Antique and Collectible Glassware Resources and Price Guides

Various stemware glasses from Moser. Left: Maria Theresia 10620 champagne glass from 1913.
Gryffindor/Wikimedia Commons/PD

Art Glass:

Art glass ranges from the affordable to the sublime. Learn more about makers, values and its history here.

Bedroom & Bathroom Glass:

Bedroom and bathroom glass combines Depression glass, elegant glass, and art glass into an interesting and functional collecting genre.

    Carnival Glass:

    Sure it sounds fun, but have you ever wondered just how carnival glass got its name?

    Colors in Glass:

    Collectible glassware attracts numerous fans, and with good reason. The colors are simply beautiful.

    Cut Glass:

    The beauty of cut glass has been gracing elegant households for more than a century.

    Depression Glass:

    A perennial favorite with collectors, Depression glass holds an interesting history and lots of options for collecting.

    Elegant Glass:

    The wares of elegant glass companies delight collectors not only with color and sparkle, but superb quality.

    Kitchen Glass:

    Kitchen glassware enthusiasts find that their collections are not only out of the ordinary but functional as well.

    Price Guides:

    From, pictorial price guides to help you identify and value your glassware.