes over the head but this tutorial uses a serger. A great "get to know" you serger project!

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    Video - Target Towel Bib Tutorial

    This video is loaded with tips and information! Making your own bias tape, knowing the right side from the wrong side of ribbing fabric and so much more, and you end up with a great towel bib that doesn't need to go over the baby's head.

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    How to Sew a Baby Bib with Free Pattern

    This is a great style bib to use all day every day for drooling and spit up. The style of this bib goes around the neck and closes with a snap. The construction of this bib uses two layers of fabric making endless possibilities.

    Use towels, flannel, fabric scraps and have an endless supply of usable baby bibs! A great item to make as a bay or baby shower gift.

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    Preppy Bib

    This tutorial guides you through re-purposing a polo shirt into a bib. A great way to use stained shirts or outgrown clothes. Don't have any? Try a local thrift store or internet yard sale in your area for baby clothes.​

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    Blue Jeans Baby Bib

    I'm not sure this is a totally practical bib but it most certainly is adorable! It would be great for drooling and all day wearing no matter what!

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    Wipe-Clean Vinyl Baby Bib

    This bib is a great way to save on some of the laundry a baby creates. By being able to wipe off the bib, you just might get away with one bib for an entire day. This tutorial is a great way to start and learn! There is nothing homemade looking about this finished bib!

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    Bias Tape Baby Bib

    It always amazed me just how drooling could stain baby clothes. This simple little bib is a great way to prevent stains!

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    Baby Bib with Pocket

    A pocket on a bib may not seem like a great idea but we found that those pockets caught things rather than those things landing on the clothing. This tutorial will show you how to make a great little bib with a pocket that hopefully spares your baby clothing a few stains.