Who Will Save Us? Antihero Cross Stitch Patterns for Today's World

It seems nowadays that everyone is looking for a hero to save us. While Superman is still very popular, the people of modern times want a new kind of hero, an anti-hero. He still has a heart of gold, but it is just a tad bit tarnished. Today we are going to explore the cross stitch world of the anti-superhero. Ready for a wild ride? Grab your floss and hoop and hang on. 

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    Do you like tacos?

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    Deadpool is the ultimate anti-hero. He is rude, crude, and yet we love him. We secretly wish we could be as crass as he is. He makes jokes while taking down the bad guy. While most heroes can be dark and brooding, Deadpool is sarcastic and sassy. He never takes himself or anything else seriously, which is why he is the perfect antihero. He knows the world is going down in flames, but why not enjoy the ride. Crazy Stitch created this Deadpool pattern that is the perfect example of his random humor. This is the perfect addition to anyone in your life with a warped sense of humor. You can see this pattern and others at their Etsy store. 

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    We're the bad guys

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    What do you call a group of bad guys who are doing the work for the good guys? Suicide Squad. Thanks to DC Comics, we see our favorite bad guys taking on other bad guys and doing what is right (well, kind of) in their own way. These criminals, including the infamous Harley Quinn, take on bad guys that even the heroes won't touch. They are called the Suicide Squad because all of their missions are pretty much a death wish. Kind of Like Stitching has a kawaii inspired pattern that softens these little guys up, just a little bit. You can see the pattern and other goodies here. 

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     The Punisher has no special powers, he doesn't fly or heal fast. He is simply a vigilante trying to take down crime bosses in his city. He also employs other criminals to help him take down the mob. Driven by revenge, he does care about saving the world but doesn't care about dying. He is the ultimate bad boy. Cure 4 the Stitch shows their Punisher pride by creating a pattern with his symbol. If you love pop culture, check out their shop. They have a lot of great patterns that include comics, movies, and video games. Check it out here. 

Saving the World

Yes, the world is a bit darker nowadays. We seem to have lost our innocence, but with that, a new brand of hero emerges. Rough around the edges but still has a good moral compass. Show your antihero that you are behind them 100% by stitching up these homages.