Antistatic Products For Use When Heat Embossing

Embossed stamps and a letter

Natasya Chen / Unsplash

The static that creates havoc with our hair can also create havoc with our craft projects! There are some craft materials and techniques which appear to attract static, and this can ruin what was otherwise a great looking project.

What Is Static In Stamping Projects?

Static buildup depends on where you live, the atmosphere and the materials you are using. You will know if you have static buildup on your surface as when you place items, they appear not to stay where you have placed them. Things may appear to move around your page at will! This is annoying most of the time. However, when you are heat embossing, it can be disastrous. The static can attract the embossing powder so the powder gets attracted to places other than your stamped design. This is a problem because when you go to heat the design you wish to emboss, the stray bits of embossing powder will also heat up, melt and adhere to the page, stopping you from creating a crisp and clean embossed image. The amount of static build up depends on the type of paper or cardstock and the atmosphere.

How to Reduce Static

It is possible to reduce static build up by wiping the card prior to use with an anti-static product. There are several types of anti-static products available and these include products made specifically for embossing and rubber stamping.

Many stampers have their own favored way of dealing with static build up, and many people find that cleaning unwanted embossing powder from an image with a paintbrush is effective for most projects. On special projects, however, or when working with contrasting-colored embossing powders and paper, even one or two speckles of unwanted powder left on the surface can spoil a project.

Types of Anti Static Products

There are a number of different products suitable for helping reduce static buildup in rubber stamping projects. As well as using special anti-static products which have been designed specifically for crafts and heat embossing, there are also some low-cost DIY options available. You can also use anti-static products which are readily available for home and office use. These include:

  • Antistatic bags specially designed for heat embossing and crafting
  • Dryer sheets
  • Monitor antistatic wipes
  • A sprinkling of talcum powder

While static depends a lot on your environment, it is useful to have some anti-static products available when you are planning an intricate heat embossing project as there is nothing worse than planning and creating what you hope will be a great design, only for it all to be ruined in the end because some stray bits of embossing powder has strayed where they shouldn't and have spoiled your design.