April Showers Fun: A Painted Umbrella to Cheer Up a Rainy Day

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    Chase Away Rainy Day Blues with a Pretty Painted Umbrella

    Katherine Lee

    April showers may bring May flowers, but all those gray skies can sometimes be a bit of a downer, especially when you can't go outside to run around and play. But with a little paint, you can brighten up your umbrella and chase away those rainy day blues. So spread out lots of newspapers (the more, the better if younger kids are helping), have everyone put on old shirts (because you just know you're going to get some paint on your clothes no matter how careful you are!), and get painting!

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    Gather Your Materials

    Katherine Lee

    First, gather the materials you'll need to make these painted umbrellas.

    • Fabric paint–Make sure it's not too thin, or it will run; you'll want the paint to be thick enough so that you can dab it on with the sponges and it will stay put. Also, make sure the paint will work on nylon, and that it will be permanent once it dries.
    • Art sponges to dab on paint (found in hardware stores and arts and crafts supply stores)
    • Masking tape or painters' tape
    • Paper punch in a flower or other cheerful shape (I used a punch that made a 1 1/2-inch flower.)
    • Card stock paper
    • Umbrella (Solid colors will work best.)
    • Baby wipes (Trust me; these will come in handy when little fingers inevitably become covered in paint!)
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    Create Your Paint Template

    Katherine Lee

    First, cut up card stock paper into large squares and punch out the flowers. This will be your paint template and will be used to help make your painted flower. You'll want enough of a border around the flower cutout so that you have room to dab on the paint without worrying that you'll go over the square template.

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    Save the Flower Cut Outs

    Katherine Lee

    Once you have several flower templates, you are ready to begin painting. Tip: Save the flowers that have been punched out for future use; they'll come in handy when you make cards or when you want to use them as gift tags.

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    Tape Your Templates to the Umbrella

    Katherine Lee

    Using the masking tape, secure the template onto your umbrella over the areas where you want to plaint your flowers.

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    Start Painting

    Katherine Lee

    Next, take your sponge and dab it into the fabric paint. If you're making these with your child, help her dab in a up-and-down motion so that she doesn't accidently rub the paint underneath the flower template.

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    Peel Off the Templates

    Katherine Lee

    Carefully peel off the template. Your flower may not be perfect, but that'll give it an extra special homemade look, which will give it even more character!

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    Let Your Umbrella Dry

    Katherine Lee

    Repeat the painting process until your umbrella is covered in as many flowers or shapes that you desire. Store your open umbrella in a secure location to dry.

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    Add Additional Flowers or Shapes

    Katherine Lee

    Add as many flowers as you want, taking care to let each flower dry completely if you're bunching flowers together and want to lay a template on top of already-painted flowers.

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    The Completed Project

    Katherine Lee

    This rainy day craft idea is perfect for a spring party for kids, or really any time of the year because when is a cheery flower umbrella not an awesome thing to make? Make some extra flower umbrellas to give out to friends and spread some cheer to brighten their rainy days, too!