Learn How to Sew Pot Holders in a Variety of Shapes

Everyone uses pot holders to prevent burns and many don't think you can improve on something great, but you can! Shaped pot holders are a perfect solution. They make a safe way to handle and pass around hot dishes and the bowl shaped pot holders are perfect for that hot bowl coming out of the microwave.

Coordinate your kitchen by sewing all kinds of kitchen projects to match the shaped pot holders. The Free Kitchen Sewing Patterns are a perfect place to start to plan all of your kitchen needs in the fabric that is perfect for you! Cloth napkins are a great compliment to many microwavable dishes!

Always preshrink your fabric so everything you make is ready for the laundry... especially items you're sewing for the kitchen!

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    Pie Plate Shaped Potholder

    A Completed Pie Plate Pot Holder Sewn with These Free Directions and Pattern. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com

    There's nothing like a warm apple pie ala mode. This pie plate shaped pot holder will keep your pie warm .. and allow you to transport a warm pie without getting burned.... who could ask for more? This potholder would make a great house warming gift with a new pie plate and nice hot pie to fill the pie plate.  Make cloth napkins to match and cover the pie so you complete the gift!

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    How to Make Your Own Shaped Potholder for Any Dish

    How to make any shape or size shaped pot holder
    Green Bean Casserole Dish Potholder. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com

    We all want our casserole dishes to stay warm and it would be nice if they could be safely passed around the table.  Follow these directions and you can easily have a shaped pot holder for all of your casserole dishes.  The example shown in these directions is for a green bean casserole dish.

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    Fabric Dish or Dish Insulator

    Insulating Fabric Dish
    Insulating Fabric Dish. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com

    Are you going to a pot luck or a house warming? This may be the perfect way to combine a house warming gift with something warm from the oven.  The instructions are for an eight inch by eight inch dish with instructions to make this for any dish.

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    Microwave Potholder Bowls

     Make a set for every family on your gift list. These bowl shaped pot holders make removing a hot bowl from the microwave a safe adventure. Imagine no one being burned by that dish of left overs or soup coming out of the microwave!

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    Free Sewing Patterns for Potholders, Oven Mitts and Hot Pads

    Safety should always come first! Keep you and your friends safe with homemade pot holders that you know will keep everyone safe. Consider making everything in your kitchen coordinate by making various size potholders in the same fabrics or trimming them to match.

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    Food and Drink Themed Novelty Print Fabrics

    Food, drink and kitchen novelty print fabrics are perfect for aprons, potholders, curtains and so many more kitchen sewing project. The web sites listed here are perfect for any pot holders you might want to make!

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    Free Kitchen Sewing Patterns

    Pull out all the stops! Make aprons, for you and your dish liquid bottle, pot holders, small appliance coverscurtains, hand towels, cookbooks and more that all match your kitchen because you make them!

Which is More Important - Safety or Bargains?

Sure you can buy a pot holder in most dollar stores for a dollar or less, but what happens when you try to pick up a hot dish with that bargain pot holder? You only have to get burned once... or worse yet witness your kids get burned... to realize you can make something much safer than that bargain! Remember that cotton will not melt like polyester or other man made fibers when they are exposed to heat.