Asian Influence Decoupaged Ginger Jar

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    How to Decoupage a Glass Ginger Jar

    decoupaged ginger jar
    Rita Shehan

    Decoupage is a paper craft where cut out pieces of paper are glued to an item, and then varnished or sealed with a decoupage medium. Our beautiful Asian style ginger jar is also made from paint, paper, and glue!

    Blue and white porcelain pottery has been in existence since the fourteenth century and was treasured by nobility and the very wealthy.The better pieces available today can be quite pricey! Make your DIY version for pennies. Blue and white porcelain style pottery look great in a variety of home decor styles, from traditional to  transitional, to country and more.

    Supplies Needed:

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    Download the Flower Clip Art Printable

    cut paper flower for decoupage
    Rita Shehan

    1. Download the Asian decoupage style flower, unzip the folder and store somewhere on your computer that you will remember.  Print out the pdf file with a laser printer onto regular computer paper. Clip art printed with an inkjet printer will smear when you apply a decoupaged medium on top of it.

    2. Cut the Asian style floral clip art out with small precision scissors. Using smaller scissors will help cut the intricate floral design with accuracy. Make sure that you cut out the artwork as one single piece.

    *A quick tip: The artwork is originally part of the Photoshop brush collection called Stylized Flower and is available for personal and commercial use. If you like the Asian style floral clip art and want to download the Photoshop brushes you can find them here. If you wish to use the modified printable that I offer for download, you can find it here.

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    Apply Decoupage Medium to the Inside of the Jar

    decoupage medium on glass jar
    Rita Shehan

    1. Wash your glass jar with dish soap and let dry.

    2. Wipe the inside of the jar with a paper towel soaked in isopropyl alcohol and let dry.

    3. Apply a generous layer of decoupage medium inside of the front of the glass jar with a foam brush. We are decoupaging the inside of the jar so that the outside of the jar will be clear and shiny.



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    Apply the Clip Art to the Inside of the Glass Jar

    decoupage flower on glass jar
    Rita Shehan

    1. Lay the glass jar on its side, decoupaging the part of the jar facing downward.

    2. Put on your latex gloves, as this step is quite messy, and place the cutout flower onto the bottom of the jar as in the photo above.

    3.Use your fingers to smooth out any air bubbles to make sure that the entire piece of printed clip art is sealed. You will have a problem if any of the edges are unsealed as paint will spread underneath the clip art when painting the jar.

    4. Apply another layer of decoupage medium to the back of the clip art with a foam brush. Make sure to be gentle with the brush as the wet paper may rip.

    5. Let the jar dry approximately 8 hours or until all of the decoupage medium is transparent rather than white.

    *A quick tip: This is an advanced decoupage project. It is challenging to get the artwork in place. If you are having problems, just wash out the bottle with dish soap to remove most of the decoupage medium and the paper clip art. Goof Off on a paper towel will remove any remaining medium. Wash the bottle again with dish soap and let dry. Wipe the inside of the jar with isopropyl alcohol and let dry. Then start your project again. It is a good idea to print out a couple of copies of the clip art to keep on hand if you have to start again. Remember to take your time and have patience. Working slowly alleviates a lot of the frustration trying to place the clip art inside of the bottle.

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    Paint the Inside of the Jar

    decoupaged glass jar
    Rita Shehan

    You now have two choices when it comes to painting the inside of the jar. You can either use spray paint or multi-surface paint. Each paint has its pros and cons.

    Spray painting the inside of the jar provides a smooth surface. Cover the outside of the jar with a plastic garbage bag to protect the jar from paint spray. Use painters tape to seal the plastic bag to the top edge of the jar. Apply two or three light coats of spray paint to the inside of the jar allowing the paint to dry thoroughly between coats. The inside of the jar will look fabulous, but the paint will eventually chip. The jar is not waterproof and should be used strictly for decorative purposes only.

    Multi-surface paint provides a stronger bond to the glass surface. You have to apply about four coats to get an opaque surface, and wait an hour or more in between coats for the paint to dry. The paint has a coarse texture, but it doesn't matter for this project because the outside of the glass is smooth and you will not see the coarseness of the paint. The manufacturer's website recommends baking your crafts items to cure the paint. You can find the instructions here. If you air dry your project, it takes 21 days to cure.


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    Paint the Glass Jar Lid

    rustoleum paing and wooden lid
    Rita Shehan

    1. Remove any plastic gaskets from the lid.

    2. Paint the lid with either the Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Ultra Cover 2X Satin White or Plaid Folk Art Multi-Surface Paint White. Allow the lid to dry for at least three hours before handling.

    3. Attach the plastic gasket to the lid again.




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    Cleaning instructions

    asian decoupage jar with shell
    Rita Shehan

    Your beautiful jar is now ready to be used as home decor and should never contain food items. It can be kept clean by using Windex and a paper towel to wipe the glass on the outside. Use a slightly damp cloth (almost dry) to remove any debris or dust from the inside of the jar.