How Much Are Antique Beer Bottles Worth?

You May Own Collectibles

Breweriana refers to collectibles related to beer. Collectibles can be antique, vintage, or relatively new, and they may include anything from old advertisements to neon signs to taps, bottles, and bottle openers. Certain items are very rare; if you happen to own an unusual or rare beer bottle you may find that it's worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

According to, these are the factors that make beer bottles valuable:

  • Supply and demand
  • Age
  • Rarity
  • Condition
  • Color
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Embossing and design (labels)
  • Category (what brewery, town)
  • Size, shape
  • Individuality
  • Historic significance

The rarest beer bottles are those made either during or just after Prohibition, because very few breweries were operating at those times.

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    Conrad Budweiser Beer Bottles

    Conrad Budweiser Beer Bottles
    Morphy Auctions

    Many different types of bottles are highly collectible and can be worth a tidy sum, including old beer bottles. One factor that drives up the price is that bottle collectors in general, collectors of breweriana, and those interested in old advertising memorabilia all compete for these items.

    This auction lot consisted of two early Conrad Budweiser embossed beer bottles. They were described by Morphy Auctions as "very nice bottles with no damage." Each bottle measures 11 1/2" tall. The pre-auction estimate for the lot was $100-300.

    The pair shown here sold for $300 (not including buyer's premium) in March of 2015.

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    Dr. J. Cornwall Brewing Co. National Beer Bottle

    Cornwall Beer Bottle
    Morphy Auctions

    In addition to the brewery name, this bottle indicates the location: St. Louis, Missouri. It is described by Morphy Auctions as a "thick heavy brown glass version" with natural bubbling in the glass and some chipping to top edges. Measures 7" tall.

    Sold for $420 (not including buyer's premium) in March of 2015.

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    Lemp's Large Labeled Beer Bottles

    Lemps Beer Bottles
    Morphy Auctions

    The labels on these three early pre-Prohibition bottles read Buck, Tally, and Extra Pale. Buck label has some slight wear and tears. Tally is clean with nice bright colors. Extra Pale has some overall wear, edge tearing, and is on an embossed bottle, as described by Morphy Auctions. Each bottle measures 12" tall.

    Sold for $300 (not including buyer's premium) in March of 2015.

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    National Bridge White Beer Brewery Bottles

    National Bridge Beer Bottles
    Morphy Auctions

    Morphy Auctions describes these as "extremely rare bottles." Bottle at left has some haze in glass, minor marks, and slight discoloration; no chips or cracks. Second bottle is nice clean glass with only minor scratching, but has chip on bottom edge towards front right side, and one other imperfection in the glass. Each bottle measures 9 1/2" tall.

    Sold for $2,700 (not inlcuding buyer's premium) in March of 2015.

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    Weiss Beer Blob Top Bottles

    Weiss Beer Bottles
    Morphy Auctions

    This lot includes two brown bottles, a green bottle, and a light aqua bottle with what are known as blob tops as described by Morphy Auctions. One brown bottle still retains the original Weiss closure. Overall condition of the lot is very good plus. Measures 9 1/2" tall.

    Sold for $180 (not including buyer's premium) in March of 2015.