15 Adorable Baby Accessory Crochet Patterns

Crochet Baby Mittens, Baby Bibs and More

baby crochet hat

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It is just so fun to crochet items for babies, especially accessories, because they are super cute! Crochet baby mittens, baby slippers and other such items are quick to make. They are great handmade gifts that people will appreciate.

Crochet baby accessories are often made with soft, pretty yarn. People find it enjoyable to craft with because it feels good to the touch.

The crochet patterns you'll find here include baby mittens, baby headbands, baby bibs and more. You'll discover a range of designs for both boys and girls offering a lot of fun makes for you to add to your to-do list.

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    Baby Mittens Crochet Pattern

    Cable Mittens Crochet Pattern
    Mon Petit Violon

    Crochet baby mittens help to keep little ones from scratching up their faces. Make them cozy for baby with this beautiful textured pattern. These mittens are super soft and perfect for baby, but they're also perfect for the rest of the family, which is why the pattern is written for multiple sizes.

    Cable Mittens by Mon Petit Violon

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    Crochet Baby Mitts and Matching Hat Free Patterns

    Crochet Baby Mittens and Hat Free Pattern
    K​atya Novikova, Ravelry

    As a baby gets older (s)he wants the opportunity to grab things, so fingerless crochet mitts become a nice choice. This crochet pattern comes five sizes to suit ages as young as three months and as old as five years. There is a matching crochet hat pattern.

    Wildberry Hat and Crochet Mitts by Katya Novikova, Ravelry

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    Crochet Baby Mittens for Winter

    Crochet Mittens Free Pattern
    KajaOfSweden, Ravelry

    This crochet pattern is written for five sizes, toddler-adult. However, the designer mentions that you can use a smaller hook and thinner yarn to decrease the size further and make crochet baby mittens. The yarn is a very thick #6 super bulky yarn so dropping down to a bulky or even worsted weight yarn would make smaller mittens that are still warm enough for winter.

    Snowy Mittens by KajaOfSweden

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    Chunky Granny Baby Bib Free Crochet Pattern

    Crochet Baby Bib Granny Square
    Kathryn Vercillo

    Babies need a bunch of bibs, so a set of these makes the perfect gift for any little one. This particular crochet baby bib works up super quickly thanks to chunky yarn. It uses classic crochet granny squares for the bulk of the design.

    Chunky Baby Bib by Kathryn Vercillo

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    Bowtie Bib Free Crochet Pattern

    Bowtie Bib Free Crochet Pattern

    Dress baby up in his finest with this bow tie bib! It is an easy crochet pattern that packs a stylish punch!

    Fine Dining Bow-tie Bib by YARNutopia

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    V-Stitch Binky Clip Free Crochet Pattern

    V-Stitch Crochet Binky Clip Free Pattern
    Lauren Whitney, Ravelry

    Binky clips help keep pacifiers attached to babies so that they don't get lost. They're one of the most convenient little items that a new mother might forget she needs. This free crochet pattern is available as a Ravelry download. It uses crochet v-stitch to create a pretty strap that is as decorative as it is useful. The designer, Lauren Whitney, also has several other crochet binky clip designs for both boys and girls in her online Ravelry store.

    V-Stitch Binky Clip by Lauren Whitney

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    Baby Bow Headband Free Crochet Pattern

    Bow Knot Crochet Baby Headband
    Crochet Dreamz

    Crochet baby headbands are popular for many reasons, not the least of which is to help strangers easily identify whether you have a baby girl or a baby boy. This beautiful bow knot headband has a feminine design that is easy to craft.

    Knot Me Up Headband by Crochet Dreamz

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    Butterfly Stitch Crochet Baby Hat Pattern

    Butterfly Stitch Crochet Hat Pattern
    Just Be Happy Crochet

    Crochet baby hats are always a favorite item to make because every baby needs a hat. There are many baby hat designs, from super simple crochet beanies to detailed animal hat crochet patterns. This butterfly stitch crochet pattern is a happy medium - easy to make but with enough special detail from the crochet butterfly that it looks unique.

    Butterfly Hat by Just Be Happy Crochet

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    Mini Top Hat Free Crochet Pattern

    Mini Top Hat Free Crochet Pattern
    Topsy Turvy

    This little crochet top hat makes a cute addition to baby's style for photo shoots or special occasions. It is especially great for baby boys, although it could be a unisex design. It has a built-in crochet headband to keep it atop baby's head.

    Crochet Mini Top Hat by Ashlee Prisbey

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    Simple Crochet Baby Booties Free Pattern

    Simple Booties Free Crochet Pattern
    Jess Gets Crafty

    Make sure that your baby is accessorized from head to toe by adding a pair of crochet baby booties to your list of projects. This easy pattern makes a great choice for a first pair of booties. They are designed to work for both boys and girls.

    Simple Booties by Jess Gets Crafty

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    Crochet Cat Hat and Baby Crochet Mittens Patterns

    Crochet Cat Hat and Mittens Patterns
    Sylwia SzB / robootkomania, Ravelry

    This crochet pattern set makes your little one look like a cute kitty. It includes a cat-inspired crochet animal hat as well as precious crochet baby mittens adorned to look like kitty paws.

    Cat Hat and Gloves by Sylwia SzB

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    Crochet Baby Accessories Free Pattern Set

    Crochet Baby Accessories Free Pattern Set

    This crochet baby accessories pattern set includes a cute diaper cover that works for boys and girls. It also has a free pattern for a matching set of booties and a hat. This is the perfect gift set for any baby!

    Crochet Baby Accessories Set by Sewrella

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    Crochet Baby Frog Pattern Set

    Crochet Frog Baby Set
    Ira Rott

    Crochet diaper covers are often part of a costume used for photos. This one is designed to make baby look like a little frog. It is a full set that comes with the patterns for the diaper cover, matching hat and even the rug / blanket for baby to lie down on.

    Frog Nursery Set by Ira Rott

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    Crochet Diaper Pouch Free Pattern

    Crochet Diaper Pouch Free Pattern
    Whistle & Ivy

    One mama noticed the problem that baby diapers sometimes get scrunched up when stuffed into a tote bag. Eliminate that problem by keeping diapers flat, safe and ready for use in this convenient crochet diaper pouch!

    Crochet Diaper Pouch by Whistle & Ivy

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    Crochet Mouse Baby Rattle Free Pattern

    Crochet Mouse Baby Rattle Free Pattern
    Crochet Things

    Baby rattles are not quite toys and not quite accessories but they are important for keeping baby entertained and happy! This crochet pattern has a nice round handle for baby to grip on to!

    Crochet Mouse Rattle by CrochetThings